I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. I can’t seem to get anything done. I piddle around with this and that, decorate a little, teach a little, wrap a few gifts, read a little, bake a little and look around and wonder how it’s all possibly gonna get done by Christmas. And what on earth we’re gonna eat for dinner. I’m supposed to be finished reading All the Presidents’ Men by Friday—so I can somewhat intelligently lead a bookclub discussion on the subject—- and I’m currently on chapter 5. Alas.
In a small feat of Christmas decorating victory, I did remove the Halloween pumpkins from front stoop. I also decided that maybe the audiobook version of All the Presidents’ Men was my only hope for possibly finishing—and it’s still seems hopelessly doubtful (it’s 12 hours of audio!).


So as I removed pumpkins and leaves and added holly, magnolia and pine clippings to my front planters, I listened to a convoluted mess of political jibberish about Watergate, trying to keep track of the very long list of characters, and wondering if my brain is just too old and full to work like this anymore.


At least it looks like Christmas from the outside of my house. The inside is still a work in progress. Dinner will likely be from Taco John’s. And maybe with a latte or two, I’ll figure out what G. Gordon Liddy had to do with the Watergate scandal.

Oh and we’re three days behind on our Advent readings. Already.
Ever have those slow-motion days….or weeks?
Please advise.
P.S. I’ve already had a bubble bath.
P.S.S. And a glass of wine.
P.S.S.S. And painted my front door blue.


Post Edit: The color of the door: sunwashed blue by Ralph Lauren.

Lindsay from Living with Lindsay is having a similiar week. Here’s hoping we all recover our creative selves. Until then, click here for some inspiration.

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  1. Whew! I didn't think you ever had one of those days, and I find it somewhat comforting that you can piddle a whole day away flitting around just like I do (but oh so often) πŸ™‚

    I think a day that includes door painting, wine, and a bubble bath is a very full day indeed. Merry Christmas! I loooove the door, byt the way!

  2. Love your door, it's gorgeous! I had a friend ask me if I have everything decorated just today whereas I had to tell her that just my porches were done and nothing on the inside yet…she let out an audible gasp! Theresa you neeeeeed to hurry! I know I know but first I'm going to make the living room that nobody uses into a workroom for me so that all of my stuff can get out of the dining room and then and only then will I be able to decorate. That was the long version of "i'm right there with you"!! ~ Theresa

  3. advice? mine is probably not popular but when I'm overwhelmed I need to learn what to let go of. Some months my bookclub book doesn't get read. Some Christmas presents get purchased instead of made. It's hard though, for me to let go of expectations.

  4. Unfortunately I have no wisdom to share because my life seems to be constantly running in slow motion since the baby was born. I finally just said "uncle", gave in, and decided to go with it. Nothing gets done any faster then before, but I'm an awful lot less frustrated.

    In other news I do love the addition of the aqua blue to your Christmas ribbons. Really pretty!!

    I'm have a little giveaway at my blog, hope you'll stop by for a visit.- Heather

  5. No way… No way. Everything just yummy and bright and festive. So welcoming. Adore it all. A walk/run help me clear my mind and help me step away from it all. Give it a whirl. Hope that helps.

  6. You are such a dear sweet soul. Have a glass of wine for me because I am feeling the same way. Where did you get all of that fabulous ribbon???

  7. Lots of times I just read from my Google Reader, but when I saw the color of your front door I had to come over and make it as big as possible. It is a lovely color! Really pretty!

  8. You are describing my life!!! I am so spinning around doing nothing – nothing at all… Have heaps of potential projects unpacked on every flat surface (will we ever have a clear space again) and can't decide on basic daily things so nothing is getting done!!! So many potential blog posts and so much time beside the pool (we are in Cape Town!!!)

  9. I totally understand what you are feeling I have a huge party here Friday and am not ready. We are 5 day behind on our advent reading, and have know idea how to get back on track. The good news is I made Pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls and our belly's are happy!!!!

  10. Well, I was going to suggest the wine and some chocolate. Will it help if I share that we are behind in our advent readings AND in our Jesse tree?

    Hope so.

    I'm piddling too.

  11. I big puffy heart love the color of your door!

    Our house is not ready for Christmas yet either, and we are generally fully decorated well before now! The day will come, even if all of our garland has yet to be hung.

  12. I think your door looks beautiful! And I'm very jealous of that fabulous wreath! A glass of wine usually makes me feel better on slow-motion days πŸ™‚ Hope tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day…) is much better and more productive for you!! xoxo

  13. Your wreath is so pretty! Just celebrate each victory… that is what I am doing. I seem to be going through this "can't get anything completed" time too! πŸ™‚

  14. Love the color of your front door. Your outdoor decorating might be my favorite that I have seen. I love the red and blue-ish ribbons.

  15. I too love your new front door color. The wreath is also great, got me thinking…need new ideas this year. I usually have my big wreath on the door by now but just got tired of the same old. It's OK to have slow paced days once in awhile, you're usually buzzing around hopped up on caffeine. πŸ™‚ I wish I got done half as much as you!

  16. Oh Edie, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing. This piddle here, piddle there, and do everything half way is exactly where I have been. I melted down on Monday with my sister cause I could not get home school going, the house is half decorated, the other half is a explosion of overflowing Rubbermaid totes….Really a sight:) But in the midst of it all…I just want to craft, cook, and watch old movies with the kids. So I have taken the last 2 days off from school, and am trying to finish up?
    The truth is, I need to sit down and spend time in the Word of God and soak in His presence. Then all will be well.

    BTW I love the door…such a beautiful job:)

  17. Hi Edie,
    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it since then. It is so funny that you posted this today because it is a perfect description of me… so much to do, but so little… motivation?? Thanks for being honest about your slow days. Hopefully, we will get some pep in our step again soon. πŸ™‚

  18. love the W on the wreath…we're a W too (williams) – makes me want to stick one on a wreath too…now if I could just get a wreath up LOL great job!

  19. I love the wreath, and especially love the front door. I hope you will share your paint color. It looks like the perfect shade!

  20. Let me say that if your front door is the only thing you've accomplished, your still fabulous. Oh yeah, your front door's that awesome!!! And so you know we just decorated our tree tonight, after letting it "settle" for a week and a half. ;> Thanks keep it real, fun and beautiful! God's blessings, Sarah πŸ˜€

  21. i sooo need to know how you tied those bows??? willing to share – step by step?? is the wresth real or fake?? i love all the fun colors you use!!

  22. Love, love, love the front door. You are so talented. I'm sure you've done more by noon than many do all week. Give yourself a break and credit for what you accomplish. You touch many lives in many positive ways. Thanks for that. Enjoy.

  23. Can I ever relate to your post today. I decorated the tree and a few other areas, but haven't finished. Can't seem to finish everything lately. Sometimes I think we need to slow down and enjoy our lives instead of rushing through everyday with so many self-imposed requirements. Children do need to be taught and to learn. But I have a feeling they learn even more just watching you and soak up a lot of your goodness and habits. But we should be allowed to have days and even a week of slowing down our lives. They are over so quickly. Why rush them?

    On another note, your door color is to live for! Absolutely stunning! Will you share with us what paint color you used? That's another thing on my to-do list that hasn't been accomplished because I can't decide the paint color. And your beautiful door color is calling my name. Much more to my liking than the black or white that I was considering.



  24. Fellow "three days behind in Avent reading" here! In fact by the time we get to read ours tomorrow night…it will be 4 we are behind! Love the wreath! Love the big "W"…I may just steal it and flip it upside down on my door…we are "M" ya know.

    And as for "slow" days…hmmm, lets see…I have not touched my 2nd graders math this week…I allowed my 4th grader to skip her math today as well…but thanks to Tutorials (and teachers who plan ahead obviously) my 8th grader is still trucking along.

    I'm too busy making lists for the cinnamon butter we are gonna make for gifts, filling our Christmas cards I swore I wasn't gonna send this year, shopping online, trying to find a red shirt to go under my daughters green jumper so we can finally take Christmas pics of the kids, and on top of all of that…figuring out whats for dinner! πŸ˜‰

  25. LOL I could have written your post!! We had a snow day today, so instead of doing all the things that I SHOULD have been doing, like renewing my license that expires TOMORROW. We baked ornaments and painted them in a VERY messy house. But we had fun, LOL. I guess that is what counts right? πŸ™‚

  26. I absolutely adore that wreath!!! I am going to brave stepping out in the freezing cold southern Cali weather to our storage and get mine and do something new with it! Thanks for the inspiration Edie!

  27. Even when you "slow down", you always seem punchy ! Glad to tell you you're my web-example ! Well, I'm going to see my front-door ! Bless from France

  28. I wouldn't have the energy to attempt half of what you do – even on two lattes (and I am smart enuf to know that 3 might fix me into the hospital). But I want to thank you for the Advent info. I went to the library and printed out each day and found some art books so the children could see the art along with the symbolism and we have incorporated it into dinner time – the children love it. I will try and take some pictures tonite. THANK YOU!:)

  29. I still have pumpkins on the front porch that we don't used & the spring wreath on the side door that we use. We don't have a tree yet & no christmas decorations up at all!

  30. LOVE the wreath!! …and I have a wreath hung on my front door and the pumpkins still out! I think you have inspired me to remove the fall! ha πŸ™‚

  31. I absolutley LOVE your Tiffany's turquoise door!! I want one, but I think my hubster might object!! I just LOVE it!! πŸ™‚ Very cute home!

  32. I love the color of your front door. It's gorgeous. I want to do our doors in the spring. Not sure what color hubby and I can agree on.

    Cute wreath, too.

    I hope you can get that book read on time. Audiobook sounds like a good idea. I love the books you choose. Wish I could join your book discussions.


  33. i still have pumpkins and mums on my front porch…along with the christmas wreath i made last night with our first name initials…kinda thanksgiving/christmas…i will finish it…sometime……

  34. I feel like I'm also in an never ending slow motion sequence from a movie…. and I don't have half the to do list you do!!!! Hang in there! After following your blog for a while I get the feeling that you'll accomplish the important stuff just in time!

  35. Beautiful front door, edie! Love the colors so much! Really, can one have too much blue? I'm super behind on my decorating too. Maybe cause I was out of town this past week. Anyway, I have big plans today and tomorrow…making my garlands (I'm an evergreen snob now and won't use fake, so I strip all my holly and magnolia and bay from the yard…), and getting the tree (finally!) tonight!

  36. Edie, I am having one of those "seasons". I don't know how I possibly did so much Christmas decor last year, but as I have piddled around trying to get "inspired" I finally decided to scale back this year and spend the time making memories with my little ones instead. I think they appreciate the slower pace, and I have enough Christmas stuff up to be able to feel festive. The best thing is, I'm okay with that this year. By the way, the blue door and wreath are perfect!!


  38. i love it, edie! the paint job AND the wreath! love the non-traditional colors… i'm trying lime green and red this year… a little pop.
    ps: what's watergate? πŸ˜›

  39. Thank you for admitting it. I'm proud of what I've gotten done, but OH! The piles of papers and unused decorations and I-don't-know-what-all that are lurking in the corners!

    Tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to conquer all this. And you will have All the President's Men (all of them, not just some) conquered.

  40. oh my goodness. And here I though I was the only one. SOOO very happy I'm not alone. I ALWAYS have bubble baths on days/weeks like these…and I'm bound to have one today!!
    Love love love the door!

  41. Good grief! Put that paint brush down for a day or two, and you will be fine! πŸ˜‰ Love the wreath and greens. Kelly and Marie did my urns with greens and most of them blew away in that wind we had. It is so very sad. I don't think I have it in me to pick it up from here, there, and everywhere. I had to get help for the first time because I'm so far behind,and I doubt they'll appreciate being called to pick it up and do it again. Empty is in, right?

  42. Love your blog!! Love the wreath and really love the front door color!! Don't worry if you don't get the rest of the house done…the neighbors will never guess with a door like that!

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