A little bit of this……

Down down baby down by the roller coaster

sweet sweet baby I’ll never let you go
Shimmie shimmie cocoa puffs

shimmie shimmie wow…..
Grandma grandma sick in bed
call the doctor and the doctor said,
Let’s get the rhythm of the head (ding dong)
Let’s get the rhythm of the hands (clap clap)
Let’s get the rhythm of the feet (stomp stomp)
Let’s get the rhythm of the ~~~hotdog~~~~ (swirl up and down)’

And thank you Savannah!

and a little bit of that…..

and not much shopping for these……
okay, so maybe we found a couple of things…….

todays’ treasures total $28
hope your friday was full of treasures……
happy weekending!
check here, the flea market magazine, for other nifty/thrifty finds.

17 comments on “What do ya get when you take two girls thriftin’ downtown?”

  1. I love the shot with the brick wall in the background.

    Something tells me it's more fun taking two little girls thrifting than it is taking two little boys (ahem, mine) to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to dig for architectural salvage. If I'd taken my camera along today, my pictures wouldn't have been nearly as adorable, that's for sure!

  2. Yeah, I hear you! I had to drive out of town on Tuesday and run errands with toddlers in tow on and then again today..it was over 100 degrees. How is that possible? Two little girls sound like a breath of fresh air :)Looks like it was a lot of fun. I never played those hand games. Am I missing out? How fun to have a big sister come and teach them to you:)

  3. LOVE to hit fun antique/junk stores!

    Tell MAC you need to advertise for them (for $$$). I bought (1) paint pot, (2) powder stuff (3) blush and (4) concealer -just based on your video! Surely I am looking younger. I've never purchased MAC before (typically clinique or lancome) – and there was a line waiting on the lady to finish my makeover! I was desperate for a few items – so I saw your video at just the right time!

  4. Loved the photos of BOTH girls. hehe! It's amazing what you keep finding in the same old shops! I have yet to do anything with my umbrella stand that I got down there-what, two or three weeks ago. Not that there is much to do. I suppose all it would take is for me to plop an umbrella in it? Good grief. Off to compose! 🙂

  5. What a precious post. It makes me miss my girls at that age. They are now 27,21 and 14. (Ihave some boys in between. Glad you had a wonderful day together.

  6. You have *such* a lovely blog, I can't believe I'm only just now discovering you! Darling girls, you have a wonderful blog.
    So nice to meet you!

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