….moving things around…..creating spaces that inspire me and cleaning up dust bunnies in the process.  The ones I can see…..in my bedroom….and the ones
I often forget….in my heart.
  I’m thinking about my life and finding so many reasons
to be thankful.   I’m worrying…..about Taylor and ‘the boys’ taking their 10 day tour 
…..in my car……praying for safety and anticipating this journey as his rite of passage
into the world of manhood and adventure…..
and wishing I could stow away in his guitar case….if only for a day.
This little boy that has become a man nearly always
reminds me of you—-something in his smile, I guess.
I’m dreaming…..of books I’ve yet to read and places I’ve yet to visit 
and standing quietly over the memories of books and places and people that have changed my heart forever.    I’m longing……for more time, for more patience, for the gentleness of heart to lead my children to life abundant.   
 But then my thoughts freeze.
When I think of you.
The kind and humored spirit whose life marks my soul forever.
Whose death changed me forever.
And who, in his deliberate choice to laugh…..
when life constantly brought him tears……
is my teacher always.
Happy Birthday Daddy.  Your children miss you.  Your grandchildren
would make you proud.
Your tears were not in vain.

12 comments on “Today is June 24th and I’m…..”

  1. Thinking of you today- what a beautiful post.

    My dad has been gone from us 4 and 1/2 years now.. and his birthday is on June 30th.

    I love the honest thoughts and feelings you have been sharing about your son- my oldest is starting 10th grade and already talking about college. It's helpful to "experience" it with you.

  2. You were right, wait until I could handle it. Thank you for reminding me of our sweet daddy. He is missed and will always be loved! Happy Birthday Daddy…

  3. I'm so sorry that you lost your dad. It's such a tribute to celebrate him by sharing what he meant to you.
    Thank you for your blog, it is so worth the time and the reading.

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