Today, I’m joining Melissa from The Inspired Room as we celebrate and cherish the beauty, right where we are and right where we live.  Click here for more weekend inspiration.

We live 5 minutes from a beautiful state park.   For the past 2 or 3 months, we’ve taken the girls there every Friday afternoon for what we affectionately call our ‘Friday Hikes’.   At the outset of this adventure, we secured some trail maps and began highlighting the trails as we hiked them, with the intention of eventually hiking them all.

They have come to cherish this routine.   And so have we.  Sometimes, they’re on a  mission to go as fast as possible.

And sometimes they get sidetracked.

When we found this trail—that led to a beautiful rocky lake shore, we knew that it might not be our destiny to hike all the trails.   This one is amazing.

We’ve decided that pretty soon, we’re gonna have to bring our swimsuits and a towel.

Oh, and the dogs……they are in heaven!

So, today when we ask the girls where we should hike, I have a feeling I know which trail they will choose.  Their dad will name the trees and the birds.  And we will learn together to see the divine hidden among the ordinary.  

18 comments on “Friday Hikes”

  1. Hiking is a family activity too. That's every Sunday. If the kids can't come, me & hubby goes trekking. Isn't that lovely?

    Love the family moments. Time goes too quick, so I always enjoy every minute w/ them as long I have the time with them.

    Your hiking is really cool. Look at the doggies? They're enjoying too.

    Love it!

  2. We are a hiking family! However, my 16 year old tends to complain, these days. We are headed to Yellowstone this summer – I CANNOT WAIT!!!

    For my birthday in January, my husband and I spent a rainy Saturday in the north Georgia Mountains on trails. It was great!

    I believe I have been to that park -I recognize the parking area. My dad lives in East Tenn.

  3. I can’t wait until Sophia is old enough that we can all go hiking. That looks like a beautiful spot and the swimming idea sounds refreshing out hear in this 100+ degree weather!

  4. How fabulous.. love “finding the divine in the mundane”. What a blessing to have such an amazing park nearby!

  5. great picturs we will be going down to the riverfront soon and hope to get great pictures from that trip

  6. Oh BLISS! Nothing is as wonderful as a significant time spent outdoors in God’s green earth!

    I also love the images you captured for this post. They are wonderful!

  7. I’m impressed you lug that camera with you! I really need to do that with the kiddos- we will camp at the lake next weekend and enjoy the quietness.

  8. I have been known to “sneak” on the beach at my neighbors property from time to time… no one has lived in the house for more than 5 years, all that tranquility needs tending to. I find beautiful sea glass and find the even more precious quiet time, I use it to reflect and thank God for the gift of natural beauty and all the gifts he has given and continues to give to me.

    I LOVE your kitchen, I just showed my husband your painted cabinets…he needs a little nudge to allow me to take a brush to ours!

    I found your blog through “Mabel’s House” I am glad I did!!!

  9. have you and your family heard of Letterboxing?
    Something else to do while on hikes.

    when we have family road trips we always ck to see if there are any boxes hidden along our journey.
    If no boxes are planted on your trails, then it would be fun to plant one and leave clues for others.

  10. your hiking spots are wonderful!makes our walks in suburbia look– bland!

    love the pic of you. my 7 yr old and i took a pic of ourselves with my new camers today, all i saw were my wrinkly eyes. oh well!

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