This is so fun and easy that you must try it with your small children.   Silhouettes are all over the internet but I think I first saw this method on the Shabby Nest.  

1.  Take a picture of your subject.  This happens to be my darling and wonderfully handsome nephew because I’m making silhouettes for my sister.

2.  Print the pictures to whatever size you want the silhouettes to be onto cardstock.  I traced the silhouette and then solicited the help of  the youngsters to color them in.  Use a black permanent marker and fill in the image completely.  They thought this was so much fun since they were essentially ‘coloring themselves’.  

3.  Use an exacto knife and precisely cut out the image; careful to preserve cute little noses and lips.

4.  After cutting the image, color the egdes again so that no white is showing.

5.  Then place them into frames and enjoy.  I backed the cardboard from the frame with fabric such as linen or burlap to add texture to the framed silhouettes.  They turned out beautiful! Only 6 more to go!  

And in case you wondered about the ‘brood’, they’re just dandy.  The rooster is quite the bossy cackling little guy and one of the hens loves to mother and preen the others.  The ducks, named Bumper and Thumper,  love to swim and love to wake me up at 5 a for more water.

Let me know if you try the silhouettes.  There are also professional silhouette artists who can make ‘real’ ones for you……but that isn’t nearly as much fun!

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