It’s Spring Break for us so I invited several friends and their teens and tots to join us at Barter Theatre to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I don’t what was more fun….watching the play or watching my kids watch the play.  The teenagers laughed out loud and wore the technicolor flashing glasses we bought for them.  And Sue and Donna and I couldn’t resist a picture with ‘Joseph’.  My angel friend Donna who used to make her haven next door to me lives in the vicinity of the theatre now….so we were especially excited to see her.
Joseph and the ladies
Emme was brave enough to stand next to Joseph for a quick pic.
Emme and 'Joseph'
We enjoyed lunch together at KP Duty in Bristol!  Morgan joined us for the fun day too and kept Taylor and Andrew in line.
Lunch at KP Duty
And I was fortunate to spend a few hours in the car with Cindy……and 3 teenagers and 3 small girlies. We talked and played music and laughed and talked some more and drank Starbucks (be still my beating heart).   Abingdon is such a quaint and cozy little town. And every production I’ve seen at this theatre is spectacular.  Our little group picture is missing Cindy, Sarah, Emily, Clay, and Donna.  Sandy and Sue rode together with their kiddos and I’m only sad that we didn’t have more time to visit with them.  
Field Trip to the Barter Theatre
And the icing on the cake? We ran into Taylor’s first grade teacher Mrs. Savery! I almost cried. She was such a blessing to us and I have such fond memories of being at Providence Academy…..where I first learned about classical education. It was so good to see her and Bunny Turner. It was nearly a perfect day from beginning to end.
Taylor and Mrs. Savery
So, the girls and I are watching YouTube clips of the play this morning. Sandy was lucky enough to see this very one where Joseph was played by Donny Osmond! Thank you girls for such a great day!

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