1st   Make some dough and bake something.  We made biscuits (in the craziest little shapes) and gravy and bacon and eggs.  Every rainy day should have dough.

2ndly   Recruit your small children to be the pictionary master of ceremonies and keeper of the sands of time.

3rdly  Divide the teams into boys versus girls.  The competition will be fierce. 

4thly  Pass out bubble gum to all players.  Bubble gum= fun.  Everytime.

5thly  Give the boys a little slack, despite the fact that they frequently use illegal verbal gestures to supplement their very poor drawings.

6thly  Help the boys out on the only drawing that seemed straight forward.   That’s  a sprinkler. I gave the verbal hint that ‘small children like to run through them’.

That didn’t even work instantly.  But finally they got it.

7thly  Be thankful that when they draw very rough  illustrations of North America and Africa, they get their geography right.

8thly Play a few rounds of charades and then prepare the teens for prom by teaching them the basic waltz step.  (Perhaps this will give them a better alternative when the rest of the young folks at the dance are exposing their poor taste in dance styles).  Remember boys, always start with your outside leg, go up onto your toes when you move forward or backward, and always hold your head up.  Be a strong leader and always be a gentleman.

9thly  Praise Andrew for teaching Hank to waltz.

10thly  Praise Taylor for only stepping on Morgan’s toes thirty two times.

and lastly….finish the day off by watching Sense and Sensibility with the little girls.

Boredom averted.  Rainy days welcome.

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