I have been privileged in this life to have a sister (Gina) and a cousin who functions for all intents and purposes like a sister (JamieKnoxville). I guess that gives me two sisters. And today is Jamie’s birthday. So in her honor I give you a little peek into our shady past.  She sent me this picture for Christmas enlarged to a 5×7 with the sole purpose of making fun of my rusty little shoes. (I’m sporting the bottle and she’s to my left rubbing her eyes).  She also pointed out my mom’s stylish pants.  That’s my daddy with the hat on. He was always making us laugh!

And here we are years later, celebrating the high school graduation of her daughter Jordan.  That’s Jamie in the back (middle).  I know….. she’s gorgeous!  And that’s my sister Gina to my right.  I know, she’s a beauty too!  The three of us have always been close knit.  That probably stems from the fact that we share a past that had it’s dark and twisty elements.  Our parents were party-ers back in the day….in a hillbilly/George Jones/Coal Miners Daughter kind of a way.  We’ve spent the last 20 years calling each other on the phone saying, “Omigosh, do you remember the time….they left us in the car for 4 hours with a bottle of  RC and some fritos while they went honky-tonkin’……or the time y’all moved in with us ’cause soandso ‘busted out all the winders’…..or all the funerals we went to together and made fun of  the ‘Jesus called’ plastic telephone…..or the time we visited our cousin in prison…….you know,  just normal family memories.  I guess all families are dysfunctional, but the fact that we’re not all three in a psych ward somewhere rocking back and forth, is almost amazing.
The great thing about it though….is that we have each other.  Jamie remembers EVERYTHING in painful detail.  She’s been like a therapist/best friend/sister all wrapped into one.  I guess my ADD has served me well…in that, I’ve forgotten a lot of  the crazy jazz that we went through and what I do remember is usually cased in a gracious amount of laughter.  So, Jamie, here’s to your birthday. (I’m holding up my glass of wine…and I’ve ordered Gina an apple martini).  I love you like no other.  I thank you being to me what noone else could have been.  I thank you that you know my story and love me anyway.  I think Gina still holds a grudge against you for always making her be Haus’s wife when we played Bonanza.  Oh course, you always got Little Joe….which left me with Adam.  But all grudges aside, I apologize that I didn’t manage to video myself singing Satin Sheets for your big day.  I think you’ll like this one though.  We know all the words.  I’m singing it realloud.

5 comments on “Don’t come home a-drankin’……with lovin’ on your mind”

  1. Well, you have outdone yourself on this one. I love the first family picture. Priceless….I would love a copy sometime. Jamie and you are both amazing in the way you can find laughter in every situation. As the years go by, we can still remember and laugh(to keep from crying). I am so thankful for you both and look forward to many more years of sharing life together. Happy Birthday Jamie, Wish we could fly up there and be with you on this special day. Don’t come home a drinkin…..Love it!!!

  2. You ain’t never satisfied to you get me to light in to squalin! You two are to important in my life to express in words. I can only hope you know how much you both mean to me. Ps: can I stay at yer house, he’s busted out all these old winders!

  3. That was so great – sisters are the best therapists, that’s the truth.

    Just had to mention:

    Adam from Bonanza showed up at my great-uncle’s funeral and then came back with my family to my grandparents’ little ol’ house in rural Georgia one very weird day several years ago. Of course we mostly knew him as “Trapper John…”
    my husband was whispering to my brother in that little living room: “is that… Trapper John?” He kept taking pictures. Surreal.

    Turns out he was dating my great-uncle’s daughter (what does that make her to me? I don’t know…)

    Also –
    my sister always had to be the “blue genie” or something equally non-existent whenever we played I Dream of Jeannie. She is still bitter because even then she knew she was gettin’ the shaft. 🙂

    Here’s to sisters…
    and Bonanza.

  4. Ok, I haven't ever commented on a blog so if my words show up more than once, consider the almost 50+2 years that I am!
    Edie and Gina, I am so proud of you both! I remember the life Edie writes of in this post and I worried about you 2 and wanted to make a difference in some way. But I also knew how close you 2 were and realized that would be a blessing somehow.
    You were both so very special to me and I've thought about you guys often.
    Edie, I haven't explored all you have posted, and haven't talked to crazy Gina yet but hope to do both soon!
    Maybe we could get together in the future!

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