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We bought a crucifix as a ‘love’ gift to each other. (early Valentine’s) Steve’s been wanting one for a long time.  Did I mention we’re not Catholic?  We are Lutheran however, and Lutherans tend to embrace and appreciate the historicity of christian symbols.  We just hung ours up and I’m just a tad bit, I don’t know, squeamish or something, about it.  And maybe that’s the wrong word. ‘ Not totally comfortable yet’, might be better.  I grew up in various Protestant churches, mostly Baptist, and although we embraced the ‘bare’ cross, most rejected having the crucifix.  I think Protestants in general are way too ‘against’ everything that resembles Catholicism.  The common phrase was “We serve a risen Lord”……yes, one who was first a baby (and we have no trouble displaying a manger scene) and then lived the perfect life (it’s okay to enjoy art that depicts the various parts of Christ’s ministry) and died a sinless death on the cross (the crucifix ‘issue’).  I read a great article about the history of the cross and crucifix which you can download here.  So, do you display the cross or crucifix in  your home and why or why not?
ours is made of alabaster in Italy
I learned this fun project from my mother, who’s birthday is tomorrow, and who will enjoy her birthday in Key West.  She’s been there for a month now and we’re beginning to wonder if she’s ever coming back.  She’s always starts her tomato plants, green peppers, and herbs indoors about this time of year.  Last year was my first try at it and it was so much fun.  The girls and I bought different kinds of tomato seeds and a few different herbs and planted them yesterday in the premade window box planters.  Steve was home and helped us with our ‘seed’ discussion.  They usually sprout in about a week and then in a month or so will need to be replanted into bigger pots.  The whole process is fun and educational.  You should try it.
Where is this year going?  My son Taylor graduates from high school and I’m starting to panic. I wish you could meet him.  He is so kind and funny and caring and smart and talented.  He’s just easy to be around.  I know that he’s sinful and depraved just like the rest of us.  I know he will fall and fail, but I can’t help well up with mommypride just a little.  I was listening to his CD on my iPod and marveling at how talented a songwriter he is.  You can listen to his music here. When the actual CD comes out (not until end of Feb) I’ll let you know.
I have recently taken the Facebook plunge.  Which has resulted in many phone calls to my sister to say, “Do you remember suchandsuch?  Should I remember suchandsuch?”  Apparently my long term memory is failing me.  My short term memory is not all that stellar either.  My daughter gave me a tutorial on FB last night and rolled her eyes and snickered 76 times.  Then she sent me a piece of flair that said something about laundry.  It’s not a bad way to communicate with your teenagers who happen to be upstairs. Turns out,  I can type faster than I can walk. And ‘Bring your laundry downstairs’ doesn’t necessarily work better face to face.
I’m planning my Superbowl eating extravaganza.  I’m gonna make several yummy appetizers including chicken wing meatballs and queso dip.  I’ve decided to try my hand at homeade philly cheese steak sandwiches. (although I’m definitely cheering for Arizona)  I’ve done my research and now need to head to the store.  I can’t decide on dessert.  Any suggestions?
This is the inside of our santuary at Our Savior Lutheran Church.  Many of you have asked questions about Lutheranism which I am slowly trying to answer.  One thing I love about the ‘design’ of the sanctuary is that the cross is central as is the altar (the Lord’s Table).  The ‘pulpits’ or lecterns are off to the side.  The message in that—-Christ-centered, cross-focused.
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Baby dog Hank is not so little anymore.  He’s taller than Scooter (the maltese).  Weighs 25 pounds and is 12 weeks old.  And I can’t imagine our lives without him.  He’s so smart and loveable and floppy.  He still falls down a fair amount—which is hysterical–and has learned the ‘sit’ command.  Steve just said “It’s a good thing they can’t smell him through that blog”.  Yeah, he’s gets VERY stinky after dinner, if ya know what I mean.

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  1. As a mormon, we don’t focus on the cross. We don’t display it or wear it or anything like that. I’ve always been taught that it’s because we should focus on his life and not the horrible act that was done to him. Obviously, His atonement is a beautiful thing but I think it’s more that the cross and picture’s of Christ hanging on the cross aren’t such a pretty picture. I’m probably the last person (Mormon) who should speak for members of the LDS faith on any doctrine so please correct me if I’m wrong. That’s just what I’ve been told over the years.

    Facebook’s been pretty funny for me too. I had someone post all these old dance photos from when I was 15 and BTW, my memory isn’t so hot either. My brother and I do the same thing. The worst is when you get a friend request and you ask them “where do I know you from” and they tell you and you feel stupid for not remembering.

    Hank is just getting cuter by the day. I love that picture…still need to get me a decent camera.

    I’m gearing up for our Super Bowl Bash too, we are just doing a bunch of BBQ food. That ‘Better Than Almost Anything Cake’ is always a yummy dessert. It should be fun. GO CARDINALS!!

    I love Key West, your mom is one lucky lady! If I could just stay there, I would too. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

    Have a Fun Friday.

  2. yeah…i too am a FB’er now. I was converted and my sister had to teach me how to use it. love the quick takes…i will have to check it out.

  3. I am a Baptist raised as a Pentecost. That said I have a difficult time with affiliating myself with a particular religion, so how’s this: I am a sinner saved by Grace through Jesus dying on the cross and rising again 3 days later. We don’t use the crucifix (although I think they are beautiful and an awesome reminder of what He went through for us) because he is no longer on the cross.

    How is it possible that the dog actually got cuter?!

    And umm…you’re rooting for the wrong team. I work Sunday afternoon but Mike has volunteered to make all of the yummy food…pizza dip, bacon wrapped jalapenos, smokies, etc.

  4. Edie, I just love these seven quicktakes you do. I’m kind of all over the place, my brain bounces like a pinball in a pinball machine, so these are right up my alley. A few quick responses.
    I love to see the cross displayed and I am a Baptist. It is just a constant reminder to me, which is a good thing.
    I do not face book yet, but am on myspace and just don’t know if I could keep up with another one. All my friends say I need to though.
    My memory is terrible. Esp. really long term stuff.
    I too am having a Superbowl Party, and we are doing several different finger foods. We are doing an ice cream sundae bar with lots of different topping to choose from. the boys love this!
    The puppy is growing SO fast! Walker has been begging for a dog lately. We’ll have to see.
    We just did a herb garden last week and the boys love it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Your sons Band is AWESOME!!! Love it!!! Love your sanctuary, ours has stained glass with candles in the windowsils, love it, love church. Last year I tried planting seeds and it was a no-go. Any advice would be a big help because I want to start growing my own veggies so I can slash our grocery bill. Have a fabulous weekend!!!!
    ~ Molly P

  6. In general, I have a resurrection faith and I would rather see a cross without a depiction of Christ hanging on it. But I like some of the Mexican folk art crosses.

    I think I’m going to make chocolate cupcakes for Super Bowl Sunday. Go Cardinals!

  7. Hi! Love your list! I’m a cradle-Catholic, but grew up in the South, so crucifixes in homes still make me a bit uncomfortable… on behalf of the Protestants who might be uncomfortable! Hee! The one you got for each other is beautiful!

    I think the picture of your homeschool room deserves a spot in Jen’s #5 bullet point today! Beautiful!

    Nice to find you! 🙂

  8. Edie— just opened up our church newsletter to see Taylor’s group!!! They are featured for the student life Motown Madness in March!!! Soon you are going to have to shew away the paparazzi. Yay for the verity!

  9. I don’t have any issue with displaying a crucifix, until family comes to visit. Then I feel kind of funny inside, like I might be doing something wrong. But my husband and I come from different backgrounds (he was raised Catholic and I was raised non-denomination everyonebutusisgoingtohell. Thank the Lord my side of the family has eased up a little…)

    I will be going to buy seeds this weekend, the kids will love this, thank you for the inspiration!!!

    Please let us know when your son’s CD is available for purchase. Will you thank him for me – he is such an inspiration to the younger generation (namely, my 8 year old) and I thank God there are talented guys like him willing to sell out to Jesus. Yes, this is partly why I am so crazy about TobyMac. My kids love his music and I love the fact that they run around singing “I’m yours, take me as I am” as they go on about their day. Which is a lot better than what was tumbling around in my head at that age. Remember Led Zepplin???

    I wish we lived closer, we might just have shown up for Superbowl….how akward would that be??? My vote for dessert is the Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever. I made it yesterday for hubby’s birthday. He is still smiling today!

    I don’t know anything about FB, but my kids are still young and I’m hoping there will be something new by then….

    Your puppy is precious!!!!!

    Have a great SuperBowl weekend!!!

  10. I’m with Sheri (although I am content at the Baptist church) “I am a sinner saved by Grace through Jesus dying on the cross and rising again 3 days later. We don’t use the crucifix because he is no longer on the cross.

    That dog of yours is HUGE already! So sorry I stopped in on you the other day- but when a girls lost she has to call on someone and since Kate was giving me bad directions I was going with you!


  11. love it, edie… as usual. what’s the 7 quick takes? is that something you came up with or something that several bloggers do? seems like an easy structure for me to follow….
    have a great weekend!

  12. we have a cross in our home. and I happen to love cross necklace. Your sons band is great, I can feel your pride in your words, so touching! Tonight when my 3 yr old son said ‘goodnight mommy’ i tear up…

  13. Yes, yes, yes I displace a cross or rather crosses in my home. After all my Savior bled and died for me and I love Him with all that is in me.

    You know I love me some Facebook. Tiffani had to give me Facebook 101 I actually had an old friend message me asking me who someone else was on there that had asked to be her friend. . . sad thing is, I didn’t know.

    What a fun project you did with your girls.

    Hank is so cute. We feel the same way about Max. . . couldn’t imagine life without him.

    Have a great weekend.

  14. No crucifix hanging here. I grew up Catholic with all kinds of statues of saints and relics to wear around our necks and St. Christopher medals to display on our bikes for protection, etc., etc. All those things make me uncomfortable now. My family placed way too much faith in such things. My grandmother–whom I loved–would turn her St. Jude statue to face the wall if her prayers weren’t answered. I, personally, don’t even like cross jewelry. I once read something that asked if Christ was killed with a gun or knife, would we want to wear one around our necks? It just kind of bothered me. I know, I’m weird.

    Sorry, born and partially raised in Pittsburgh. My family would probably face my photo toward the wall if I was not swinging a terrible towel this Sunday!

  15. I found your site on another site (you made a comment about being a former Baptist turned Lutheran)

    Nice blog!

    We have many crosses and one crucifix in out home (in Southeren California).

    We too, are Lutherans.

    The cross is central to our understandinf of God in Jesus Christ.

    We have a theology of the cross, wherein all of our efforts, our striving, and all of our sin were nailed to the cross with Christ and buried with Him. So our efforts are not important towards salvation, but rather God’s efforts…FOR US.

    THis is very different from a great number of churches in this country and world where the efrrorts of the believer are glorified and focused upon.

    Anywho, nuff for now.

    Thanks a lot!

    – Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

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