Our day began like this……writing sentences about not whining……all the while whining about it…

Writing is good practice…..and any writing that gets us the chance of less whining is worth a try…….
And because I’m such a good teacher,  I demonstrated for the class by writing some sentences of my own……
without whining,  of course.   There’s only one kind of whine/wine I like.    Those are homonyms,  just in case you wondered.  I’m teacherly like that.

6 comments on “What brand of whine/wine do you prefer?”

  1. Did the library call you? You know you corrupted my sweet 4 year old! “Mommy I like the first cd- it has music!” 🙂 HEEHEE

  2. In case you need a hint (and they haven’t called you yet) She took out “The tales of Beatrix Potter” on audio and she got an interesting “Grateful Dead” CD in place of cd 1! 😉 It seems you had it last! 😉

  3. HaHa! I promise it wasn’t my GD CD. Now I know why my girls didn’t ‘like’ the first CD.! And now we’ve completely ruined Squirrel Nutkin’s audio tape. I’m gonna be banned from the library!

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