Some of you have heard my vicious rumor so let me put enquiring minds to rest.   Yes,  I am planning to homeschool Emme and Elea next year.   There,  I said it.  I feel empowered to make it public now that I’ve gotten overwhelming support from my husband and my mother.   I’ve secretly always wanted to do this and with my daily phone call from school about Emme’s “tummy ache” along with her absolute lying on the ground and begging me to do it…..I have to say that I am convinced that this is one of those must-do’s in my life.   You know those lists of 100 hundred things you must do before you die?   Yeah,  well for some reason homeschooling is on my list.    Here’s what I know so far….

  • I will use a classical model-a blend of Charlotte Mason and  Susan Wise Bauer.     Their books are must reads for all moms interested in education.   They both emphasize using great classical  books as the basis of education and history as the central theme for organizing learning.
  • We will follow a four day curriculum and use Fridays to do art, music, science, library visits, etc.     Oh,  and yoga–at least for me.
  • Books, which had already sort of overtaken our living room, are now everywhere.   Trip to Ikea is planned next week to purchase book shelves.
  •  Our year will be centered on ancient times through the fall of Rome.   The history lessons,   literature choices,  art projects etc will all be from that era.   Steve kinda wants to stay for history class!  
  • I get these looks from Emme randomly and I feel confident that  what she is thinking is “Are you suuure you can do this?”
  • I think I’ve read 20 books this week— I had no idea how much preparation was involved.
  • If I’m a total flop or completely lose my sanity,  are any of you available to tutor my children or drive me to the nearest mental hospital?
  • My playroom is slowly but surely being morphed into a school room.   I don’t think the neighborhood kids like this idea very much.   Pictures of  this transformation will be forthcoming.

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  1. Edie- let me congratulate you on your decision to homeschool. My youngest graduates this year. I utilized ABeka’s program until they went to high school and then we enrolled them in the accredited program so they could each get diploma’s. Franz , my oldest is in his second year of college, and Max is enjoying the freedom of no school until next Fall.

    This decision is the best one you will ever make, especially if God has spoken to your heart to do it. He will give you the grace to do so and you will be so surprised at how deep your relationship with your children will become.

    Now let me share the selfish joy that became my reward for making the decision. I went back to college, finished up my BA and just two short days ago completed my thesis for a Masters in Distance Education. Guess what, your facilitation of homeschool can lead to a great career. You are actually participating in distance education. I found acceptance among my peers and professors when the real world still pondered my decision as a temporary fad. My years of homeschooling became my experience for being a distance educator. I got to stay home with my kids , be a homeschool mom and now that they are off to college, guess what? my career awaits. God has been so good. I became a better writer and discovered a skill and grace for research and writing. I became a published researcher and have recently been offered a graduate teacher’s assistant opportunity you guessed it at a distance. I just want to encourage you in your decision. It was one of the best of my life. I quit three jobs and became the woman God created me to be I wouldn’t trade the last nine years for anything in the world. If you need anything, just e-mail. Here’s my ePortfolio so you can meet me properly: (The Dexter and Junior Happy Tales webpage under ‘artifacts’ IMAT 639 will be available until Jan12, 2009. I will them be moving it to its new home most likely on
    Merry Christmas.

    Wishes for Best Success,

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