I can’t remember if I showed this to you yet.   The first few times I looked through the rubble, I missed this little jewel. Pretty neat, huh?
Are you ever burdened by big issues and find comfort in the minutiae?   Me too.  Join me in my numbered list of minutiae.

1.  I’m reading Abigail Adams and will soon start Edna Ferber’s novel So Big (for bookclub).  I’ve been obsessed with Abigail before.   She’s easy to admire. Reading about her life takes the complaining right out of me.

2.  The girls and I are about 2/3’s through memorizing The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. I found this interactive map and kinda like it.

3.   I made this for dinner on Friday and it was dee-lish-us.   Best guacamole I’ve ever made and ever eaten, save the one from San Antone.

4.   I made  this for dinner last night, in case you wondered.   Really good too.

5.   I’m a little obsessed with house plans.   It needs to be 60 ish  x 40.   I like this one and this one and this one.   None of which are exactly 60 x 40.

6.   We’re using hardy siding and will likely use white or off white with gray or green accents.  Do you have a favorite house with hardy siding you could share with me?

7.   My files of house inspiration are growing quite rapidly.   I wish I could define my style.  I need Emily Henderson’s help with that.   Or yours.

8.   What’s your style in 3 phrases?   Texas chic,  eclectic British, southern vintage,  quirky colonial,  whimsical cottage?   I just made all those up but my Domino decorating book tells me to define my style.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  I love the book though.   Now, tell me your style in three phrases and maybe I can just copy you.

9.    I want my new house to have a  exterior that has *depth* and demands respect  with interesting layered rooms that are fun and quirky and don’t take themselves too seriously.  Is this too much to ask?

10.  I like this color palette for my bedroom.  I just ordered some fabric swatches from Lewis and Sharon. I’m thinking dark charcoal walls that create a cozy little nest, since everything else in the house will probably be light.  With the exception of a few dark doors and window frames and floors.

And this equestrian influenced room.  Persimmon is my new favorite accent color because every room needs a pop of red.

11.  Since the fire, I find myself in ‘hunker down’ mode.   Survival mode.  I even considered sending my girls to school because I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to pull myself together enough to function properly.  That could still be debated 🙂 Turns out, schooling them and being with them everyday has been my salvation.  After a tragedy like that, it’s hard to know what to do with yourself and your emotions.   Doing school everyday has given us a structure and foundation for life.  I know what I’m supposed to do everyday.  One foot in front of the other.   Memory work then spelling then writing then math……

It also gives us plenty of opportunities to talk through the issues that arise in the grieving process.  I’m so glad I’ve kept my nose to grind.   We’ve been working hard the last few weeks and we’re on track to be finished in time to take a little summer break despite the fact that we were *off* for about a month.  You should hear these girls do their reciting of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”.   It’s really long and they gave their dad  a preview last night.   So cool, even with all the giggling!  We’re spending the next few weeks on the American Revolution so if you have any favorite resources for this period, we’d love to hear.  I’m listening to a series of  Stanford lectures on this period (from iTunes university) and listening to an Issues, etc podcast featuring Dr. John Warwick Montgomery on, “Is America a Christian Nation?” Very good listening and I think you’d enjoy it.  “How Christian is America?” is good too.

12.  Well, I think I better get busy this morning.   Before I go, check out this section of comfort food on the Food Network.   {Note to self: Never blog when you’re hungry.}  Hope you have a great day:)



p.s.  I recently discovered this gem of a song by the Avett Brothers. All My Mistakes.

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  1. Hi Edie! That picture = pretty amazing.
    I am so impressed with your memorization skillz. I didn’t even attempt that poem with Ethan. Maybe I’M just lazy? You’ll have to post a video of them reciting it. (Ethan’s favorite read aloud from the American Revolution time period has been “Johnny Tremain” . He’s a guy, though. 😉
    I have no style, so no help there. I did win a quirky aqua pottery piece at a silent auction fundraiser. You would probably love it.
    I’m avoiding the comfort food link with all my strength…

  2. http://www.gowerdesigngroup.com/catalog/
    This is where we found our house plan…we hope to start building late this spring!! We chose the lasca and had them customize it for us. They were super easy to work with and I love the final plans.
    I contyinue to pray for you and your family and am so excited to see what you come up with for your new sheep shed…I like to call our churches and homes that because that’s what they are sheds, a place of safety from the elements on our journey toward our “true” home that God is preparing for us.
    Hugs, Trena

  3. Mornin’ friend! Oh how I’ve missed you and I love that you are back and allowing us to converse with you! 🙂 That 3rd house plan is my favorite! 🙂 Love the porch! Loved the rest of the post too and I hope to see the girls reciting their memory work… pretty please!?!

    xoxo D

  4. House plans? So fun! I am impressed that you are accomplishing any schooling; I would be endlessly searching and comparing!

    I love the first and second plans, the interior of the second seems ideal for a lake view. Our house is very similar to the first, except the guest is between the living and master, so the master is a “wing” and the left and the garage is a “wing” on the right. I like it because it gives the house more of the dimensional look you mentioned, and it also has a porch the length of the main part. That might be something you would consider? (We didn’t build it so I can’t take credit, but I loved the layers of it from the outside, and the openness of the interior). Just some ideas:-)

  5. Edie,
    Thank you for your post..you have touched my heart and given me hope this morning. After awaking yesterday morning to a flood and painfully discarding wet and ruined “things”, I found myself sulking this morning. Our loss no where compares to yours, our lives are going to be disrupted for a few weeks…but I write this to tell you how you are such an encouragement, because this morning I looked at my 9 and 10 yr. old girls and thought how can I even homeschool them today!! It is our first year and its been a sincere struggle as there have been many obstacles…so yet again another one…but then, I find this post and read your #11…all I can say is thank you…thank you because you have encouraged me to keep pressing on!

  6. So glad you’re back and doing well! I really enjoy reading your blog, you’re an inspirational gal! Have a great day=)

  7. So good to hear from you again, Edie. I’ve been thinking of you lately…

    1. Your bag in the rubble–wow. It speaks of life that was once there….
    2. I like house #3 best. Love the big porch–it’s so welcoming. Yes, the house is interesting and layered. Just think of what you can do on that porch–watch a thunderstorm roll by, set up easels and let the girls paint what they see, read, swing, heal… Porches like that are the jewels of a house.
    3. We have Hardie siding–for about 11 years now. Love it! Still looks new and so easy to maintain. Back then we didn’t like the pre-painted colors so we got the primed and had it painted a lovely khaki green/tan (depending on how the light hits it). Perfect for us–earthy and natural, fit in with our wooded property. Window/door trim and columns are white, shutters and roof are charcoal, door is deep fox red, flashing is copper. It’s a colonial from 1978–nothing special but to us.
    4. Can’t put my decorating style into words. I like what I like. Period. It all seems to work together. I like using what I have, so if I buy something there will be a use for it or I don’t buy it, even if it’s a vintage piece. We like old things and we like to use them. (we still like each other after 36 years… haha!) The things on display in our home have family history connected with them or special meaning. We like natural colors that are easy on the eyes–not necessarily neutral, but natural. We have dogs so things are always out of place and I’m casual about it, but the house is usually presentable. So what is my style?? I have no idea.

    Looking forward to continuing on your journey with you. Blessings on your day…

  8. So good to hear from you again, Edie. I’ve been thinking of you lately…

    1. Your bag in the rubble–wow. It speaks of life that was once there….
    2. I like house #3 best. Love the big porch–it’s so welcoming. Yes, the house is interesting and layered. Just think of what you can do on that porch–watch a thunderstorm roll by, set up easels and let the girls paint what they see, read, swing, heal… Porches like that are the jewels of a house.
    3. We have Hardie siding–for about 11 years now. Love it! Still looks new and so easy to maintain. Back then we didn’t like the pre-painted colors so we got the primed and had it painted a lovely khaki green/tan (depending on how the light hits it). Perfect for us–earthy and natural, fit in with our wooded property. Window/door trim and columns are white, shutters and roof are charcoal, door is deep fox red, flashing is copper. It’s a colonial from 1978–nothing special but to us.
    4. Can’t put my decorating style into words. I like what I like. Period. It all seems to work together. I like using what I have, so if I buy something there will be a use for it or I don’t buy it, even if it’s a vintage piece. We like old things and we like to use them. (we still like each other after 36 years… haha!) The things on display in our home have family history connected with them or special meaning. We like natural colors that are easy on the eyes–not necessarily neutral, but natural. We have dogs so things are always out of place and I’m casual about it, but the house is usually presentable. So what is my style?? I have no idea.

    Looking forward to continuing on your journey with you. Blessings on your day…

  9. We are big BIG fans of Michael Medved’s cd’s “The American Revolution: First Person history.” He is captivating to listen to and my husband and I have learned so much through him. You can order the whole collection here http://www.treefarmtapes.com/catalog/product.asp?productid=11975 It’s spendy ($300), so maybe you’d rather start with just one (How Paul Revere’s Ride Changed History) http://www.treefarmtapes.com/catalog/product.asp?productid=11944 for $15 to make sure you like him. I think my favorites are the ones about George Washington. God definitely had his hand on him or he never would have become president.

  10. Hey Edie! I might as well join in here! After the fire, I began checking in on you through you blog and now I find myself “rummaging” through all the blogs linked to yours and can’t seem to STOP! 🙂 Perhaps one of these days I will even start one…It’s great to hear you bringing some “normalcy” back to your daily routines. I just had to comment because of your new house paint ideas! Last year I decided I wanted to paint our entry in charcoal…once I finally got the nerve (and after living with about 10 sample patches of different shades of grey on the wall) I went for it and loved it so much I brought it down the hall and into the great room. Love it! But now that the house is on the market all of my HGTV shows are telling me to “get rid of it” that everyone wants beige in a staged home. YUK! So who knows how long I will keep it but for now I love it and you are welcome to stop by and take a peek. May save you some time and give you a “feel” for a charcoal room. On a different note, your latter post reminded me of our Cornerstone Banquet speaker. Missed you guys! You wouldv’e loved him. Rick Greene with Wallbuilders…spoke all about the founding fathers, Constitution and our deep Christian roots in government. Check them out on the website: http://www.wallbuilders.com (I think)… Have a great day and hope to bump into you soon!
    Marjorie 🙂

  11. Edie, I think you have” Edie Style” of decorating! It is all your own and I love it (and even try to copy it, in small ways). So, it must be a style. I can’t wait to see what house plans you come up with! Are you able / willing to put your own touches where you are staying right now? Would love to see how you make it feel like a “home”. (I also understand, if it is too hard). Glad to see you posting!

  12. good morning Edie, so good to hear from you this morning. we LOVED our study of the American Revolution. one of the highlights for us was reading Johnny Tremaine. such a good story! we listened to it on cd on our way to and around Boston, when we took a “field trip” there at the end of our study. even without that special treat, the book was fantastic! totally different subject…since we both love Brandi and The Avett Brothers, i’m guessing you’ll also love The Civil Wars. have you heard them yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrOUwbsy12E and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfzRlcnq_c0. 🙂

  13. Carolina Island House from The Southern Living would be my pick especially if you are rebuilding back on the lake. 😉
    We do not have Hardy siding but I ♥ it. My all time fave though is shiplap southern yellow pine. I ♥ it for the texture and how it weathers over time. Although on a large scale home Hardy would be better.
    My fave house style is 1800s New England Colonial with a large open masonry hearth stuck dead middle of the home . I ♥ it for the sleek lines and the simplicity of it. I am a minimalist.
    I’m still praying for you dear. Oh and yes, EVERY room needs a pop or red!

  14. Mornin”…I think there are about three houses in Farragut that are the Carolina House…one in Montgomery Cove, one just in Loudon County on Northshore and one right off Grisby Chapel…if you ever come this way take a look…or better yet call me and I’ll show them to you!

  15. I made the tomato soup at the weekend and it was delicious. Although my hand-held blender broke so I ended up straining it through a sieve before I decided to get the food precessor out. Anyway, as I expected, it was delicious.

    If you need help with the painting in the future just let me know. I’m only a plane ride away. Maybe you could teach me how to be more graceful in return…?

  16. Great hearing from what seems like an old friend. ( not old ) I love the plans for house 3 . I LOVE my front porch. We sit and watch storms with a glass of wine. Watch our youngest son play numerous sports with the neighborhood gang. Read. It was my deciding factor on buying our home. I don’t believe you have to have a definite style. Your personal style makes your home. If you live with what you love then you love your home. I mix fleamarket with treasured antiques. Throw in some toile, add a dash of texture a pinch of stainless steel. Top it off with a little leopard and a sparkly chandy for good measure and you have MY recipe for style. You need not worry girl you have your own style name ” Eclectic Edie” that is perfect. A mix of what you love.

  17. The perfect style? You already have it…live in what you LOVE…colors, things, philosophies, with people…surround yourself in the shade of happiness…swim in a sea of peaceful bliss…until your fingers get all pruney! Happy decorating, happy teaching…happy hope!

  18. Hey Edie!! So great to hear from you!!! I completely agree that you don’t need “a style.” We have built 5 houses and every one was completely different but I LOVED THEM ALL!! My style is whatever I like at the moment, thank you very much! With that being said, I love love LOVE the 3rd plan. I think I have seen every plan website out there and am convinced that Southern Living has the best plans around!!! Also, check out the HGTV Dream House in Sanoma! If we build again that is the house we are building. It has the siding you like and is WONDERFUL!!! Our house now is painted the same exterior color as that house (SW Creamy) and its devine!!! Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you decide on!!!

  19. Carolina Island House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for me? Nerdy chic. Schizophrenic farmhouse. Wonder junk.

    Miss you, Lady.

  20. Oh my word, the Carolina Island House is to die for!!! I’m a farmhouse/cottage/shabby chic kinda gal. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

  21. Girl you got your groove back and then some! Love all these yummy recipes and book rec’s. House plans all look fantastic, love the front porch one, great place to read on a daybed swing..I know whatever you choose will be fabulous, you have wonderful taste. If you have a chance check out the homes on Rosemarybeach.com for rent, they have fabulous, clean, funky decor, great source for ideas.I’d say my non-definable style is funky farmhouse with a twist of dust and hay. Your statements about homeschooling are once again inspiring and right on.
    Blessings for a joy-filled day

  22. First off, if my comment eventually shows up here 3 times, I apologize profusely in advance. I started on my “smart”phone but couldn’t seem to get it to post.

    My all-time favorite siding house is Stephen Fuller’s Foxborough Hill. I think the showhouse they used for that plan was in Knoxville, if I’m not mistaken. But it’s not 60×40 either. I did see this one on his website that I really like…it’s a traditional facade but has kind of a quirky, open interior with lots of back windows…..http://www.stephenfuller.com/plan_details2.php?pid=6127

    My phrases would be something like landlocked coastal, exasperated traditional, and/or uptight cottage 😉

    Happy hunting! Glad to see you today. I enjoy your blog! Nicki

  23. edie! so glad to see a post from you this morning! i have to agree with everyone else, love! house number three.

    as far as style, i have a hard time summarizing mine in three phrases. but! i do know what it’s not. and sometimes that helps, right? for example, i really love all the washed out white i see, but i know that i have to have lots of color. moody colors.

    i can imagine that the routine of schooling has been very healing!

  24. so glad life is marching on for you and yours. my style? howsabout Rustic Elegance? will try to listen to Issues later…can’t wait to see the building process! blessings, mandy

  25. As a designer I’m constantly looking at plans…some of my favorites are by Allison Ramsey Architects and I also love some of the new Country Living Plans!!!

  26. My style ~ cozy. Still working on 2 more words. 🙂

    Glad the routines of your day are bringing comfort as you rebuild your home.


  27. De-lurking to suggest sproost.com. Great place to start figuring out your “style”. Quick tip – if you like something in one of the quiz pictures right click and save it because you can’t go back after and find the picture. And if you do the quiz again you’ll get some new pictures to choose from.

  28. right after my daughter was born, i received very strong inspiration to go back to school. so that’s what i did (not that i didn’t want to fight it). i applied to ucla’s master’s program for professional screenwriters and with a two year old and a daughter only months old, i started a program that would require me to write three scripts in eighteen months, as well as keep up with remote lectures and reading, etc. everyone thought i was crazy – i thought i was crazy. but then i got sick and living in an area with historically bad medical care – it took nearly a year from have a positive biopsy to getting treatment for cancer. and that inspiration saved me that year. i woke up every day with crushing headaches and fatigue and joint pain and a myriad of other symptoms that all made sense once we got into surgery and realized what was going on…and every day i had to be a mother to my two children and a wife to my husband and an agressive medical advocate for myself. and the only thing that kept me from curling up on the couch every day, were those pages i had to write. i had to keep being productive. it saved me, my kids, my husband. don’t think there weren’t nights that i didn’t cry all through my prayers with a “why” sort of pleading – trying to understand why god wanted me to go to school, have these little babies and be sick all at the same time. but three years later – it’s all so clear. and now as i homeschool my kids, remodel my house, fight the cyclical effects of radiation damage and try to keep up with life in general…i find myself still writing. i “get” it. i do. i always knew my writing was some sort of divinely inspired gift and i always thought i would bless others with it – i never realized that there would be periods where it would bless me, focus me, keep me forward.

    if you’ve read all the way to here, i’m sorry that i grew so verbose. i just feel very connected to what you are saying. and no matter how many times people think i’m crazy for staying at home with my kids or writing into the wee hours – they don’t understand…that at times, i’m this close to crumbling, this close to falling down and heaving with sobs that i’ve kept in for the last three years. but having these sweet little spirits around me, their hugs all day, their serious/hysterical recitations of all things bright and beautiful (thank you for that) and “sick” (shel silverstein) on the hearth at night – they warm me up, keep me going. and the writing makes me feel like i got something done on days where there’s nothing to be done but breath and try to survive my body.

    and at the end of the day, the month, the year…i can look back and say (no matter how bad it got), “look at that – i wrote a script! look at that – I wrote a children’s book! look at that – I am their mother! I taught that one to read! I taught that one how to say prayers! How cool is that?!” rah-rah-rah!

    okay, enough said. or too much, rather. i’ve never commented, but i have been continually inspired by you. thank you for allowing us a view of your journey. becky

    • thank you so much becky. for sharing your story and struggles with us. my ‘tired’ seems very thin when i imagine what your ‘tired’ must look like. i will pray for you, your healing, your weary nights and your writing, that it will continue to teach you about yourself and about life.
      i’m so glad you’re here. thank you.

  29. That bag in the charred remains is very striking.

    I adore house plans and have whittled away many, many hours looking at them!! I would have to agree with many here that the third one is nice, but I liked the first one, too. (Lots of places for books.) I don’t have any personal experience with Hardy siding, but have only heard good about it.

    I second the recommendation to read Johnny Tremaine. I loved it, and since you are already memorizing “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”, it would certainly fit right in. I also loved the John Adams miniseries that was originally on HBO (with Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney). I don’t get HBO, but I was able to find the DVDs on sale.

    As far as my personal style, I would say unpretentious, sheltering and traditional.

    Love those IE podcasts by JWM. They’re currently on my iPod, so I think I’ll listen to them again. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • dear terry,
      i would hate to admit how much time i’ve spent (wasted) looking at house plans. way too much.
      and yes, we’re just about to start johnny tremain.

      blessings to you my friend 🙂

  30. Have you all read Johnny Tremain yet? Great book but I do not recommend the Disney movie – it’s rather terrible.

  31. Hi! Sweet Edie~

    The pic of the bag in the rubble speaks volumes.

    I love house number 3. It seems to be the number one pick here. We don’t have any experience with Hardy siding. Iould love to redo our siding because it is aluminum. Quite a hot box in the summer. Not sure when or if we will because we live near an airport that is always threatening to expand and buy up all of our homes even if they keep losing business to the nearby and much larger Logan airport in Boston. Would hate to redo it and then they tear it down in a year. Enough with that drudgery.

    It is amazing what you have gone through and still are able to carry on. What an amazing example to your two beautiful girls. These are moments that are building a true foundation of faith in their little hearts. Keep on with the good work Edie~you will certainly be rewarded for your faithfulness.

    Thank you for the inspiration that you are. You share your heart and struggles openly and encourage each one of us to keep moving on, trusting in the Lord despite our earthly situations. To me coming to your blog and seeing a new post is better than Christmas morning for a little one.

    My style would have to be vintage country with some French inspiration. Everything French is beautiful and lovely. Your style is amazing and uniquely yours. I am always looking through your posts for style inspiration.

    We love the period of the American Revolution. Abigail Adams is an amazing woman. I have read the book of her letters to John and some of his to her. It is amazing. The HBO series on John Adams was exceptional. After we watched the series the kids and I went to Quincy, MA on a field trip to visit the birthplace. It is amazing. We had so much fun and brought our neighbors with us-two retired sisters. It was super.

    Well this has become a post in itself. Sorry for the long comment.


    • i love your ‘blog’ ms. ruth! thank you for so much encouragement. and yes, we loved the john adams series. i just ordered on netflix yesterday for the girls to watch.
      bless you friend!

  32. bohemian beachy….lots of color grounded in a small cozy beach house. your words on what has helped to get you through this difficult time in your life are so honest…your continual faith in the future in the midst of such heartache has been an inspiration.

  33. Define your style?? You know i’ll use this as an opportunity to pin turquoise on you. I just can’t let it go.

    Eclectically Edie Elegance
    Turquoise, it’s complicated

    Black and White
    White and Black
    Classic Modern
    phish posh, scratch it all
    “I’ll have what she’s having” that’s my style, and you are she.

    whatever you come up with i’m sure will make me droolly and swoony and potentially borderline nutty.
    we shall hope for growth and joy in whatever you choose!

  34. Oh edie, you were on my heart yesterday. Still praying for you girl!

    House plans……I feel for ya. We built our house almost 2 years ago, all of it ourselves and I’m still not over it. I’m now onto the phase of, “I wish I would of done this different, or that different.” Always will, I’m sure of it.
    Anyways we have green hardi siding on our house and I love it! Green is my favorite color.

    Enjoy house plans, school and can you post audio of your girls reciting The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. I would love to hear them.

    Also, I was homeschooled during my middle school years and my parents took me thru Peter Marshalls curriculum that is about Christian American Heritage. Amazing stuff…I don’t know if you have already looked at his stuff but here is the website if you haven’t..


  35. mmm, love house plan #3. and love abigail adams. what’s not to love. i’m trying to determine my style too. having a hard time. vintage/farmhouse/cottage/southern with small pops of traditional on a budget. . .

  36. A big hoo rah for Hardie Board …we have used it on both of our dream homes and love it. I read somewhere that it can crack in really cold weather and this winter was the worst we have ever had here in Kansas..I don’t see any cracks anywhere. It’s more expensive than vinyl, but worth it for it’s beauty! come over to my blog and take a look around at the house! We are country-traditional-rustic-mountain-bungalow…with not enough money to decorate it the way I would like to, but bit by bit I will get my personality all over it!

  37. Hi Friend. technically you haven’t met me yet, but you’re my friend every time I turn my computer on. Don’t do charcoal bedroom walls, that is what you have now….at least on what walls are left. The result of refinment is always bright and shiny!


  38. I vote for #3. I feel a porch would be “you.”

    I, too, keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We live in SoCal and know many people who have lost their homes to our (seemingly monthly) fires. Be patient. Hunkering down is good. It may take a bit to feel solid again….but you will.

  39. I’m glad you’ve stuck with homeschooling. It is true that keeping that schedule and being “needed” and having work to do daily is good for us to get through the hard times.

    I have a quote somewhere that says, “Children are the anchors that hold their mother to life” (or something like that). God is good!

  40. I soooo understand how the homeschooling helps.

    When we were “operating in crisis mode” for a couple of years, everyone said, “Put the kids in school.” I would say, “Homeschooling the rest of the children is the only thing that is normal right now.” And I agree…it gives you lots of time to talk about the things that come up as a result of all that was/is going on.

    Had I done as suggested (put them in school), I think I would have sat and stared into space, or gone to bed….in a Yoko & John type way….for say a year, or starting drinking…heavy! 😉

    The schooling gave me focus for my days and gave them focus as well. Big changes such as putting them in school would have make them wonder if we were going to “make it”.

    But we did…and you will.

    hugs, Carolee

  41. BTW…I like number 2…but did you count the number of toilets??? What else will you do besides clean toilets! 🙂

  42. Can I just say that I love you. I have never met you, but your lovely spirit is contageous, and this post was so refreshing. You have been in my prayers, I am so glad to see the joy in this post. Some new strange form of reality sounds like it is setting in, nice to hear that you are cooking, decorating, planning for your future, dreaming, and loving on those cute girls! I love the bedroom, so fresh yet cozy too. Praying you have a wonderful week, can’t wait to hear from you again! : )

  43. (Hi my name is Christie Jergens, found your blog off of a post from Sarah Weisman.) My husband is a landscape architect and highly recommends The Not So Big House book. Basically creating a purpose for each space; not just a big room with no character. Thought you’d find it interesting? http://www.notsobighouse.com/

  44. Number 3 is great! But huge :-)) My style would be a British cottage with a decluttered style… Bright light colors to welcome the daylight, with a touch of French style for the decoration (you can’t hide your roots…). Warm interior to welcome friends, lots of natural material and “traditional” furnitures made to last…
    We don’t know each other, but I love reading you… You a inspiration source, thanks for that.

  45. Oh Edie, you amaze me. Thank you for the update, sending you cyber hugs, warm thoughts, and many prayers. Just don’t ask me for decorating advice because my oh-so-boring abode looks like I threw up the Pottery Barn catalog and called it good. Snore. When I want inspiration, I come to you! 🙂 xoxo Ruth

  46. I love love love house plans……. Used to draw them all the time.
    My fav is the second one u linked. The house has a cool staircase… Its different and the front of the house looks pretty cool.

  47. #3 It seems just like you. Smart, elegant, but super functional and most of all southern! Any good architect can goose a plan and make it work for the footprint of a house (within reason). I know it seems crazy to hire an architect if you are going with a plan that already exist, but in the big picture spending the time and money up front to hear from someone who reads and draws homes and actually sees them into fruition is FAR cheaper than making changes after the build begins. He can function as a Doula of sorts for the rebirth of your home. I would call your style Modern, eclectic warmth, with an eye for true southern character.

  48. So nice to see a new post from you! I well know the “hunker down, survival mode”. I existed in it for nearly a year, and just now begun to find the light again! I’m sure your new house will be beautiful – and truly a home from these first steps.
    an eclectic, shabby chic, English & French country, sorta girl. I like “stuff” and lots of evidence that life with kidlets is indeed going on! Haven’t had time to check out those house plans yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  49. Hello Dear Edie , The leather ( i think thats what it is ) bag amidst the rubble speaks volumes and leaves me amazed because right above it looks to be a charred metal pipe ……go figure that ….. i sent you a gift to your sisters home address that you previously made available on an old post ….. i do hope you like it ( it may or may not fit into your new home but it is an original ……. pretty and colorful none the less and with spring on the way it will serve its purpose ……. as a sister in CHRIST i am praying for you still …….for GODS purpose and plan in and through all this to constantly be revealed …….. all those in my prayer group are praying as well……… we meet every other wednesday evening …….just for some FYI i must mention that at prayer group one evening their was a mention of how are nation is definitely under attack and how there are groups of people ( historical revisionists ) that are truly working to tear down this nations original roots and rebuild it up with an UNGODLY base ….. now that is not to say that this or ever has been a perfect nation , but there is a grave danger to this ongoing subtle constant demise taking place right before our eyes …….. i do believe it was Karl Marx that said , ” A people without a heritage are easily persuaded . ” …….. as godly women and mothers we have to convey the truth to our children and grandchildren ( and anyone else who happens to be listening ) ……. as for the house plans …………definitely # 3 …….its so so southern ……….well i must be going as i will have dinner out with my in-laws this night ….. take care edie and rest well …………………summer

  50. I should tell you also one of the best studies i have been exposed to (non expository ) was THE TRUTH PROJECT …….have you heard of it …..if so it is a great study for a small group of people .

  51. Yay! I am so glad you took the time to post today! And I am thinking of you during this time. I love the charm of house plan #3. And, yes, the miracle of what was saved amongst the rubble. God works in wondrous ways!

  52. So nice to see a new post from you.

    1. Love the domino book. Yes, it is can be daunting to try to describe one’s style if you are inspired by old, new, traditional, modern, cottagey, eclectic… You get the point. I do, too.

    2. I can’t believe the bag was not burned. That is pretty incredible.

    3. Hubs loved the John Adams book, and so we watched the series. She is amazing. Truly amazing. I do need to read the book though.

    4. I have no idea why I’m making a list, but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you

    Oh. P.S. I LOVE the third house. I saw that and just let out a happy sigh.

    Much Love, Edie.

  53. Well, I just love #3’s outside and #2’s inside so figure out how to make that work and it would be what I would pick.
    I live in a small cottage with a porch and love that look, I have always called the inside Early American Disaster Area.
    My husband would love the bedroom colors you are considering since he is an Auburn fan.
    Just let your house be you and we will all continue to visit and feel right at home. Fill it with Edie and Edieisms and lots of love and food. We will be there waiting for the next chapter in your book of life. Your Life in Grace!

  54. Edie, on books:
    Loved Marvin Olasky’s “Fighting for Liberty and Virtue.” I read that with a very interesting biography called “Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire” by Amanda Foreman… an oh, yes, “Marie Antoinette” by Antonia Fraser. Odd choices, it may seem, but it was GREAT to read about both sides of the Atlantic during this time. And in a weird way, they went together quite well, very complimentary.

    What a fun era to study! I always enjoy learning along with the kids, so those are my adultish picks for you. Next year my high school girls and I are going to have some fun with some Jane Austen and her contemporaries. We put in the hard work this year with British lit. Next year I’m doing the fun stuff. Can’t wait.

    Have fun planning! 🙂

  55. As my almost 3 year old granddaughter would say “Oh yeah baby!” about that 3rd house with the big porch. Not quite sure about the media room thing off the kitchen, but that could be reworked;)
    I have a bit of red or a bunch of red in every room of my house and the word Joy or Joy sayings in numerous places….happy reminders!

    We have family who had a BEAUTIFUL house that was lost to fire two years ago…it has been a BIG process to rebuild (finally moved in). I pray your rebuilding journey is more peaceful.

  56. The third house is my favorite. I love the bed picture…it’s so you! I think I just might get that Abigail Adams book, are you liking it? I agree, sending your kids to school would seem like a big relief, but keeping them close to you is probably helping w/ the healing. I’m so glad I got to meet you all. What sweet little girls!! xo, Jess

  57. Don’t you love it how God gives us thing to throw ourselves into when things are overwhelming? When my husband was in the Navy and gone for about a year, I was in total survival mode. But I started painting, at a studio with a teacher, and then went all day every day for most of that year. It was a major creative outlet and allowed me to accomplish something. I still paint and love it. I also wanted to ask, do you have a system for learning bible verses with your girls?

  58. I am going with “light and airy cottage” as my decorating style citing the evidence of our almost entirely tiled first level (only the family room has carpet) and the crazy number of windows we have, which I love and which have inspired me to pull in influences from nature.

    I have been thinking about you this week because we have decided to paint..the whole dang house! When I say we, I mean the lovely team of painters we will hire. The boyfriend wants all the walls to be “tan and white”..le gasp. I am working on him slowly to not fear color on the walls.

    Your new house must have a wonderful porch. We have a skinny little baby porch and I swear my next house will have a big wrap around one where you can sit on a rocking chair and sip lemonade while gossiping.

    Have you watched the John Adams mini series from HBO? It’s long, but worth checking out.

  59. Wow – all of those houses are mansions by NZ standards! Really like number 3 though. And I need you to inspire me girl!! I showed your kitchen pics to the designer helping us to put our (much smaller) one together. I’ll be following along with interest 🙂

  60. I wanted to add to my previous comment. I still like #3 the Carolina Island house. I picked it selfishly. I have been dreaming of a white house with a large front porch with white rockers,,you know for sweet tea/coffee/bird watching/bible reading/praying/pondering/visiting/resting,,,all of it,,,and you know that the look is oh so southern. I looked a little closer and saw a few things to mention in each of the choices. #3, since it appears that you have a nice lake view, maybe an architect could move the side porch to the back ,or at least have an outdoor living space,,porch,or deck or patio in back. Do you need 3 bedrooms or 4,,a 3 car garage may be nice if it’s an option. also The morning room/breakfast nook idea is nice too, still thinking of the view. A walk-in pantry is a must, and a spacious laundry room/mudroom. Media/theatre room is nice, but can also be one of the family living spaces. The 2 story great room,is possibly wasted space, unless it is your hearts desire, then it’s perfect. of course a homeschool/office space is needed.Since you love to serve others a dinning room is nice to keep. Just wanted to add my thoughts, but since you are the epitome of cool,,we can trust that your choices will be sublime. Can’t wait to journey with you, and see the finale.

    My style which has evolved over the years is Traditional Southern/English Manor /Beach Cottage.

  61. After many years of studying US History touring Paul Revere’s house was a highlight of my adult life. He had a number of children (I think seven)and the house was very small (in our standards)It was the first place for me to see where an old saying comes from….
    Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    Bed “springs” used to be rope and were pulled tight nightly to make the bed tight. Made perfect sense to me.
    Don’t forget to do virtual tours of most historic places at the National Park Service or National Archives.

    I hope you can dream of what is to come- sometimes that is the best reality:>)

  62. Edie I love the Carolina Island house. That house just ‘looks” like you. The huge front porch is so welcoming, just like you make us feel here at your blog.

  63. House #3! I’m getting ready to sell/buy and will stalking all of your decorating ideas – because a decorator I am NOT and need mucho help!

  64. OK, I have no time-management self-control when you post like this — ha! Love the first house plan. . .even showed it to my husband! But combined with the outside look of the third 🙂 Printed up two of the recipes. . .love your fabric thoughts for your new bedroom, and glad that you and your girls are able to continue on with school together. Thanks for keeping us posted with your post-fire life (will you always think of your life like that, pre-and-post? I think I would. . .)

  65. The house plans are very neat. I especially love the 3rd one with the lovely porch. I have dreamed of a porch like that…. one day. Any of the houses would be wonderful size-wise because I would love to have a house that is more than 1700 square feet!!!! LOL

    It is neat to see you getting your “inspiration-decoration groove” back. I am a “cottage chic”, by the way. Or at least the little “what’s your style” quiz on HGTV says that I am.

    I will be trying out some of those recipes, I am so stuck in a “eating the same things over and over rut”. They all look so yummy.

    Take care,

  66. Edie, best of luck in all your decision making. When it’s done, it will be breathtaking because it will be you! Enjoy the fun along the way!

  67. Try the website http://www.thetextilemill.com for fabric it is very expensive designer fabrics but on certain days the run a sale and drop it to dirt cheap. Here is another house plan website to check out for house plans, The Bungalow Company and Robinson House Plans, good luck with everything.

  68. ah. the blessing of being with your children every day. doing it all… together. I am so thankful that you have this during this time.

    our home has hardy plank siding. I am so glad that we went with it. you can see pics of it here:

    also, I wrote some posts on defining your vision and style. I will also put the link here {for finding vision}, so I don’t blab on and on!:

    I love your equestrian inspiration! awesomeness. and charcoal and orange????? be still my beating heart! I LOVE!

    love and prayers to you,
    fieldstonehilldesign.com {but you know me as worthwalkingtoward 🙂 }

  69. ah. the blessing of being with your children every day. doing it all… together. I am so thankful that you have this during this time.

    our home has hardy plank siding. I am so glad that we went with it. you can see pics of it here:

    also, I wrote some posts on defining your vision and style. I will also put the link here {for finding vision}, so I don’t blab on and on!:

    I love your equestrian inspiration! awesomeness. and charcoal and orange????? be still my beating heart! I LOVE!

    love and prayers to you,
    fieldstonehilldesign.com {but you know me as worthwalkingtoward 🙂 }

  70. My style is eclectic modern vintage organic. I recently started reading Southern Living and I am just loving every bit of it!

  71. Also , closing on my first house tomorrow. Can’t wait to decorate and renovate. I am loving Ikat patterns rugs pillows, and want gray for my bedroom> Check out my friend Shannon’s site, she designs wall coverings from her water colors. Just dreamy!

  72. I am also reading
    Details: A Stylist’s Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors [Hardcover]
    Lili Diallo (Author)
    and I love house number 3!

  73. Cast Two Shadows is a historical Southern novel. The protagonist is a young girl. It’s not difficult, but gives an account of the war from a young female perspective. My design style is Southern vintage with a modern traditional twist. Think Southern Living meets Ballard Designs meets Methane Studios. Methane Studios is my hubby’s design firm. They make some pretty rad concert posters and art prints. Check them out and let me know if you see one you like! By the way, I’m a Southern girl, Lutheran, English teacher and I love design. Right now I’m in the midst of breast cancer, so your blog and others are a nice break from the tedium of doctor’s appointments. God is good; I’m not worried about me. He has wrapped his arms around my family and we are loved! Thank you Edie for your blog and know you are in my prayers. You have lost your house,but you will get a new one. I may lose my breasts, but I will get new ones. There’s always hope.

  74. Hey Edie, I love love love your style.. Southern Modern Eclectic??? Your posts continue to inspire me, keep working in the right direction and praising Him, from whom all blessings flow! I too, am a house plan addict 🙂 Even though I already own a perfectly respectable house… a girl’s GOTTA have her dream house, right? I found this one called “Southern Revival”, very similar to your house #3, which I also adore. If I can’t figure out how to attach a picture, you HAVE to go to the link, see all the pictures and see the “customized” house done in white and grey with a persimmony roof. Coincidence? I think not! xoxo Fle

  75. The pictures are great and I love the purse in the rubble. I like the style names you made up too. I think if I were building a house I would want to build one like the fathers’ (Brian Keith) place in Carmel, CA from the film The Parent Trap (196?) that or an old craftsman house. I saw one yesterday driving through an old neighborhood and almost begged my husband to stop just so I could look at the big porch with large ornate pillars all around.

    I have known other people who have lost their house to fire and I have always had so many questions. I’d love it if someone (you perhaps) would write a book and tell what those “moments” are like. The ones when you want something that no longer exist. It must be like losing an arm or a leg, or getting off of Heroin. I think that is how it would be for me. I never hear anyone tell what it is like only what they replaced. You have been very descriptive here and I have cried for you a few times so I really don’t know why I’d want to know any of it but still I think it would be interesting.

  76. I have never once in my life eaten shrimp – but I trust you and would have eaten yours.

    My style in 3 words I’m a man. 🙂

    Edie – every single one made me smile – really – thank you.


    God Bless and keep you and all of yours

  77. Edie, I know you love books, and I just finished one that I am touting as one of the best I’ve ever read — “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption”, by Laura Hillenbrand (author of “Seabiscuit”, the book about the Depression-era racehorse legend.) It’s a true story about Louis Zamperini, the son of Italian immigrants, who went from juvenile delinquent to Olympic runner and record setter, then was drafted and became a bombadier in the AAF. His plane went down in the Pacific, where he was adrift on a raft for a month and a half before eventually being captured by the Japanese and held as a POW. The remainder of the book deals with his post-war transition. His life falls apart, but he comes to find redemption. It’s a very inspiring read, and I thought it might be something that would be meaningful in your life right now. It’s gripping, emotionally moving, and utterly fascinating (and I never thought I’d like a book about sports or war, but much less both!) I’d encourage you to read it if you have the time to squeeze it in. You won’t be disappointed. It is a testament to the incredible power of the human spirit to prevail over hardship and defeat. On another note — glad to hear that school is going well for you guys and that life is piecing itself back together. Best wishes!

  78. Whatever you pick will be beautiful. Be sure and look at Southern Living’s house plans. Reading Made to Crave by Lysa Turkerst, right now – just what I needed. Hope life is getting better for you. I am appreciating my “things” more, after thinking about how complete and final a fire can be. So sorry.

  79. I’m always late to the party, but… have you seen this houseplan? http://www.frankbetz.com/homeplans/plan_info.html?pn=3871&vw=3

    It’s a Frank Betz for Southern Living, and also happens to be our houseplan! And, a little bigger than 60 x 40. We love it even though we didn’t plan to live in it; we built it to sell & it never sold. Perfect for our family of four, although if building it again (knowing I would live in it) I would make a few small modifications.

  80. i LOVE the third option. its dream like. homey. sweet. warm. inviting. precious. unassuming. and looks like it would have a really great screened in porch along the back with light strung up from the ceiling.

  81. At least 100 times each day, I think about “not” schooling the girls at home. I create these fabulous ideas about why not to. But, each day, I get up, and just like you put one foot in front of the other and do it.

    And somewhere, in the process, they learn some things. But, I’m learning, over and over again that I’m the learner, too. Mostly, learning that I have so much to learn.

    Praying for you now. That God would give you those precious moment of learning together. And the healing would just keep coming.

  82. The choice of colors look Moroccan. Any developments? In my case, I prefer cedar since it gives a slightly rustic but elegant finish to the exterior. It’s a bit demanding on maintenance, but the look just blows me away.

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