sofa before/after
This poor sofa sat in my dusty basement for ten years at the other house.
I always wanted to reupholster it. But you know, kids and life and laundry and such.
Then when we moved, it allllMOST went to Goodwill.
But instead, I persevered and took it to Wayne at Daniel’s ReUpholstery.
He’s meticulous and cheap and worked a miracle.

It’s a Cinderella story, really.  My dirty tattered old sofa has new life!
Thanks to my sister for helping me pick out fabric.  {I’m not easy to deal with at a fabric store,  this I know!}

Thanks to Sebastian and Sara for picking up my lamp at IKEA.

I used this tutorial to make my chevron pillow.  It was fun and I love it but I will not be making these for Christmas gifts.

I listened to this song at least 15 times while I made my pillow. I listened via my iphone and it kept playing it over and over again. I was too busy cutting stripes to change it and I also happen to love it. Then when I finally changed it, I listened to this song in a continuous loop forever.
Then I listened to them both on my run today and I’ve decided two things: 1) I wanna marry Stevie in January 2) Nothing speaks to my soul like good song writing accompanied by the banjo.
Amen. And amen.

27 comments on “Reupholstered Sofa and a Chevron Pillow”

  1. Love that first song. My brother plays the banjo. I’m wanting Hanson Ellis to give it a try. And then I hear her speaking Chinese and no matter how musically inclined she is, I just can’t see the banjo fitting into the picture:).


  2. you’re #1 cracks me up, i’ve thought the same thing….about marrying my tim of course 😉 is that song not the best?

  3. I love your beautiful coach. The material is perfect!!! I also wanted you to know that first song is now going round and round in my head!!! I love it!!! I plan on loading them onto my phone also! They are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The couch looks fab-u-lous! And that pillow, which is really, really cute, looks like it would take 3 weeks and 4 days to cut it out and sew it up…I’m impressed. I also went and immediately downloaded that entire album – yea! – I’ve been looking for some new tunes. Thanks!

  5. Two things or maybe three. First, that sofa looks amazing.
    Second, I had never heard of the Avett Brothers until Amy at She Wears Many Hats posted about them this week. Third, thanks for sharing the songs. Oh, and fourth? That pillow is even more amazing than the couch. You’re good, girl!

  6. Can you ship me Wayne for a weekend? 🙂

    I have a chair and matching ottoman that really need to be recovered but I have yet to find anyone in my area who will charge me less than the cost to just buy a new set which flies in the face of my recycling nature.

    I love that sofa! It look so grown up but the pops of yellow make it more fun so I wouldn’t worry so much about curling my feet up on it.

    Your pillow is divine. I think I would have nightmares about stripey fabric for weeks if I attempted such a project.

  7. It looks great! I have a couch that is in dire need of the same treatment, but I’m terrified to even get a quote. No idea where to start or what “reasonable” might look like in terms of cost…

  8. are you renewing your vows in January?
    that would be sweet…..

    we’ve talked about doing that…this season in Orlando has been so healing for us..God has done a work in our marriage that we didn’t even realize needed to be done before we moved here….

    love the sofa and especially that pillow. 🙂

  9. Edie, you ROCK!!! I LOVE the Avett Brothers!!! They are my husband and I’s favorite band! Aren’t they awesome???? I knew we were kindred spirits :-).

  10. what a glorious makeover!

    we inherited a totally fab chair from my inlaws that i’m hoping to get over to be re-done…soon!

    i’m at work & can’t open the links to your tunes from this computer. curiosity is killing me. stevie? as in nicks? my fave? will have to pull it up on mine when i get home

    you’re awesome
    oh & ps..i love all the aqua and orange in your header…gorgeous!

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