Reupholstered Sofa and a Chevron Pillow

sofa before/after
This poor sofa sat in my dusty basement for ten years at the other house.
I always wanted to reupholster it. But you know, kids and life and laundry and such.
Then when we moved, it allllMOST went to Goodwill.
But instead, I persevered and took it to Wayne at Daniel’s ReUpholstery.
He’s meticulous and cheap and worked a miracle.

It’s a Cinderella story, really.  My dirty tattered old sofa has new life!
Thanks to my sister for helping me pick out fabric.  {I’m not easy to deal with at a fabric store,  this I know!}

Thanks to Sebastian and Sara for picking up my lamp at IKEA.

I used this tutorial to make my chevron pillow.  It was fun and I love it but I will not be making these for Christmas gifts.

I listened to this song at least 15 times while I made my pillow. I listened via my iphone and it kept playing it over and over again. I was too busy cutting stripes to change it and I also happen to love it. Then when I finally changed it, I listened to this song in a continuous loop forever.
Then I listened to them both on my run today and I’ve decided two things: 1) I wanna marry Stevie in January 2) Nothing speaks to my soul like good song writing accompanied by the banjo.
Amen. And amen.

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