1. I’m taking my cues from Jessica. I love so many things about her but it’s our mutual love for Brett Favre and the Vikings that warms my heart the most.
I wrote on her blog today
“I could almost resort to hanging a poster-sized copy of this on my bedroom wall.”
I’m one of those crazy girls who loves football. And I do have a teeny crush on Brett Favre. {I think Steve has a man-crush on him so I don’t feel so bad.}

We’ll be watching tonight as they take on the Saints.
I’ll probably be knitting and blogging and reading at the same time. But I’ll give it my undivided attention when #4 is on the field.
Go Vikings!  Go Favre!

2. I finished the laptop case. It’s a bah-yoo-tee! Nevermind that I seldom leave the house and so really don’t have much need for a laptop case. That’s beside the point. I think I’ll schedule a mini-excursion just so I can put my laptop in it’s cozy case and travel.

3. The girls and I are reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader.   I’m reading this. Which means we are in C.S. Lewis heaven.  Steve’s already read it and everytime I lay it down, he picks it up and reads a few pages. I think he’s a little jealous.  He always gets jealous when I spend time with Lewis.   He’s dealing with it by reading this. Just call us geeks. Geek is the new cool.

Here’s a quote to tempt you:

“The beauty of the female is the root of joy to the female as well as the male, and it is no accident that the goddess of Love is older and stronger than the god.  To desire the desiring of her own beauty is the vanity of Lilith, but to desire the enjoying of her own beauty is the obedience of Eve, and to both it is in the lover that the beloved tastes her own delightfulness.  As obedience is the stairway of pleasure, so humility is the—-“

Read it one more time.  Consider yourself tempted.

4. I’ve made a few new recipes lately from my favorite cooking magazine “Cuisine at Home”. You must please consider adding this to your cooking arsenal. If you’re like me, you’ll finally get around to buying it two years from now and then frantically try to find all the old issues. It’s that good. Trust me.  Go add it to your ‘to do’ list.  I’ll wait.

5. Before last week, I bet I hadn’t added more than 2 new blogs to my reader in 6 months. I’ve added ten in the last two weeks. I won’t share them all with you now but just out of curiosity, have you found any bloggers that made you go, “Where have I been, under a rock?”  Here’s a couple for your perusal.

like mother like daughter

flowerpatch farmgirl

6.  Since my life has changed so drastically in the last three years,  I’ve come to realize how incurably we insulate ourselves from truth and beauty and goodness.   There are certain things that inevitably bring us closer —–to earth, to home, nearer to Him;  suffering,  regular  communion,  taking care of children, using our own two hands.     And then there are those things that further separate us:  consumerism, success and all those things (even church) that can steal our time away from those we love.  Sadly,  I am feverishly drawn to the latter category at times.    And I’m often bitter and resistant to embrace suffering and my duties to my family.

But sometimes, in the beautiful moments…..

I see it.   The reason He made me and why He is not content to let me live with less.   He loves me and He alone knows what I need.    And perhaps it is That love that will continue to strip away those things which prevent me from seeing truth.

7.  And there’s one more thing.

I’ve discovered the deliciousness which is Nutella.

On a bagle.

It’s almost more wonderful than I can fathom.

Don’t try to talk me out of it.   It’s too late.  I’ve ordered clothing the next size up.

Favre probably likes it too.


40 comments on “On Brett Favre and other things I love……”

  1. I have a couple things to say in response to this post:

    1. I read that Lewis quote long and hard, and I am still not sure what it means. (maybe that’s a good thing?) I generally consider myself pretty capable of understanding, even appreciating deep, theologically-rich text ( I was a religious studies major in college for goodness sake), but I need some more time (or help) with this one.

    2. I am so with you on #6. As recommended by a wise friend, from now on, when I’m going through a challenging and trying situation, I’m going to just repeat to mysel over and over again that it’s “because He loves me” that it is so. Of course I do think my sin can play a part in how I experience hardship, but ultimately I think, it has got to be that God allows it because of His love, right?

    3. Try Nutella on apples. So good.

  2. 1. I have a mild obsession with football as well. But college football. During the season, I must go to games regularly or I get withdrawls.
    2. One of my good friends was just talking about Nutella on her blog. As good as everyone makes it out to be, I just can’t bring myself to try it. I think it has to do with the name- it just sounds funny.

  3. Oh lordy you have gone to the dark side of Nutella!
    You will never be the same.

    There’s a fabulous organic gelatto place close to me that has a “hazelnut chocolate” flavor that is so good I could likely eat a vat of it, but I try to restrict myself to only one scoop. It helps that they provide those cute but tiny little spoons!

    And I am just going to throw this out there..

    wait for it…

    Nutella Smores!

    That’s right, I said it. Now, just try to get that idea out of your head!

  4. Well, I can’t figure out the Lewis quote either. My sons and I are currently reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader too. Love C.S. Lewis.

    Your laptop case looks cozy so you should definitely take it out for a spin.

    Love Cuisine at Home. Lots of good stuff in there.

    Nutella is dreamy on a banana or in homemade crepes. Yum! Now I need to go buy a jar. thank you very much.

  5. I just got goosebumps when I saw the purple and gold on your post! I didn’t know you were a Vikings fan. I now have one more reason to love this blog!

    -From Dani, a former MN girl and loyal Vikings fan. Let’s top the day off with a Viking victory! SKOL VIKINGS!!

  6. hey! it seems i can get in touch with you easier on your blog. . .would this friday or saturday night work for you…..10th or 11th?? if not, the 14th, or the 23rd???
    you can text me at 8659190562 or email me. . . .i’m giving you first dibs on september. . .so just let me know if you don’t care by tomorrow (the 10th)!!!


  7. Are you in MN? My friend Adam is the Viking’s team photographer and it was his photo of Favre that ended up on the cover of USA Today back when he announced he was staying. It’s so fun to see the photos he gets to take. Go Vikings!

  8. who doesn’t have a crush on brett favre? we are so anticipating tonight! football season is my favorite.

    what you said about about the things that push us further away from communion with our Lord made me think of some teaching i heard on Daniel today. we were looking at the fourth verse, i think, and the point was made that so much of our culture’s consumerism and selfishness and emphasis on physical beauty can found in the babylonian philosophy. it was just really interesting.

    finally, the magazine looks great. i’m sure i WILL finally get around to getting it in two years. but, what i love most is the phone number written in the top corner. real life.

  9. Um, try Nutella on a frozen waffle. Toast the waffle first, of course. Heaven!

    I love your laptop case. It’s so cute. I think I need one, but my laptop rarely leaves my house either.

    Cookbook sounds good. I’ll have to add it to my wishlist. 🙂

  10. It’s the first thing my Honey started talking about when he got home (Brett Favre). I have no doubt that’s what we’ll…he’ll be doing tonight:)

    Ooh you made me want Nutella.

    Off to check out your new blog love. Already have a crush on Shannon. She’s one of my favs:)

    Cute laptop case…my favorite colors!

  11. I use to feel that way about Dewight Clark..he was great….guess he’s just another old man now with arthritis!!! Isn’t it wonderful to have our FAther GOD who loves us so and knows better than anybody what we need…my love for HIM grows stronger by the minute…can’t wait to look at the new blogs you found…can’t imagine loving them the way I love reading your posts!!!

  12. oh edie. this post just had me nodding away–starting and ending with a certain mr. brett favre. and then the deliciousness that is nutella (try it with vanilla wafers! my fave for sure!). and then, that beautiful laptop case (could it be green velvet??!!). be still my heart!

  13. I almost choked when I read the end…. nutella, LOL!!! My sisters (we are Italian) could not BELIEVE I had never had nutella before and both confessed to eating it ALONE with a SPOON when they were pregnant (each time, lol). So they bought me some when I was pregnant with Madi. They were shocked an appalled that I had never had it! 🙂

  14. Nutella rocks! I love to eat it on a banana when I need a dessert.

    added the cooking cuisine to my “to do” list. so thanks.

    love flowerpatch farmgirl…and can’t wait to meet the other gal.

    happy knitting and reading and watching football….

  15. Football, not interested.
    CS Lewis – My fav. Love the space trilogy. My 6 yo and I are reading Narnia this year – on Prince Caspian right now. I have a goal in this,my 50th year, to read all cs lewis.
    Nutella – pure genius – chocolate and hazelnut – thank you God!!! I concocted a nutella bread a few years back – use coffee instead of water in your bread dough. After the bread rises roll it out (like cinn. rolls) and spread nutella on (lots). Roll up and either cut into rolls or keep in loaf shape to bake. Serve with or without powdered sugar icing. Yumm! And nutella mixed in vanilla ice cream! Or straight out of the jar…or… but I’m on a low-carb, no sugar diet right now – look what you did!

  16. Love the lap top case, especially the fabrics you picked. I’m bummed the Vikings lost, I blogged the whole time because I was so nervous. To be honest, I didn’t even want them to play him because I was so worried the Saints would try and hurt him again, so even though they lost, I’m SO glad he didn’t get hurt. Thanks for the shout out and I’ll have to check out your new Lewis read. 🙂 Have a good one.

    BTW, I realized the other day that when we’re in N.Y. happens to be when the Vikings play the Jets…so you know what that means! I nearly had a heart attack I got so excited.

  17. i’m a {huge saints fan} lurker . . . but i just had to comment for the first time after i saw the picture of favre! i love your blog . . . and won’t hold it against you that you love the old man! ;O) i was fortunate enough to be in the superdome last night for the game!!

    the laptop cozy . . . so gorgeous!!! i love love love the fabrics!!!

    {and your new kitchen . . . FABULOUS!!!!!!}

  18. I drop by your blog ever so often…thanks for sharing your insights/feelings of our Savior…it’s refreshing.

    Also…sorry it’s taken you so long to discover Nutella. I discovered it years ago when I lived in France and was delighted to find it in the States. It makes anything better. I even saw someone use it to make cookies on the Food Network once…though I haven’t tried it myself yet. It may be dangerous!

  19. This is a record for me. 2 comments in 1 sitting. 🙂

    We’re on a roll here in another way, too: “That Hideous Strength” is another book you don’t hear mentioned very often that I, too, have on my bookshelf. We must read along similar lines!

    Or maybe it’s because we are both homeschoolers. That seems to take the interesting part out of it, somehow. I prefer to think we’re linked in some cosmic bookish way. 🙂

    I also just made a tray of nutella-and-raspberry-jam-sandwiches for a church “sandwich supper.” Consider them “dessert sandwiches.” I just made up that category, I think…

  20. how come i didn’t know you love brett farve or football in general? can i say me too once more?! 🙂 and nutella… white bread, bananas, peanut butter, and nutella… it’s like a sandwich-sized candy bar. only better. 🙂

  21. i just have to say i think its hilarious that our laptop cases are crazy similar! i just whipped on up right before i had to take it on a plane to the creative connection and i used turquoise corduroy, did the flap the same as yours and used a button and elastic closure! great minds… (but mine has a ruffle)

  22. I can’t beleive that I have not found you before…Our love for Brett is so the same…My husband was a football coach for 30 years and we have been Packers, Jets and Vikes….Football will never be the same

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