Caiti brought her boyfriend Cody along……

Taylor brought Morgan……

and of course, Marcus and Katilin joined us…..

My sister hosted our family renunion at her spacious and gorgeous house…..

—where we ate too much of this…..

and got to meet baby Piper!

and got to visit with our out-of-town relatives…..

we ended the night with a bonfire and smores.

and although my kitchen is still not quite done, I did get the old pantry converted to a small half bath. This is my favorite little bathroom in the house. We all fight over it!

23 comments on “4th of July, part 2”

  1. Any coconut cake left? I would almost travel that far to get some good coconut cake and maybe a little peach cobbler. Looks like a grand time was had by all.

    P.S. Love the bathroom.

  2. Well, I would fight over using that adorable bathroom, too! It looks wonderful!
    And the celebration looks like a grand time!! Love coconut cake!


  3. turning the pantry into a half bath was a GREAT idea! I always love to decorate a half bath “over-the-top”…. my last home in Baton Rouge had decoupaged walls from the encyclopedia and a fancy chandelier and we LOVED it! Good luck on the kitchen, it looks beautiful from the pics in your earlier posts!

  4. Yep! Bathrooms are important. I am remembering the time we had to get a half bath done ourselves and the dear floor people cleared a full schedule to come and lay it the very afternoon our Thanksgiving guests all arrived! Whew!
    Love cake and family get together’s !

  5. I hope that you will post the recipe for that cake. Looks yummy! Love your half bath. I would fight over that too.:-) My parents were just at a family reunion in Harrogate. I was feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t go with them. (BooHoo!)

  6. A belated Happy 4th to you, beautiful and brilliant, and oh my goodness, you’re so sweet, too, Edie!!
    PS That bathroom is A-DORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have been reading you for a while…not trying to be mean but your posts have come across very “braggy” and showy…even you bragged about your sisters “spacious” home.

    I am sure you mean well. But, there hasn’t been much “grace” in your writing just “look what I have”.

    something to think about

  8. Edie~ I love these photos of your new home and can’t wait to see your new kitchen.

    It’s been refreshing to read your blog. In fact, I read 3-4 blogs of women in the South and it’s been an eye opener to see how much joy you all get in enjoying what God has given you.

    I live in the Pacific NW and it’s quite a different lifestyle here…I think we are almost afraid to ‘enjoy stuff’, since we have to recycle everything:) (and don’t even get me started on the looks we get in Trader Joes buying food for our family of 6! Like we are robbing the planet!)

    My girls love your blog too 🙂

    Thank you for the bright sunshine every time we visit!

  9. Well, I must say, this post depicts a typical summer holiday weekend in our family. We have been having family reunions since Edie and I were little girls and they have always been the highlight of our family. For most of them, we have traveled to Georgia, where my grandmother lived in a small trailer that wouldn’t begin to hold all of us. Great times were had by all though, no matter the size of the house. Just in the past several years have we had the privilege to enjoy our family in a more “spacious” setting. So, whether you perceive that as “bragging” or not, I think my sister has earned the right to share her story. Growing up in our family was not always easy. My mom, brother, Edie and I, lived in very meager houses or apartments and was blessed more with each other than we were with “stuff”. Today, as grown women and mothers, we are still blessed more with each other and our families than we are of things. We have overcome many obstacles in life to be where we are and only by the “Grace” of God have we succeeded.

    Those of you that have followed this blog over the past few years or know Edie personally, you understand the struggles and pain that my sister has endured as well as the grace she has been blessed with. She is by far the best person on this earth to me and everyone that truly knows her. So please, don’t make harsh comments on this blog. Allow my sister to enjoy her life, whether you see the grace in it or not, there is an abundance.

    Remember the golden rule…”If you cannot say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all.” I have always been a bit protective of my sister, and after 38 years, it hasn’t changed. Love you sis!!

  10. You tell em Sister! I could not have said it better myself…

    Coming from someone who had a really spacious house, now living in a cute little home and much happier!

    Love yuns both

  11. After reading the last comment, I think I figured out what everyone is talking about. Ha Ha! Well, I certainly don’t feel what is said in the comments. I love this blog.

    However, sometimes a wise person will take “criticism” and reflect. It makes us all better. This is very hard times for many people so sometimes with our blessings we may want to “tone” it down for those who are struggling.

    I suppose we can all reflect on our blogs and maybe try to see it with another pair of eyes.

  12. Okay, and now I am adding this: You are like my FAVORITE blogger,like TOTALLY! Hope you don’t let the comments get you down!

    (Oh and sorry about the slang, I was at the Tag Agency today and when we walked out I looked at Mike and said “The 80’s called, they want that ladies hair back.” Ever since then it’s been an 80’s fest around here)

  13. Hi Edie!

    I have been enjoying your blog immensely for some time now. I’m coming out of lurkdom to say hello, and introduce myself.

    (I certainly ain’t shy. I do not know, for the life of me, what has taken me so long…)

    I’m Sheila, and I live in east Tennessee too!!! I’ve home schooled all my kids!! My husband is the full time pastor of a wonderful little church in Knoxville.

    come see me sometime, at

    LOVE your writing on grace! I am a grace-girl through and through and through. I’m not Lutheran, but Luther is one of my heroes! 🙂

    Blessings on you and your sweet family.

  14. 🙂
    it’s the middle of the night and i’ve come to my second favorite physical place on earth. edie, you are perhaps the least pretentious person i know. i’m not your sister, but i feel the same compulsion to protect. grrrr….
    we see what our hearts allow, and what we are looking for. i see grace all over the place here, and especially in real life. your voice sings true here; i read your blog and can actually hear you speaking and see you smiling. you have gifts to share… creativity, baking genius, spirituality, and for me, most of all, critical thinking and inspiration and warmth.
    from one of your many, many fans… please don’t change.

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