There’s a convoluted story behind these griddlecakes and before I give you the recipe—which you most certainly should try—I must tell you the story.

Remember these?
The tacky charming little wooden calendars that everyone had in 1985? You know the one that came with holiday-decorated wooden chips so that you could put an American flag up on July 4th and a pudgy little painted wooden Santa up for Christmas? Surely your mom had one. Perhaps you still do. {My profuse apologies if you love yours. Maybe they are kinda quaint.}    But my sister and I used to ruthlessly poke fun at the one in my mom’s house. And we’d pretend to fight over who would inherit the wooden calendar. Except in true Appalachian style, we’d never say ‘inheritance’—-instead, we’d call it ‘my part’.

I’ve known since I was 10 years old what I wanted ‘my part’ to be so I began campaigning early for the cookbook that my mom used when she made griddlecakes.
I’d fake-fight for the calendar but I’d catfight anybody for the cookbook. My sister was not that attached to it thank goodness. And anyways, I had agreed to relinquish all rights to the calendar? Sacrificial love, ya know. I could make griddlecakes and she could put up the wooden St. Patrick in March.

It was several years ago when my mother officially gave me the cookbook and I remember it vividly. It was like a right of passage. I’m pretty sure I got verklempt. So I keep this very heavy, beautifully bound cookbook in my kitchen as a tribute to my mom and her griddlecakes. Of course, I’ve altered it slightly but it does make the best pancakes ever. And I love that they’re called griddlecakes. Because that makes me think of my mom in a blue terry cloth short set with a hood and  a killer tan standing over a batch of these:

And now for the recipe.

2 cups of all-purpose flour

6 t. of baking powder (yes, 6!)

1 t. salt

2 T. Sugar

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups of milk

3 T. oil

Mix and ladle onto hot ungreased griddle.   Cook until dry around the edges and  golden brown on bottom and then flip and finish cooking.    Enjoy!

31 comments on “Old Fashioned Griddlecakes”

  1. Goodness! With all that baking soda, these cakes should levitate!
    I have the same solemn respect for my grandmother’s (“Nanna”)ancient Betty Crocker cookbook.

    It has all sorts of vanilla stained pages worn edges on favorite recipes along with my Nanna’s own notes in the margin for substitutions. My Nanna is still using it, so I am still saving a spot for it in my kitchen if she ever decides to stop cooking so much- not likely!

  2. I’ll have to try these! My son loves pancakes and he’ll be very pleased if I make him these for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe.

    BTW, I gave you a shout out today for your strawberry dream cake.

  3. I, too, have vivid memories of my mom cooking breakfast for me and my sister. She had a killer tan, but was wearing a matching short set and wearing a fall on her head. You know what a fall is, right? Yeah, she was a beautician. Anyway…I’m going to try these since my 18yo son LOVES pancakes and would eat them for every meal. Thanks for stirring up the memories and a great recipe.

  4. I have this similar recipe, but mine calls for baking powder. So your recipe is made with baking soda, rather than baking powder? Just clarifying is all.

  5. haha..My parents have that calendar! My mom is in heaven now but my Dad still keeps it up! I think it is a part of mom he tries to keep alive. Love your recipies. Will have to try this one on my boys who love pancakes!

  6. Oh I am MAKING these!!!!! I think my mother had the same terry suit, LOL! And I have a terry SUPERSHORT after bath thing I make mine in, LOL LOL LOL! Everyone (baby included) loves pancakes in this house! I’m making them for dinner this week in tribute to you and your mom!
    Oh and THANK YOU for the sneak peak of the dacor range! My heart went pitter patter when I saw it, LOL! I need to stick with a 36 inch (and stick a seperate oven somewhere) but I think I’m going with the dacor as well. I know it’s not officially installed but are you loving it????? 🙂

  7. Now take some of that strawberry freezer jam you just made and melt and pour over these and you are pretty close to heaven!!!

  8. I have got to try these pancakes, I mean, griddlecakes! They look so yummy! I have my eye on a cookbook of my mom’s that I hope will be “my part”. (My mom is from East Tennessee, so I am familiar with the term, “my part”). Thank you for sharing!:-)

  9. I%20have%20got%20to%20try%20these%20pancakes%2C%20I%20mean%2C%20griddlecakes!%20%20They%20look%20so%20yummy!%20%20I%20have%20my%20eye%20on%20a%20cookbook%20of%20my%20mom’s%20that%20I%20hope%20will%20be%20%22my%20part%22.%20%20(My%20mom%20is%20from%20East%20Tennessee%2C%20so%20I%20am%20familiar%20with%20the%20term%2C%20%22my%20part%22).%20%20Thank%20you%20for%20sharing!%3A-)

  10. I do not know what happened to my comment above. So anyway, here I go again.

    I have got to try these pancakes, I mean griddlecakes! They look so yummy! Thank you for sharing and hope there are more recipes out of this cookbook you could share with us.:-)

  11. I have been looking for a great griddlecake/pancake recipe for so long. Most of them have so much ‘stuff’ that it’s all doughy. These look beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing not only the recipe but also the story behind it and why they are so special to you.

  12. Edie! I made your griddlecakes last night for dinner with canadian bacon. They were a major hit with my teenagers!! Usually they tease me about the blogs that I read but now they see the deep necessity of reading inspirational material from the i-net. Thank you for a keeper of a recipe!

  13. The griddlecakes look delicious. My son loves them. He saw the picture and said he wanted them instantly.
    The story behind them is great. I can picture your mom now making those griddlecakes.


  14. You always bring your recipes to life with your words. Love that! Look forward to trying these….I’m still thankful to you for introducing this house to Sriracha. Who knew that would become a staple?? Love when you post recipes. Hope you can get cookin soon in your kitchen.

  15. you totally saved my life today! i’m out of cereal and waffles and can’t buy more til friday (payday). it’s too hot for oatmeal and i really wanted something a little sweet for breakfast (so eggs were out).

    i remembered seeing this post a couple days ago, so i whipped these up and YUM!! the perfect breakfast!

    thanks for sharing! :o)

  16. My kids LOVE pancakes, I can’t wait to try your recipe!

    It is funny what siblings will “fight” over. My mom has two grandfather clocks, one from Germany that my aunt gave her and one that belonged to my great grandparents. Of course I think I need both, unfortunately my brother doesn’t see it that way!

  17. Can I just say YUMMM! We made these yesterday, & all 5 of us had seconds, including my daughter who usually only eats the blueberry jiffy pancakes. Thanks for the best pancakes I have ever eaten!

  18. as you probably know, we make ‘griddlecakes’ every weekend. daddy-o even asked for them last night, and for the first time in my memory, i said no… (it was 10:30ish!!) i hope when mine are big and with their own, they remember me and all of those pancakes i’ve made… i’ll have to try your recipe! xo

  19. I made these for my family over the weekend….super, fantastic, the best I have ever had. Who would have thought to put all of that baking powder…. thank you so much for sharing and I pray for you and your family daily. May God provide you with the strength and wisdom to lead your family into times of simplicity but fufillment. Tara

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  23. Just made these for breakfast. The first batch I forgot the eggs, they were super thick. The second batch I put the eggs in and they were super runny. I had to add extra flour. Not sure if I over mixed the second batch or what. But everyone loved them. They do seem to take a bit longer to cook.

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