And Summer, dear summer, hath years of June

With large white clouds, and cool showers at noon:

And a beauty that grows to a weight like grief,

Till a burst of tears is the heart’s relief.

George McDonald
















we are living summer to the fullest!
i’m reading lots of curriculum stuff to get ready for school—it’s gonna be a great year!!
my kitchen is sooooo almost there.
we’re going to houston/galveston soon so i need your advice on fun stuff to do with kids.
i jumped in the lake with my dress on.
my other house (with the turquoise kitchen) sold after being on the market for less than 3 weeks.
communion is by far my favorite meal of the week.
june is too short.
you are awesome.
life is good.

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  1. June has been SUCH a busy month, but FUN FUN FUN for us too!!!! That picture of you in the lake – at first I thought that was a snake behind you and then I realized it was the rope handle!!! My heart rate actually increased!!!! ha ha!!! Your kitchen looks great!!!

  2. Great pictures!! Now send some of your house-selling mojo to me…
    when are you going to galveston? I’m taking my kiddos at the end of July – fun!

  3. So glad you are having such a wonderful summer! I loved seeing all the great pictures. Your kitchen is looking amazing! OMG love that stove…Hey are you skiing on one ski yet? Love ya! xxoo

  4. fun stuff in houston/galveston. well, i live here and I’m always asking the same questions πŸ™‚ schlitterbahn in galveston is fun. big waterpark great for all ages. moody gardens is cool too. really neat butterfly exhibit. there are free outdoor concerts at miller outdoor theater, but that’s more in Houston and not Galveston. a drive depending on where you’re staying. Have Fun!

  5. Love love LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing! The kitchen is looking FANTASTIC!!! And BRAVO the house sold! I’m having major anxiety about getting ours ready. Can you say CLEANING OUT? LOL!
    Ok of course I can’t leave a comment without asking you a question! πŸ™‚ Do children have to “make their communion” (Like Catholic church) or can they just participate at a certain age or when they are old enough to know what it is?
    Ps- you look GREAT (not that you didn’t before, lol) lake life definately agrees with you! πŸ™‚

  6. one more thing, LOL (I’m doing it again, I think I actually have posted a few times WITHOUT forgetting something!) Are your drawers 24″ or 27″ I just measured the kitchen yesterday and making adjustments and trying to figure out what I’m putting there (the kitchen designers just LOVE me, NOT, lol). I’m not sure if I have told you this (I’m sure I did, lol) but my kitchen is very similiar in layout where your windows are, I have doorways! πŸ™‚

  7. Used to live in Clear Lake…saw someone already posted about schlitterbahn. The one in New Braunfels is wonderful if you have a car and can go there. Also NASA was interesting for my kids. Kemah boardwalk has restaurants, rides and fun to watch to boats go out to the bay.

  8. Woohooo Galveston and Houston! In Houston, totally make time to visit the Natural History Museum (splurge on one of the IMAX shows too!)and the surrounding gardens. LOVE IT! In Galveston, we always enjoy the old downtown and you can go have drinks (you and the hubs) at the Tremont Hotel. GORGEOUS. I also like Croix restaurant – nice place with real linens where you can show up in flipflops. Awesome food! (They also tell you all the ghost stories of Galveston – which is another fun thing, the Ghost Tour!) For beaches, i highly recommend the West End side of the beach – less folks, but no good place to eat. So bring a nice picnic and lots to drink! Enjoy my hometown!!!

  9. Oh! Places to eat in Houston – because, HELLO! YUM YUM! My favorite low key place is Paulies (huge portions, best rissotto I have ever had in my life…you can wear you flip-flops here too! Also LOVE NIKO-NIKOS – greek yumminess. You can order their sampler and it feeds three. Parking is a pain, but worth it.) The zoo really rocks too – its next door to the Natural History Museum and the gardens…so you could totally do an all day thing. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Houston and Galveston…

  10. Edie! Not only are you having a fun summer, you are having a beautiful summer! Are you a Texas girl? I thought all this time you were in California??? Anyway, the kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I love all the white! It is so funny, we bought a house last July (it will be a year on the 4th that we have been here) and before buying this house we rented for 3 years. It was a hard 3 years, but the years were for great reason! We had our third baby in that house, our one and only girl!!! Also, we were walking in faith and obedience to Christ and his leading, we didn’t really understand why he was leading us to rent, we just followed. Long story short, when we moved there, no one in our culldesac knew Jesus Christ, I mean NO ONE!!! So, for three years, we lived real life in front of them. They saw Jesus everyday in my 5 and 3 year olds! The boys would stand in the middle of the street and sing “I’m Following JESUS!” When we moved, I cried, I just didn’t know who would show these people God’s love anymore, who would care for them and love them like Jesus? Since moving 2 families have split up and 2 families have moved. It is sad, but I know that on the other side of Heaven it will all come together! I don’t know why on earth I told you that story? Sorry! Okay, I know why I told you that story, so when we moved here to this house I had not shopped for furniture in 7 years (My hubby is a coach and we are on one sallary…so we do not have a money tree, or believe in debt)!!! It took me a while to learn what I liked again, I love our home and I love rearranging and sewing and making it beautiful…someday I will send you pictures!!! I went with a lot of black furniture and brown sectional…BUT now I am seeing all this white and blue! I am so confused decorationally (is that a word?) I would like to lighten it up in here, but I just don’t know how! Edie, I will stop…I am sorry this is so long! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh Edie…pictures really do say a thousand words. You are having a fabulous summer…and making glorious memories!

    Love the sunset picture!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! Is that a little paint I see above your stove? Please do share color choices when you decide…trying to decide on a color for my kitchen…wish I had a fresh palate to work with but I will be content and work with what I’ve got…it’s just that I’m in color purgatory here! πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow! Your summer looks like it’s full and exciting! Wish I lived on a lake like you. That certainly helps give you plenty to do at a moments notice. The tranquility of it must be so nice. I was curious, did you have to repaint your turquoise cabinets before selling your house? You know so many people have to neutralize their homes before selling. I was just curious. That’s wonderful news to hear that you sold it so quickly! You’ve VERY lucky in this economy!! Your new kitchen is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  13. longtime blogstalker…

    you have to eat at the sunflower bakery and cafe if you’re in galveston:
    1527 Church Street Galveston, TX 77550(409) 763-5500

    and if you like tex-mex try mi abeultias:
    1728 45th Street Galveston, TX 77550-6541 (409) 621-1616

  14. longtime blogstalker…

    you have to eat at the sunflower bakery and cafe if you’re in galveston:
    1527 Church Street Galveston, TX 77550(409) 763-5500

    and if you like tex-mex try mi abeultias:
    1728 45th Street Galveston, TX 77550-6541 (409) 621-1616

  15. First time commenting.
    Cannot wait to see your kitchen when it is all done.
    Looks like you guys are having a great summer.
    Have fun!

  16. Like others have suggested we think the Natural History Museum is great. It has (I think)the best gem and mineral collection in the country (better than the smithsonian). We paid for the special exhibit also and thought it was worth it.

    In Galveston there is an offshore oil drill rig museum that is fascinating as well as a park called Sea Wolf park where you can fish or play and there is also an old submarine and Destroyer you can tour.

    We also enjoyed battleground park and museum in Houston. THere is a huge battleship you can tour and some swampy areas where you can walk and fish. There is a monument there that is taller than the Washington Monument (but we thought it was a waste of money to ride to the top.) It is the cite where Santa Ana was defeated by Sam Houston, if you’re into that sort of history stuff.

  17. i will bury the cabinet issue after this comment.

    if that women who bought my, i mean your house, ever paints those cabinets don’t you tell me. if she does, you tell her to take it to her grave and go bury her camera out back.

    i have nothing to tell you in regards to houston other than if you’re flying watch your bags! they like to play hide and seek with your luggage. and they do a good job. ahem new jersey? no houston, I came to houston? however since everything is bigger in texas here’s to hoping you have a grand ole time!

    glad june has been good to you! your blog is always a treat!

  18. Moody Gardens, NASA, ride the ferry, shop the sweet little downtown area, tour historic homes (the ones that have recovered from the hurricane two years ago), eat on one of the piers…. Also, if you take the ferry, the beaches on Crystal Island are much less crowded and much bigger–sandier–beachier. Contact me if you need help. My family had a beach house there before the hurricane.

  19. Looks like you guys are having a ball. And I must say…I am a bit jealous of all of the lake living. What fun! I have those same flip flops. πŸ˜‰ And the swim team pics…takes me back. I loved being on the swim team in school.

  20. love that shot of his hand in hers, and that sunset, or course. it’s crazy this time of year, isn’t it? can’t wait for swim meet tomorrow, only so i can chat with you!! πŸ™‚

  21. Hello Edie,

    What a glorious summer!

    Anxiously awaiting to hear your curriculum choices and reviews…. in detail, PLEASE! My Mr. and I attended CCLE and a blessing it was! …forget Brad Pitt and the likes, I was star-struck by Dr. Gene Veith and Dr. Stephen Hein!!!

  22. What a fun time you are having! I love summer! Time for crepes for breakfast and late nights reading with the girls. Husband is traveling. Thanks for sharing slivers of the fun you are having! Wishing we had a lake outside or door too.

  23. Edie,

    Love your blog! Been lurking around it awhile, until I see you’re headed to H-town – my neck of the woods. Though I’m formerly a southeastern girl, as you are if I read you right.

    Ditto the above thoughts about the Museums, zoo, etc. in Houston, and the Battleship Texas/San Jacinto monument (you can see them both in one fell swoop – the little movie at the monument is good history stuff, and you can also watch HUGE ships moving in and out of the channel). Check online for cool stuff to do right in downtown Houston.

    My off-the-wall recs for Houston are The Orange Show and Forbidden Gardens, which is on the WAY other side of the Houston from Galveston. But Forbidden Gardens is something you won’t see in just any city. It’s a *complete* replica of the Qin’s Tomb archaeological site in China. All 6000 terra cotta soldiers (in 1/3 scale) were each made individually in China, and are all unique. There is also a mock-up of the Forbidden City where the Imperial family lived for centuries. It is definitely worth the trip. This is a place built by a wealthy Chinese immigrant who wanted his kids to be able to see some of their heritage first-hand. So don’t expect sleek and sophisticated, but something that feels handmade. (They’ve had trouble, too, with nearby teenagers trespassing and busting the little soldiers – grrrr.) It gets mixed reviews online – people seem to either love it or hate it. But we found it to be impressive and, I guess, touching. Check the website for info and hours, and do call before you go to make sure they haven’t closed for weather; it makes no sense for them to be open when it’s raining. I have no financial interest in this attraction, just awe at what one man attempted to do.

    On the Galveston side of town, Kemah boardwalk is fun. Check out the tall ship Elissa. Find beaches that are off the main drag – you’ll enjoy them more. Space Center Houston is OK, but my recollections are that the one in Huntsville, AL, is better.

    Restaurants – 100% Taquitos, Niko-Nikos, El Rey taqueria. Saltgrass is a chain, but we’ve always enjoyed it. Can’t vote for Galveston eateries, as I don’t know them well.

    Sorry for length – hope you have fun here!

  24. Your photographs of June really do remind me of wonderful summer memories!!

    What I see of your kitchen is lovely and the pancakes made me hungry!

    Have a wonderful day :O)

  25. I totally agree about June being too short. I want to scream and cry just thinking about it already being July 1st!!

    Your kitchen is beautiful…let’s see those before’s and after’s when you get a second.

    I am totally living this summer up too…life is so great, being a homeschool mom is the best! If I had to send them back in 3+ weeks, I’d be so sad!!

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to.:)

  26. i just love the comment- communion is by far my favorite meal of the week- i felt my heart flutter reading that. just wonderful. thanks for that moment and a great quote for my quote book. πŸ™‚

  27. The kitchen is lovely!!

    Houston/Galveston info.. if you hit the museums, this restaurant is not far from Museum district. Amazon Grill, you can order table top smores, fun & yum. It is close to a shopping area called Rice Village (Near Rice University, pretty campus) Cute/fun/ unique shops with more good food. Houston has good food. I will keep thinking….
    come to my house and paint something torquoise, Ha!

    Amazon Grill
    5114 Kirby Drive
    Houston, Texas 77098

  28. Dudette…yo, yo, yo….whazzup!?!?!?! Looks like ya’ll are having a blast at your new lake house and that is AWESOME! So is your KITCHEN!





    OH!!! Pop-N-Fresh Dough! (sorry, that’s the first phrase that popped–ha-pun–into my head to rhyme with OH!!!)

    I pray that you continue to have a blessed summer and enjoy your trip to Texas. I love Texas! Almost moved there!!!!


  29. Just found your site for the first time today. What a blessing to read through some of your posts – like a breath of fresh air!

  30. Congrats on selling your turquoise kitchen house so quickly. You’ve inspired me to paint my cabinets turquoise as well. My husband and I have started a house blog ( only because of my obsession with turquoise cabinets! So thank you and God bless you and your family. Love the new kitchen/house. God is wonderful about giving us our heart’s desire!

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