So, here’s where we stand:
1. The countertops came in on Thursday and they are seven kinds of wonderful. Crisp, clean white quartz (the color ‘snow white’ from Zodiac). I wanted to snuggle up on them and have a sleepover. I missed them during the night. They’re amazing.
2. Before the dust could clear from the installer’s truck leaving, I had snipped fresh hydrangeas  from my yard and placed them gingerly on the lovely snow white.
3. My Rohl country bridge faucet is a work of art. Elegant lines, strong sleek construction and simple functionality.
4. My white subway tile backsplash is being installed today and Monday. My open shelves that will span the windows won’t be ready for a week or so and my Dacor hood will be delivered this Friday. OH, and the lighting, which is the absolute most important accessory, is being installed next week. We are so close.
5. I would love to show you more pics but it’s like trying on a prom dress and then remembering that you have tennis shoes on and haven’t washed your hair in three days. The dress is beautiful but the whole package is a little wonky.  So, bear with us while we (the kitchen and I) wait for the crucial pieces to fall into place.

Happy Weekend!

Post Edit: Y’all are so funny! So I’m posting one more pic—which shows that my sink is not totally done–out of gratitude for how you make me laugh.
Enjoy this comment from Elizabeth Highsmith, who often makes my day with her kind and generous and witty remarks:

i love you because you used the word wonky
however, lovely that snow white and her pink hydrangeas are, i can’t i just can’t
do it, i cannot fall in love with your new kitchen
for better or worse so help me Jesus I will not cheat on your turquoise kitchen.

p.s can’t wait for the big reveal!


Ok, now that’s IT! No more looking at me in tennis shoes and a prom dress.

39 comments on “I think I’m in love”

  1. You must be in heaven just to have the sink in and functioning! That faucet is a work of art- I totally agree with you.
    It makes me think that you need to lift your pinky just so when you lift those dainty hot or cold levers.



  3. i love you because you used the word wonky
    however, lovely that snow white and her pink hydrangeas are, i can’t i just can’t
    do it, i cannot fall in love with your new kitchen
    for better or worse so help me Jesus I will not cheat on your turquoise kitchen.

    p.s can’t wait for the big reveal!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, I can see why you are in love, and I’ve only seen this one pic. It is very, very loveable! Can’t wait to see more!


  5. Oh you’re killing me. I so want to see it all, especially after getting teased w/ that lovely picture…can’t wait. BTW, I wish we could grow hydrangeas in AZ. I don’t think we can but maybe for a short time in the winter. I’ll have to check on it because they are SO gorgeous.

  6. Love the prom dress with the tennis shoes so far! So fresh and clean and PURE–just like a prom queen should be! Can’t wait to see it all gussied up. You done good.

    …and I use the word “wonky” all the time. Don’t know why some people don’t understand it…. like DH 🙂

  7. That is so beautiful and I am so jealous. Not only because I’d like to rip up my own kitchen but the color white. I personally and such a messy cook I can picture myself spilling red sauce on the new pristine countertops. Is it stain resistant? The faucet by the way is stunning, great job. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  8. That was to cute!! I have to tell you I feel the same way. LOVE the old kitchen. That being said, I can not WAIT to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve! 😉

  9. LOVE YOUR FAUCET!!! I want silver so badly, but we are slobs and it will always look dirty, lol. I either need to get with it or pick oil rubbed bronze or black!
    Cannot WAIT to see the rest!! YAY! 🙂

  10. Edie, you da bomb… 🙂 I couldn’t click on the link fast enough to see the kitchen. Can’t wait, you must take waaayyy too many when you are done, or at least after you ‘have your hair done for the prom’… Please don’t make us wait till you arrive at the occasion for the formal picts. 🙂

  11. Beautiful. So clean and fresh looking. All your color accessories are gonna ‘pop’ with that fresh white background. I don’t know about the sleepover on the countertops, though…

  12. I LOVE that comment from Elizabeth…I laughed out loud at the computer…..hilarious.

    I LOVE your new kitchen….it’s absolutely beautiful…I can see a bright colored piece of art in the background a lamp that I love.


  13. she’s so funny, edie! 🙂 made me laugh. laugh, too, because i can’t imagine you, all full of color, in a white kitchen. just sayin’. but ya know, the white will allow all the other colors to pop… here’s to new takes on life! 🙂

  14. I just had to come by and see your new ‘counter top’.. it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.. ‘pure white’ and so beautiful.. almost makes me cringe to think it might get tea or coffee, not to mention wine on it!…
    I’ll be back to see the next phase.

  15. i’m pretty sure I’m in “lust” with the countertops….I would totally rub my face and lips on those. (they just looks so smooth and soft). Loving the look so far edie!!! 🙂

  16. i’m%20pretty%20sure%20I’m%20in%20%22lust%22%20with%20the%20countertops….I%20would%20totally%20rub%20my%20face%20and%20lips%20on%20those.%20%20(they%20just%20looks%20so%20smooth%20and%20soft).%20%20Loving%20the%20look%20so%20far%20edie!!!%20%20%3A)

  17. Oh, that is one beautiful hunk-o-quartz. I’ve enjoyed the same Ikea sink for 3 years now… it’s still a piece of art in my eyes. Even though it’s just a teensy part, the place seems to be looking quite sunny and fresh! Yay!


  18. when i get to do another kitchen someday….it will be either ALL white like you or black cabinets. one or the other.
    but most likely….all white. 🙂
    can’t wait to see it all.

  19. I have a similarly-lined faucet from Whitehaus – and it, too, makes my heart pitter patter. what is it about an elegantly-designing faucet that just SINGS???

    It’s beautiful. Eager for the reveal!

  20. Im so excited for you… and cant wait to see the pics.. on another note.. did you ever decide what to do about how the space transitions into the kitchen from the living room/family room??? Just wondering

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