as waves of change crash in on us

you stand tall and strong and sure.

my knees buckle, i fear i’m losing my way.

and yet you set your eyes firmly ahead,

never flinching, just as steady as the sun rising.

gentle yet fierce,

tender but never weak,

strong like an oak and wise like your Father.

i have never known anyone quite like you,

with a heart easily touched and sometimes broken

but never wavering.

i see Him in you and am thankful.

and i know that you will carry me until the storm passes

and all will be well.

you have made a safe place for us to grow and play and love.

watching you father is one of life’s sweet joys

and our children are blessed beyond measure.

happy father’s day.

we love you.

14 comments on “happy father’s day”

  1. Edie!
    What a sweet sweet tribute to your handsome MAN!
    Your raw words sent chills over me.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    You have encouraged me to reach deeper this day.
    Thank you.

  2. I was excited to come to your blog to see what you would write because I always just ADORE what you write about your husband…and once again, this is simply beautiful!

  3. ok…don’t laugh, but did you write that yourself? You are gifted girl. that is so precious and with your permission, I’d love to share it with my Man someday. He is everything you said about your Guy and more…(to me)

    I just adore you.

    By the way, thank you …more than words can say…for the special jar of strawberries that arrived at my house while I was away at the beach. What a precious surprise to come home to. The small things are such the BIG things to me!

    Something special coming your way. Hope you love it.

    Wait for it!

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