~We bought some training skis (that are connected together and require an adult to hold the other end of the rope) and Emme got up on her 2nd try.   I yelled and squealed like a school girl.   Steve took Taylor and his friends (on the regular skis) and everyone had a blast.

~We took some lemon bars over to our new neighbors and got a peek into their wonderful place.    She has an unbelievable gourmet kitchen and some of the exact same cookware and bowls that I have.    She’s also working on a DIY glass mosaic table top on her amazing screened-in back porch that overlooks the lake.   I think she’s my new BFF.   Our neighbors’ on the other side have this awesome double decker dock with a diving board and a rope swing.   We happen to know these sweet people because he was the OB doctor who delivered Elea.    Our kids are in heaven!

~And last but not least, we went to our friend Lacey’s graduation party.   Her dear mom, Kimmie, was our nanny when the girls were little and became a dear friend of our family.  We love them all and were thrilled to spend some time together.   Congratulations Lacey!


~And now, it’s Monday morning and my mom is headed over to help me test the girls.   We’re using the California Achievement Tests for the 2nd year in a row.   I’m ambivalent about testing them for a whole host of reasons but we’re doing it and for some reason, they actually like taking the tests.

~We then have a busy week preparing for dance recital on Saturday.   The girls are in ballet, jazz, irish, tap, lyrical and hip hop.    It should be a long and wonderful week.

Hope your weekend was lovely!

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  1. oh you’ve been posting lots and i missed it! 😐
    lacey is all beautifully grown up and looks just like her mom!
    wtg to emme! {how did you do??}

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