I’ve been keeping things from you and I apologize profusely. But I knew you’d be jealous.

I have a dumpster.

There, I said it.

I rented one for the move and I’ve never been happier with a rented item.  I’m giddy about it.   And to celebrate my sheer joy, my friends Kelly and Denise went dumpster diving with me.   And tried to pull out some old fabric.  But I put my foot down and made them come shop at the actual yard sale.

Which you should have attended, by the way.  When you move into a house with at least 4 less rooms, things must be purged.
And if you didn’t happen to make it to the  sale—you missed out. Because everything was negotiable. Even the small children.
Everything except the pressure cooker, that is.

Nick marked the $15 Walmart pressure cooker at a whopping $100.   It was a conversation piece.   Here’s a sampling of the many people who asked about the cooker.

Random Yard Sale Attendee:   “Do you mean to price that cooker at $100?”

Nick:  “Yep.”

RYA:  “Is there something special about it?”

Nick:    “Not really.”

Turns out, Nick is an aspiring chef and wanted to keep the cooker for himself.   We told him to just take it out of the sale and keep it but he insisted that, for the right price, he’d sell it.   At the end of the day, he let his guard down and offered to take $40 for it.  The woman laughed and said,  “You can just keep it then.”    He was happy to see that absolutely NOONE was tempted by the world’s most expensive pressure cooker.    We laughed all day about it.
Then there was the scary pumpkin/shoe display.

I walk into the garage and overhear this:

Daniel:  “Why is that scary pumpkin with the really tall legs wearing a top hat and eating paper?”

Nick:  “I don’t know but I think that’s why the shoes aren’t selling, man.   We should move the pumpkin.”

{{{Backstory:  The teens were in charge of the yard sale and got to keep half the proceeds from the things they sold.   They were highly motivated workers.  Nick and Daniel (Steve’s nephew) on the lower garage and CAiti on the upper garage.   The boys worked hard to set their garage up like a department store with a veritable sporting goods’ section.  It was priceless.}}}}
The boys worked hard and seldom did I see this when I went downstairs. But I love the cat ears head band Nick. And the price tags.
And CAiti was busy all day too—-negotiating, chitty chatting and watching lots of our pretty things go bye-bye.
I was so happy to sell both of our extra refrigerators.   I called my favorite appliance delivery boys to  load that baby up for  the happy new owners.  I’m sure Stevie and brother Jeff were thrilled to be interrupted in their fishing excursion to help—-but they really did  deliver appliances for their dad’s store back in the day.   It was all so vintage.  I’m just sayin’.
It was a great day and fun was had money was made by all.    I love these guys.
Of course, since we were so lucky to have brother Jeff, Daniel and Grandpa Eddie visiting, we had to squeeze in a little lake fun!
We live on a peninsula, with our house on the ‘main channel’ side and our dock on the ‘cove side’. Our 4-wheeler will make the trek down to the boat a little easier on the 40 somethings.
They were such good sports to put up with our busy schedule this weekend and our beastly mammoth, Hank. Hank thinks he’s died and gone to heaven. He swims and chases ducks all day.
We were sad to see our family  go today. We made them promise to come back down soon.   {Thanks so much for making the long journey down—we love you guys!!!}
I leave you with one more pathetic peak into my house. I’ve been meaning to clip some wisteria from our road and put it on the mantle but I’m so exhausted that by the time I remember to go clip some, I’m too tired. You can see more unedited pics  from the weekend and from the house on my flickr stream.

And I’m gonna go collapse in a heap.

Love to you!

26 comments on “Dumpster Divin’ Yard Sale-in’ and Lake Livin’ aka the longest post known to man”

  1. What a beautiful piece of property you have… looks like Heaven to this gardener. And wow, you must have had some pretty great stuff because I have never seen so much green after a garage sale! Congrats.

  2. Congrats on the yard sale success. If I lived closer I would have been there for sure! ;>
    One thought… I’m loving the fireplace pic but I’m sad that we don’t have matching fireplaces anymore. Oh well, I guess that gorgeous lake view made it worth the trade!
    God’s blessings sis,
    Sarah 😀

  3. Edie, I love me a good dumpster too! No lie, I thought I’d be the only one who got such a charge out of decluttering!
    God bless you and get some rest.

  4. A DUMPSTER, I love it!! Last year my BIL got my sister a dumpster for a WEEK and the rest of us sisters (there are 4 of us altogether) were like a bunch of hens squawking about!! We were all jealous and went on and on about it! You would have thought he bought her a pair of Oprah earrings and a Bentley!! Glad to know we aren’t the only weird ones!!! LOL! And I hear you, I have been on clear out mode for months now, slowly but surely…….
    We cleared our “circle” part of the driveway today. We meaning dh and I!! I am trying to post about it, but I am so exhausted I’m not sure if I can keep typing!! 🙂
    Love all the pics and can’t wait to see more of your new beautiful home! LOVE the front! 🙂

  5. Edie, you are so blessed to have such adorable kids. I love the pictures you post with them, and the one with the fist full of dollars is priceless.

  6. great photos – glad to hear you had lots of sales over the weekend. where did you get that fantastic artwork above the mantle? this was the theme for the wedding at good friends of mine and this would be a wonderful gift for them for their next anniversary!

  7. I made it through the longest post known to man! However, I’m still a little confused, this is the house you are moving away from? It’s gorgeous! With dock and everything! Your family is beautiful.

  8. What cute photos of the family! I was a bit worried at first that you actually HAD gone dumpster diving. 🙂 When in high school the store where I worked had some ladies “diving” in the dumpster out back – one was seriously hurt by some trash in the dumpster – she was all upset with our store for putting the garbage in there. lol. Oh, and your house pics are beautiful!

  9. I love the photos of the new house, beautiful views! So excited for ya’ll! Hate that we missed the yard sale, I’m sure I could have found some treasures! Enjoy this newest adventure!

  10. Edie,

    I’m befuddled by your move, but only because I had no idea that you were planning on it. I was used to seeing you decorate different rooms and making things just your own, and then poof… new house! I can see exactly why you’d move to the lake in your beautiful, new home though. It is amazing! I look forward to seeing what you do to this one. Did you move far from your old home? I haven’t been able to read your blog in the past month due to my own move, so I wasn’t sure.

    Be blessed in your new home,

  11. Oh great- now I have to write a post so my blog is current! HA! Had a blast at your sale and can’t wait to pick up the famous Edie piece I was so lucky to score! Maybe my post should be on your stuff! Love the lake house! Can’t wait to stop by and visit!

  12. I would have loved to be there but I think RI to Tenn is quite the long trip for a yard sale. We were at our homeschool convention this weekend, too. It just wouldn’t work out. Glad to see you had such a success.

    Looks like fun times were had by all this weekend.


  13. Hi Edie! Love the dumpster pic! Isn’t having a yard sale exhausting?? I love the pumpkin and the pressure cooker story 🙂 Did you get my email abt a guest post next week for Mothers Day? I just wanted to check in..

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  14. I am finally able to catch up a bit with my long, lost friends. I’m glad that I made it to your yard sale and have already filled the pots with lovely plants. Dumpster diving may have been the highlight of my month. 😉 Wow! Your lake view is fabulous! Maybe we’ll meet up with you on the water one of these days. 🙂

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