I know it’s somewhat necessary when you’re moving but I really don’t enjoy packing up my stuff.  Books should be on book shelves.   I’ve got three or four large baskets of books already that I’m sure I can’t live without until the move is done.   When exactly do I think I’ll have time to read anyways?  Thanks to my sister and her gracious help this weekend,  my schoolroom/garage is almost packed.    Almost because we still have to do school during the move.
And then there’s the brainstorming for the kitchen redo at the lake house.   Number one design problem:  two full size windows right in the middle of the kitchen.  We have decided to leave existing walls and windows as they are, by the way.  My solutions so far are as follows:

1.  Expand the island space an additional 2-3 feet and do away with the ‘breakfast room’.  The island will be a wonderful shade of island blue (similar to my current kitchen but toned down a bit) with white quartz countertops and seating for four.

2.  Extend the cabinets on the back wall to nearly fill the space between the windows—that space will have a gas cooktop and a hood in the center of it and the upper cabs will go to the ceiling.  The cabs on that wall will be a creamy white.

3.  The side wall will have a counter depth frig  and double ovens and a coffee center with cabs to the ceiling to maximize storage.

4.  I’m considering a pantry style cabinet in the left corner of the room.

5.  Other features:  remove the existing light and add recessed can lighting throughout  and three pendant lights over the island,  apron front sink in the island,  possibly adding simple shelving (glass maybe) over part of the windows in which to store pretty items and to help tie the windows in with the rest of the kitchen,  add tile work where possible under the upper cabs.


So, here are my questions for you. Can you think of other ways to make the existing windows feel more a part of the room?   Would you paint the railing (I’m not crazy about the railing) or maybe just stain it darker?  None of the things I mentioned are set in stone YET so tell me your thoughts.  I’m all ears.  But hurry ’cause I will be ordering cabinets, countertops and appliances soon.  And don’t worry, the existing cabinetry including the island will be used in other parts of the house.

I’m really excited about this move and if our first boat ride is any indication, it’s gonna be a wild ride.  I’m holding on.  Emme’s praying.

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  1. so exciting! i love your ideas. i think extending the cabinets on that wall will make a big difference. they look a little small and floating as they are.

    can’t wait to see what you do. you always have great ideas. (yes i’m up at 8:17 am. I KNOW!)

  2. From a professional’s opinion, you’re headed in the right direction! Definitely extend that island – make it big so you can have additional barstools…I would consider using that empty space(breakfast nook)for pantry…I did something similar in a clients kitchen where we used cabinets that could house all their needs! I’m sure it will be beautiful when you are done!!!

  3. I think once you extend/add cabinets you will find that the widows, when they are more *boxed in) will feel more like a part of the room. I would paint the railing black. LOVE the look and it sure does cut down on the handprints and dirt that go along with having white railing!


  4. Edie–That kitchen has great potential. I love a 3 wall-ed kitchen! My island is my favorite part of my kitchen. I think you need one the size of mine. My custom cabinet guy is awesome & lives in your neck of the woods. I can give you info if you need it. You can see a glimpse of mine here http://lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.blogspot.com/2009/12/welcome-to-my-house-im-so-glad-to-be.html

    Or, since we’re FB friends, you can see a few more in my “Our House” Album.
    Also, if it were me, I’d paint the top of the railing black, but I’m not sure if that’s your style. (Maybe a weathered white?)

    Sorry to write a book here. These are just my humble opinions 🙂

  5. That pic of your daughter praying is so cute! Regarding your kitchen I’ve got nothin’ but I would stain the railing a darker colour and leave the spindles white. You are going to have so much fun doing this kitchen and I’m glad you’re taking us along for the ride.

  6. First of all – WOW – what a great space!

    I’m so pleased to know you are moving the stove to allow more space on either side of it. I don’t know what genius decided it was a good idea to plan too little counter space by the stove, but it is a very common problem. I’m also glad you aren’t touching the windows. Good call!

    For the pantry, I’d suggest a freestanding piece. It’s nice to have furniture in your kitchen. I designed one for mine (think giant jelly cupboard finished to look old) and I love it. Plus, I can use it in another room if I ever decide to do such a thing, or take it with me if we ever decide to move.

    The darker you paint the railings, the more they will disappear. (That’s why screens are black and not white — easier to see through.)

    Had many sleepless nights thinking of all this fun stuff?

  7. Do you HAVE to have the railing at all? Is it a huge drop-off, and will anyone fall? If not, I’d remove it and open up the space more, visually. That’s just me, though. I personally prefer “unbroken” site lines…Whatever you do, it’s going to be FUN!!

  8. love the kitchen layout! Definitely paint the railing either white or black depending on what you do with the other colors. I love the windows in the kitchen! I think they have HUGE potential, but your right about expanding the cabinets and counters on the back. That’s a must to gain more counter space.

  9. Is it possible to remove the railing and just put a low banquette type seating there? Something with shelves for baskets underneath and a cushion on top? Can’t tell from that angle if the space is too narrow.

  10. LOVE your ideas!! I think you should use a piece of furniture for the pantry…I love the look of furniture pieces you wouldn’t expect to use in a kitchen. And I think the windows will look a lot better once the walls around them are not as prominent!

    I’m so jealous you get to design a new kitchen – I’m dying to do something with mine too!

  11. How about taking the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, and running the same crown molding along the tops of the cabinets as in the rest of the room to tie it all together? As for the left-corner pantry, consider upper and lower cabinets with more countertop space, if your expanded island will allow. It might be helpful to have a place for items to land, if the island is too far away. Tie in the window between the pantry and new stove wall with a built in seat under the window, with storage for books! All the cabinetry can be tied in together with trim.

  12. SO excited for you! How about removing the railing and making it a railing-height wall encased in beadboard … you could put bookshelves shelves on the kitchen side and on the living room side hang family photos above the couch or chairs? One other thought: if there is enough room on the kitchen side, maybe build in a bench seat with the beadboard and then put a farm table?
    Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see 🙂 Congratulations on your new abode!

  13. Hi Edie – everything you do is absolutely magical and I am sure when you get this kitchen finished it will be wonderful. You will love living on the lake, I think the railing should be white and if yo do not like it then you can just repaint it. What a wonderful change it will be for you and your famaly.

  14. The photo of the girls is just to cute!! It’s strange looking at that kitchen. It’s so boring compared to what i’ve seen you do. I don’t have any suggestions- just excited to see how you make it come to life!!

  15. your ideas sound great…love the idea of making the cabinets between the windows extend to cover the full space between both windows with the cook stove over there…beautiful.

    I think you’ll love a pantry cab in the left corner. I loved my pantry cabinet that I had in the last house…be sure to get the roll out cabinets…SO CONVENIENT…easier to reach all your items.

    I’m with you on the railing…not a fan of that color…either paint it or go darker… 🙂

    LOVE the idea of a longer island…will be beautiful! so many beautiful pendant lights out there to choose from.. PB has some great ones!!

  16. I’m loving all your ideas! I would totally extend the island to seat at least 4, possibly 6 people and do away with the breakfast nook. Also, have you thought about making the island taller? I have a friend who did and it’s gorgeous! You really need more cabinets and that pantry to the left would be perfect. Please for the love of all things fabulously decorated paint that railing, it’s so not you. If it were me I’d paint it black and leave the spindles white. One last thought, if you’re going for a more funky country look you could hang vintage aprons like a valance to top your windows. They’d still be light and airy but add some fun color. One things for sure, I’d play up the windows and island to make that kitchen sing! I can’t wait to see the results. Thanks for including us in the process!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 😀
    P.S. I just proofed my comment and it’s completely ADD. Sorry! ;>

  17. This is so excitintg BUT I know firsthand and recently the woes of moving:( Isnt it amazing how many books appear when moving and how much space they take up when not on shelves. You know to pack them in lots of SMALL boxes right?

    I would leave the railing for last. I need to show you what the designers did to he railings in this house. I have layed on my couch at night and thogutha bout how cool they are. Im thinking YOU ma not need them to blend in:) Leave them for now.

    I am so so so so glad that you have had help in the packing/moving:)

  18. I don’t have any grand ideas. I think you’re headed in the right direction. I think once you change the cabinets, the windows will fit in better. They are a little strange. I can’t wait to see what you do. I know it will be fabulous! 🙂

  19. I love the windows! The only problem with them that I see is that the cabinets on that wall are not centered between the windows. Once you get the new cabinets in and extend the island, it will look great!

    Oh, and YES, stain that railing darker.

  20. This is SO exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do with your space. Your ideas are great. I’d paint the railing, but I paint everything, so you may not want to listen to me. 😉


  21. I *heart* your lakehouse! That is a dream of mine. To live in a lakehouse. (sigh)

    I think all of your ideas are great ones. As far as the rail goes, I think I would either paint it white or black. (I’m going through a black-as-an-accent-color phase right now.)

    Anyway, I wish you “smooth-sailing” (wink,wink) on your move to your new home.:-)

  22. Paint all the brown parts of the railing BLACK (paint the brown balusters black too). Leave the spindles WHITE. If the base at the floor is brown too, paint it WHITE. It is tedious, but looks awesome! Good luck with the move.

  23. Okay – I’m loving your ideas! I say stain the railing, and paint the spindles the same creamy white as your cabinets, but antique with gel stain.

    For the cabinets… since they’ll extend all the way to the windows, why not do a crown moulding ledge shelf above the windows on either side (to coordinate and basically be an extension of the cabinets?) Then you could find some lovely island blue trinkets to display up there!! And being from the South… I’m all for the corner pantry. Not having a pantry just ain’t right…

  24. Love your new header picture. Good luck w/ the projects…lots of decisions and decisions aren’t my thang. 🙂

    I’m totally coveting that lake and your boat. Boating is one of my faves. Good luck w/ the packing…I’m not far behind you. Can’t wait to see the transformation of your new kitchen. So exciting!! BTW, how do the little girls feel about the move? My boys are excited. I told them they must not realize what ‘downsizing’ means, but they are like me and actually enjoy changing things up.

  25. I saw the words “counter depth fridge” and had to comment! I had to get one because my galley kitchen is pretty tight. Love that it doesn’t stick out and invade the space BUT hate because it doesn’t have as much room as a regular fridge. Not a lot of storage for larger items in the fridge or freezer. Tough to get a 9×12 casserole dish or serving platter or even a large 3 gallon ice cream pail in the freezer. I know you have a decent size family, so unless you have a second fridge close by, you may want to reconsider counter depth. Not only are they smaller, but they are a lot more expensive too.

  26. Hi-

    I love all of your cabinet ideas, and I think the windows are lovely. They will look glorious with the shutters open. Great sunlight for photography.

    I would not extend the island past the first post of the staircase so you don’t have trapped space at the end of your kitchen.

    I would allow enough room for a soft settee for reading and visiting.

    I have that in my kitchen and I love it. I have a wicker settee and two chairs with side tables and lamps in my breakfast area.

    Making the island your only seating in your kitchen is great I think-

    One last thing- Find a spot for a butler’s pantry. You have cool dishes and you like to entertain. I think you would love that.

    I feel really bold Edie-
    I hope that is OK.


    White Spray Paint

  27. This is going to be more fantastic than it already is by time you’re done with it. You are so creative, I know you will put your personal stamp on it and it will be magazine worthy! I’m not very creative so I can’t offer much in the way of suggestions. Instead, I’ll be your cheerleader. Enjoy this experience. My best to you and your family.

  28. I’ll live vicariously through you. So far it seems like an amazing house that will only get better! I hope one day I get the chance to do a redo like this. Good luck!

  29. Looks like the existing place is in great shape, edie!! love this last picture of her praying… and the confident smile of elea in the background!! 🙂 ((H))

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  30. I LOVE your idea of extending the island and putting more cabinets in the breakfast nook. could you encorporate a fun, painted buffet/hutch into that area for storage? Maybe a wide one? I think painting the rails is a must, too. Black? Have fun and please keep us updated! I know it will be beautiful and spunky!

  31. MY HUMBLE OPINION 🙂 (though humble, I’ve never been lacking in the opinion dept.)

    every kitchen needs a table. Its where the family hangs out.

    fill the space of cabinets to the ceilings….and use the space fully between the windows.

    move the fridge….so its not by the window…..have the counter open to the window area (top and bottom cabinets of course. my friend has this and its so great to stand at the counter and have the window right there. The fridge can be on the opposite side of that wall from where it is now, and enclosed with a wall of cabinet. (or a chalk wall : )

    farm table or some awesome antique table, with benches, to make the space more open and less crowded with chairbacks.

    change the flourescent light….assuming you;ll do this already, but just sayin…

    if you check the link sent by “less than perfect life of bliss” or something, her cabinets go up to the ceiling…you can see what I mean
    def. don’t like the railing if its just between the rooms…if its needed for safety well then you can’t help it and should go black.

    WHATEVER YOU DO, it will be georgeous. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  32. 1st time visitor here… but I love your blog! so cute! I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m all about staining the railing darker.. OR painting it white to match the trim… both would look adorable!

    I love the idea of putting a pantry style cabinet… if you do be sure to get the kind with pull out shelves.. those are so much easier than the other!

  33. Dear Edie, I come bearing an apology…I’m one of your blog stalkers! My apology comes on a lovely Rustoleum heirloom white spray painted, doily lined tray overflowing with warm from the oven, Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls and an elaborate silver coffee pot brimming with freshly brewed goodness…please accept my overdue blog stalker apologies. Now onto my reason for coming out of the closet… I think your ideas for the new kitchen are wonderful, EXCEPT, and this is my personal experience…counter depth fridges look great but lack storage. I have had my counter depth for three years, love the look and the room in my kitchen but it has been a challenge trying to pack a large amount of food into a much reduced space. I would compare it to trying to pack a weeks worth of clothing into a carry on…it can be done but requires careful planning. Would I buy one again? It would depend on how many kids are still at home when I buy the next one. Right now I have 22 and 17 year old boys and a 14 year old girl, plus the sweet hubster. Needless to say, I do alot of cooking. If room permits and you can add another fridge to a laundry room or garage, then I would go for it. This opinions are completely from my experience and should not confused with any of maladjusted, blogstalking ways. i love you and your blog, many days you bring His light to my quagmired soul…Blessings, Donna

  34. I know you don’t want to mess with the windows. But if you could consider it, a whole wall of windows would be amazing. None full-size, just a counter surface all the way across, and windows above it with no upper cabinets. The light would be fantastic! Especially if you have a view. In any case, minimizing upper cabinets will make the room feel more spacious. Can you do open shelves somewhere?

    Could you commandeer some of that coat closet for pantry storage? That would make it easier to give up some upper cabinets. And I love the idea of an antique armoire (as big as you can fit) in that left corner as a pantry. As much as you can mix in “unfitted” pieces, it makes the kitchen look a lot less suburban. You are already doing that with the different paint colors. I have an antique pine dish rack instead of an upper cabinet, and I love it. I adore my double ovens. I like my counter-depth fridge, but it’s not as big as i want it to be. Mine is 42″ and it holds less than a regular fridge. So go for 48″ if you can, or add a fridge in the garage.

    Concrete countertops! I love mine. Casual and elegant, versatile, easy to care for, just unique enough. Granite can sometimes look a little too formal, or busy, or shiny, or something.

    Good luck!

  35. Hi Edie–I love reading your blog and this is my first post. Love the new house, and the lake! I can see why you jumped on it. Have you thought about a range hood? We have a plan to redo our kitchen and have a lovely range hood going over our cooktop. That will make a difference in your upper cabs. It will also allow you to design some sort of beautiful focal point with tile on that wall. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project. Blessings to you and yours…

  36. I think you should make the island bigger…and then just add a small bar height table with chairs/stools (against the wall) to give more same height seating when you expand the island (if there is room). I like the idea of putting cabinets all along the back wall…maybe you can work a window seat or two in along the wall to break up the cabinets and encourage people to kick up their feet and relax with you in the kitchen….

  37. I just discovered your blog a couple of months ago; I love it! It’s especially interesting to read your home school posts because I teach public high school English; I wish my students had the education your children are getting!

    Anyway… I love your new kitchen; it’s gorgeous! I sat & stared at it for awhile & pretended it was mine! You may have mentioned this, but do you have plans to extend the cabinets up to the ceiling? I think that would make a difference. Maybe do some sort of really simple window treatment the same color as the upper cabinets that covers the top part of the windows but starts at the ceiling? And what about, instead of a pantry-style cabinet in the left corner, you did an L-shaped desk/cabinet combination? Perhaps you could match the top of the desk to the countertops? Maybe make it the same height as the counters & island so it flows all the way around the room? What’s on the other side of the far left window? Could you find a pretty armoire to put there (it looks like it’s at the top of the stairs) to store stuff in that you use sometimes, but not all the time?

    Still a bit thrown by those windows but they are beautiful & I bet the view will make it worth having them there.

    Enjoy your remodel… So exciting! And thank you for such a fun blog!

  38. Edie,
    First of all, I’ve been admiring your blog for some time now…your inspiration is amazing! Secondly, best wishes with the move…you are so brave to follow your dream! On to the kitchen: we had a similar set up in our house, and I enlarged the island and love how large it is now. It’s been perfect for us. We usually seat the four of us, but we could easily seat 6-8 around it. I have a bay where you have the 2 windows, and I’d do a window seat if my windows didn’t go to the floor. So perhaps a bench is in store for me? I wouldn’t hesitate to paint the stained portions of the railing black, but I have no doubt that you’ll come up with the perfect solution. Have a great day!






  40. Hi Edie, I follow your blog daily and I have never told you how much you have inspired me! I love all your ideas about the kitchen and this will truly be so exciting to see this new house transform! It has been so refreshing to find creative, inspiring, women that love God! Because of your wonderful (current) kitchen, I have a chalkboard and two chairs in that wonderful blue color! Thanks for all that you do and say, I love it! :)I don’t know how to post a picture of my sweet family to send to you!? I would like to introduce ourselves, afterall I feel like I know you and I want to return the favor of at least an introduction! 🙂

  41. Edie, I’m blonde so bare with me a little, LOL! Are you working with existing cabinetry or is this a full fledged redo? I design and decorate model homes for my “job” (is it a job if you LOVE IT and only do it when YOU want to? lol). And I’m currently working on my own kitchen design as well. I SEE TONS AND TONS OF POTENTIAL without knocking out any walls!!!!!! GORGEOUS and I have ideas running through my head for you! If you are redoing from scratch your keeping the floor (because I said so, lol) and make sure the floor has been layed under the cabs or can easily be added 🙂

  42. ok sorry, I JUST went back and reread (can you tell I’m so excited for you I could scream? LOL) and you ARE ordering new cabinetry. If you get rid of the “eating area” is there enough room to set a table hear your railing AND have seating on your island? I have a feeling you will be entertaining more than ever in this house and you will need the extra eating space! However I completely agree that wrapping the kitchen around that back wall and going to the sides is the answer! I would move the stove behind where the current sink is (I’m guessing the sink looks out to the lake?) so you have a nice “framed” cooking space and the sink in front. I would do a pantry cab like you mentioned and put the fridge right next to it (two tall things together) on the opposite wall where the fridge is now. Do you need anything else in the kitchen? Display, desk or anything?
    The windows I can see two solutions. DEFINATELY utilize all space between them. and then continue past them. OR you could make the windows smaller and by that I mean just shorter so it can have countertops (do those window face the street?) and keep the light. Like those DREAMY houses I always see with windows on the counters! 🙂
    Oh and lighting, since you are extending the island and going to take my suggestion and put the range/cooktop behind the sink (wink wink) I woudl LOVE to see two chandeliers (of any style) over the island to “frame” the hood!!! And yes, recessed/canned lighting everywhere with DIMMERS!
    Ok I’m officially hyperventilating, LOL! I have to go get myself together to do bath fixture selections on the model house I’m currently doing. But OH how I WISH I was going kitchen shoppin’ with you! 🙂

  43. One more thing!! ROFL I just realized why this looks so familiar to me!!! Because in our new kitchen plan, we have doorways where your windows are! And I have been planning and staring at this space for almost 3 yrs!!! LOL! Ok I’m REALLY going now! 🙂

  44. Hi,
    Just recently found your website. I was looking for kitchen ideas and ended up at your kitchen redo. Well, let me just confess. I totally stole your entire kitchen redo for my own. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂 I even went to Hobby Lobby for the knobs but the budget won’t take replacing all that hardware right now. Oh well, the old ones will work for now.

    I was jumping on your blog today to take another peek at your island. We just turned our farm table into an island and now it’s time to paint it. Of course I have chosen to use the same color that you had posted that you used but then noticed in another picture your whole island looks much lighter. Did you repaint it? I’m a little concerned about using the darker color on it but, hey, it’s just paint, right. Anyway, I was just wondering and hope you don’t mind that I hijacked your kitchen.
    I had a decent idea of what I wanted but have such a hard time pulling things together. When I saw your kitchen I thought, this is what I want. then I discovered that you had posted paint colors and everything!!!! Oh happy, day. How easy is that. It’s all spelled out for me. Thank you!

    I see that you are moving. How exciting! Hope you have many blessed years with your family in your new lake home. Can’t wait to see what the new kitchen looks like. 🙂

    PS is that stairway on the right side of the pic going down just a few steps into a living area? If so, what would it look like if you took the whole railing away and extended the steps all the way across the width of that room? KWIM? Maybe extend kitchen cabinets around all the walls in the kitchen area and make island a little larger.

  45. HI again! 😉 I had one more idea for your railing. You could also make it a banquette area (that would lose the railing on that side but you would still have it on the other sides) with beadboard or whatever you like. And put a table there with chairs only one side since you will have the banquette for seating….. just an idea.
    Also, I don’t know how quickly you are ordering your things and what company, but if you need a specification book, I might be able to get it for you! 🙂

  46. There are so many great ideas here already. I love the idea of changing the railing to an area with bookcases instead. The kitchen already looks beautiful to me. It looks big and spacious. I know that whatever you do will look great. Your ideas sound fantastic. Can’t wait to see the final thing.


  47. i know this house edie. my friend terry lived there. it is so pretty out there. the views are gorgeous. as you get your creative juices flowing, you can give me some tips as we construct. karen

  48. I like the idea of a black railing too. What if you took that one down and replaced it with wrought iron railing? I don’t know if that would go with the design scheme, but I think they are so pretty.

  49. WOW i haven’t been here in a while and look at what i miss. What a glorious adventure you are all about to embark on!!!

    ps. i like your blog layout too. 🙂

  50. I realize I am about a month too late on this, but i love a kitchen remodel, and as a native east tn girl myself, i understand big family. Which is why this is my suggestion for your kitchen. Instead of the railing your not so crazy about, could you build some sort of huge banquet seating along the railing path, and then get rid of the railing? I think that would free up so much of your kitchen space to the left , to not have seating over on that side, and then you could expand your entire kitchen to the wall.
    Like I said, probably too late, but just a thought.
    happy monday!

  51. I just stumbled upon your blog from a friend of a friend’s and LOVE IT! So glad I found it!

    And, I think all of your ideas for your kitchen remodel are great – in fact, I looked at the photo, mentally added cabinets as far to the left as possible, put pendants over the extended bar…..and well, the rest I read from there and loved!

    Congrats on the new house & best wishes!

  52. I just stumbled upon your blog from a friend of a friend’s and LOVE IT! So glad I found it!

    And, I think all of your ideas for your kitchen remodel are great – in fact, I looked at the photo, mentally added cabinets as far to the left as possible, put pendants over the extended bar…..and well, the rest I read from there and loved!

    Congrats on the new house & best wishes!

  53. Herlige bilder!! Den som kunne strikke?! Nei, jeg m̴ nok bestille noe lekkert av deg i stedet Рn̴r du ̴pner moas netkiutbkt;)Takk for hyggelig hilsen:)Klem Anette:)

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