I love everything about it.

There’s nothing quite like little girls and their daddies—how they so easily undo what looks to be a solid wall of raw-edged masculinity.  And oh how I love to watch him with them.   They walk in the room and his eyes light up, his tone of voice changes, and his world spins brighter.   His pursuit of their hearts has made them strong and sure.  His pursuit of mine has altogether changed me.

We are lucky girls around here.

{p.s.  Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions for the kitchen!!  It’s so helpful to have all the creativity flowing.  Now if you could just help me pack!}

18 comments on “I love this picture…..”

  1. How do they do that? My daughter had her dad wrapped around her little finger the first time he laid eyes on her. I can’t wait to see how many fingers the granddaughter wraps him around!!

  2. I have a pic of my Dh painting my daughters fingernails after I told her I couldn’t do it just then. Sometime I make a point of checking her pinkies to make sure that Daddy isn’t wrapped so tight he is cutting off the circulation. LOL

  3. I love it! We have 3 girls and a boy. Just a couple days ago my almost 2yo was sitting in my lap…Her daddy bent down and kissed her and told her he loved her…She looked at me with the most delighted ear to ear grin and said, “Mama! He LOVE me!” Melted my heart.

  4. my favorite part is totally the man chew of that cigar. classic! i imagine if you made your mocha cupcakes, opened the front door and yelled, “Packing party, cupcakes too come and get um” you’d have all of tenessee helping you pack.

  5. p.s. if you can find me a husband who will buy me your house. i’ll change my name to patsy and promise to never paint your cabinets and have you over and we can sing old country ballads and paint our toes nails and camp in the craft room.

  6. Thats. so. adorable.

    I am totally a daddy’s girl… and they will totally benefit from having such a great relationship with their dad later on. That relationship is so important for SO many things in life… their identity is highly impacted by their relationship with their dad! So neat to see…

    One day… I will hopefully get to watch my husband’s wall melt when his daughter walks into a room! I’m sure that is such a sweet moment!!

    Still can’t wait to see the kitchen!!

  7. it is a great picture, edie! right down to the band-aide on her elbow! {and oh to have legs like her!!} i linked to an older post of yours today, from iceskating, as i had no pics of the girls together.. 🙂
    have a great weekend!

  8. I love this picture too! You can tell that your girls (and you too!) MELT your husband!! Our boys have always gotten to the softspot of my husband, but it’s been fun watching our daughter wrap him around her little finger too! 🙂

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