This weekend, I plan to:

1. Embark on a new bread baking adventure with my newest book  Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. The luscious loaf that graces the screen above needs a little less salt—-otherwise, it is nearly perfection.  More to come on that next week.

2. Ponder the wonderful ladies I met and some I reconnected with at our first bloggers’ luncheon.   It was a delightful mixing of women, creativity, and technology.   Denise, Kelly, and Jessica were there.   I bet 12 in all.   I’ll introduce you to more of them later.  It was big fun.  You should try it in your local area.  Thanks Patty for organizing it.

3. Clean out various dusty and scary cupboards and corners of my winter worn house.   I’d love to throw open the windows and feel the cool breeze blow through my tired bun.   To make this clean-out yet more compelling, I plan to listen to the remainder of People of the Book.

4. Catch up on some Issues Etc episodes (smartest Christian talk radio out there) while I make my famous fish tacos.  Malachi and Marcus (Steve’s oldest and middle sons) introduced me to fish tacos several years ago in Des Moines and though I was skeptical, I knew immediately I had to try to make them at home.    I’ve been perfecting the recipe ever since.  I blame this all on Todd Wilken and his very funny facebook stream on cats and fish tacos.  And there could be a video tutorial in your future.   Be very afraid.  I often sing country songs while I cook.

5. Order Jasmine Green Tea (it’s  a bulk tea—no bags) from the Bulk Herb Store online.  My friend Susan (who also tutors my littles in Spanish and Latin) introduced me to this tea yesterday.  I’m nearly speechless.   I’ve always resorted to hot tea when I knew that to drink another cup of coffee would likely result in either a trip to the ER or a night full of infomercials in which I might order a bedazzler and/or a few sham-wows.   I’ve never really been smitten with hot tea.   This is hot tea that I am now craving.  It’s just that good.  Finally, a hot tea that doesn’t play 2nd fiddle to coffee.  And a very talented friend who teaches spanish and latin, inspires me with her love for home and tea AND makes the best jewelry.

6. Peruse Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams for the perfect shade of fire engine red.  I think it’s almost time to paint again.  I’m sure the Lowe’s staff has missed me.  And yet after all the painting I’ve done in the last year,  my favorite project is till my turquoise painted kitchen cabinets. Maybe it’ll always be my favorite.   I think all kitchen cabinets should be turquoise.

7. Make a few handmade goodies for upcoming birthdays.  I’ve really enjoyed making Darby’s rice bags. They’re easy and fun and ONCE YOU LOAD YOUR NEEDLE CORRECTLY, take no time at all.   I really don’t deserve my sewing machine.  If it could talk, it would yell obscenities at me and my needle loading skillz.

8. Try to make time to clean up some of the links on my blog that haven’t worked since I switched to wordpress.   Maintaining a blog can be a lot like work sometimes.   Which reminds me,  if you’ve asked me a question via email and I haven’t responded or heavens to betsy, if I promised to mail you a bookmark, please email me again with your address.  And accept my sincerest procrastinating apologies.   I’m not very organized with my correspondence.   Or my spice cupboard.  I intend to right all wrongs in both places if given half a chance.

9. I must stop at eight because my 7 year old is ‘needing’ the computer and screeching things in my ear like, “Mahhh-uuum, you can’t do more than EIGHT things this weekend.  Pleeeeeease can I have the computer now?”  In all fairness, she wants to try out a new typing program on the computer.

So, I’d love to know,  what are you doing this weekend?

30 comments on “Bread Baking and other Weekend Adventures”

  1. I hope you’ll share the info on that perfect fire engine red color. My front door is supposed to be fire engine red, but I didn’t select quite the right color and I’m tired of living with it–I want a RED door! 🙂

  2. Edie,

    That bread… mmm looks so good! Can’t wait to see what you can make this weekend in the bread dept. I wish I could come sample it with you and have a cup of your green tea!!! You cracked me up about your needle problem… glad it’s resolved now!! What does your husband think about sleeping with a rice bag? 🙂

  3. I hope your weekend is uber-successful, because I really want the scoop on artisan bread. Seriously.

    Our middle son is off to the state Robotics tournament tomorrow; should be fun. Mostly I’m going to hang out at home and love on my husband, who has been gone all week.

    Take care!

  4. We just started our weekend with my 4 yo making pizza,(mixing the dough, forming it into a ball, oil…the works) and she is a pro and so comfortable in the kitchen. Love this about her! Then tomorrow the preteen’s final basketball game and me visiting Goodwill for some “treasures!” Weekends are truly cherished at our house since I teach full-time outside of the home. Enjoy our weekend! Can’t wait to hear about he paint adventure!

  5. Hmm, not sure what I’m doing this weekend. Dr. apt, playing Apples To Apples w/ Kade (apparently), making banana bread, more organizing and reading, hitting a yoga class at the gym (again w/ the breathing)and most definitely a hot date w/ Mr. Kimball, I’ll also be making an exception to my ‘me time’ rule and let Jax join me for a 4 mile walk Sunday night. Have you seen Dear John? If not do…it’s a must. He’s too cute for words.

    I think I’ll try that tea. I am looking forward to more info on that bread too. That picture is mouth watering! Oh my gosh, I SO need to take some time to learn how to use my new camera. I haven’t even figured out how to load the memory card to my laptop…I’m a l-A-mo! Have a fab week.

  6. Yum, that bread looks great…too bad I’m trying to get rid of a few pounds that having been following me around for the last 10 years…enjoy! I’m going to sew two little twirly skirts for my granddaughters, go watch the 4 year old g-daughter cheer at upward basketball, go to the U.T. swim meet tomorrow night and watch my handsome husband start every single race just like he’s done for the past 25 years and best of all go to Sunday School and Church and worship!!! can’t wait…hope you and yours have a blessed weekend…hope to run into you one of these days when I’m shopping in Maryville…pb

  7. I’ve never had jasmine green tea but my favorite is lemongrass green tea, so yummy and needs nothing in it.

    And what I am doing this weekend is selling the last of our Girl Scout cookies at booth sales on Saturday & Sunday. Oh and I plan on lowering all the picture in my living room and begin the process of refinishing my great great grandmothers sewing table.

  8. I will be trying to figure out what 4 visual items I can send with my 6 yr old for her 1st “oral” bible project??? Any suggestions from Luke 8: 49-56… I only have 1 so far- we’re baking cookies (cause Jesus told them to feed her- I know that one will go over well)!
    thanks- I LOVE your blog< A.

  9. I have to admit, I’ve never had a fish taco, but it sounds kind of gross to me. Although I’m not much of a fish person, so it’s automatically a strange combination!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turn out. Maybe I’ll be a convert!

  10. Before I forget; a great book to follow People of the Book is the Cellist of Sarajevo. I was humbled by the fact that I hadn’t fully appreciated the toll that conflict/war placed on Sarajevo…and in my adult lifetime! For shame!

    Sounds like you know how to pack a weekend! I’m totally impressed!

  11. Enjoying baptisms at church of friends, hosting a friend from out of town, driving to the Northern California coast, and stopping on the way to visit old friends we have not seen for years. Wow! That is a full weekend. And I love the idea of having a blogger luncheon. I need to see if I can do that for my area. Thanks for the weekend update post. Blessings!

  12. Jasmine tea is my favorite as well. Jasmine Dragon Pheonix Pearls from Teavana was the very best I’ve had but I don’t go to the trouble of ordering (but I should).

    We had fish tacos at Sharky’s in Panama City Beach last year, wonderful.

    Speaking of that, we are celebrating a birthday in our family today and Bonefish Grill, and fish tacos are on the menu, right after the Bang Bang Shrimp!

  13. Shopping for niece’s shower next weekend. Cleaning house getting ready for family reunion on Sunday, rearranging office, church, family reunion. Whew, that’s enough.
    Oh and catching up on my favorite blogs.

  14. oh-the bread… smells good from here! it’s beautiful to the eye, too! you can make croutons out of that! except, there’ll prob be no left-overs and who would TOAST or FRY homemade bread like THAT?…
    i am adjusting to altitude right now and wondering if crankiness is a symptom of that? cause i was fine til we got here… really.

  15. it was SO good to meet you yesterday! you are even “preciouser” (i know that’s not a word) in person as you are on here!

    this weekend. . .today, i did nothing. . .cleaned, laundry, played with the boys, and cooked. stayed here all day! tomorrow is church, and i may attempt to go to the grocery store afterwards! hubby is on day shift this weekend, so he won’t be home til’ 3, and we are running low of some essentials.

    i REALLY want to start making my own bread. i found this site:
    and i REALLY want my grocery bill as low as hers. . .and she writes about bread, and how inexpensive it is compared to store bought!

    one thing i’m HORRIBLE at is couponing, but i am eager to learn! ok. . .i could go on and on. . .now, i feel like we are long lost friends! 🙂 he he!

  16. That bread looks yummy! I am hooked on rose flavored tea, it is so calming. Your luncheon sounded really fun! My weekend is filled with cleaning out our chicken coops, my sisters junior cotillion, church and a bridal shower. Have a great Sunday!
    ~Molly P

  17. 8 things? even before the weekend started? that’s a big job! i’m sure i did 8 things, but … i can’t repeat, can i?
    1. clean out camper so we can use it.
    2. pack camper
    3. make chili
    4. FOLD laundry. getting it clean is the easy part…
    5. paint/draw/doodle
    6. write thank-you’s
    7. dust
    8. rest. i should do more 8.

    so, did you get your 8 accomplished?

  18. Oh! Oh! Oh! – I have that artisan bread book (actually, I’m borrowing a friend’s but it’s in my Amazon cart). All I can say is ‘AMAZING’! You said ‘more to follow’ on that so I’ll be waiting…

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