A Sparkly Christmas Tour

Welcome to my warm and cozy and very sparkly Christmas tour. This year I have simplified my festive decor and hope you’ll enjoy the lights, fresh greens and the smell of wassail on the stove! Come on in y’all.

read more about my door project here

the mantle with old bottles, fresh lemon trees and pearl garland


’12 days of Christmas’ tree


breakfast room, 12 days of Christmas tree, schoolroom
christmas collage

simply wrapped packages tied up with twine and yarn

open shelving in the turqoise kitchen with a little scrapbook paper and some festive red

the guest bathroom embellished with blue ball, fresh pine and prickly holly

my sultry dark bedroom walls with white, silver and gold accents (and a gold ceiling)

read about the little girls’ room redo here–it’s my favorite festive spot

and their darling little tree

and our Christmas Eve photo from last year—which will be our Christmas card photo this year (it’s less hassle, I had fewer wrinkles, my 60 pound golden retriever was still a puppy, and my teens still lived at home—so despite the fact that there’s a giant red bow hovering over my head—i love the nostalgia of it all)

You won’t believe how many people are joining The Nester’s Christmas Tour this year—–a ba-jillion. Make yourself a cup a joe and go visit.

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  • Meaghan says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the 12 days of xmas tree! i may have to steal that one! and i love all of the bright colors too ;-) you're so cute!

  • Lana K. W. Austin says:

    Love all the fantastic COLOR! Your house tour makes me HAPPY, I'd even say GIDDY from the vivid & & festive nature of it all!
    That's funny about the same Christmas photo.
    Blessings, L

  • megbeth1986 says:

    Your home is so warm and inviting all year round, but especially now!! I have been following you for a few months and loving everything! Inspired me to start one of my own, not lets just see if I can actually keep up with it! Happy Holidays!!

  • Baby Mama says:

    i love your blog!!! and all your decorations! your house is lovely!!!

  • Jaimie says:

    I can't even STAND how beautiful your home is. The colors are gorgeous.

  • Crafty Niche says:

    Wow, gorgeous!

  • Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Hi, Edie! I'm stopping by from Nester's today. :) I LOOOOOOVE all of your trees. The 12 Days of Christmas one is too cool. Your family photo is great, and I love the idea of using last years, except my girls are young enough that they've grown a LOT this year and people would catch on. ;) Beautiful, beautiful photos!! :) Here's my link from the party:

  • Homemaker, MD says:

    Edie, I think my favorite is your open cupboards. Love the scrapbook paper and pretty red accents!

  • Sallie says:

    I love your little green glittery bird and the scrapbook paper on the open shelves with the bits of red thrown in. That's just my style!!

    Have a blessed holyday season!!


  • Alicia says:

    Everything is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • {lauren} says:

    Beautiful!! I love how colorful & warm everything is…the brightness makes it all look so fun:) The 12 days of Christmas tree is a super cute idea too!

  • Carmen says:

    I love the 12 days of Christmas tree!!!! Fabulous! And that tree in the girls' room…SO CUTE! Everything else is really pretty as well.

    P.S. You just inspired me to paint my mirror on my mantle a cream color. I bought it at a garage sale this summer and it's gold. I couldn't decide what color until now. Thanks!

  • Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew says:

    WOW! What a beautiful home you have! Wow! :)

  • A Wedding Story says:

    Your home is just fabulous and your front door is a dream!

  • Ruth says:

    I love it all. It is so bright and merry!!! We are actually doing a study on the true meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Love your trees and bright and happy home.
    The Christmas card picture is great!!


  • Ruby Red Slippers says:

    Your house is full of whimsy, and color-I LOVE it, Eddie!

  • Angie says:

    I LOVE the mix of colors you use in your everyday decorating!! You've inspired me to make bolder choices and to not be afraid to throw a new color in the mix!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Your kitchen, photo wall, bathroom and the newly redone girls room!!!!!!!

  • Nocona says:

    I love that you decorate your entire house for Christmas. That is my goal when the two year old is out of the toddler stage of getting into everything. It's beautiful!

  • patty says:

    aww, girlie… i just wanna come and be there!! love the colors! :) sigh….

  • Brittaney says:

    Your house looks great. I love all of the vivid colors you used in your decorations! I just have to ask- where did you get that adorable ribbon that you topped your tree with?

  • Brittany says:

    Love that 12 days of christmas tree! I think it's something to think about adding to my assembly for next year!

  • TheOldPostRoad says:

    Love the mantle! And I will be using twine and yarn on packages this year – thank you for the idea!!

  • Sheri says:

    LOVE the girls whimsical tree!!! How sweet!

  • BeautifulWreck says:

    Fantastic!!! I loved it all!

  • Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good says:

    Like everybody else I love the 12 days of Christmas tree but I really love the whimsical colors and the idea of the Christmas card is great!

  • Rachelle says:

    It looks GORGEOUS. It's so colorful and fun. :)

  • Tricia says:

    Beautiful, and colorful, and perfectly wonderful!

    Merry Christmas, Edie.


  • Mandi Shandi says:

    Holy Cow! You outdid yourself again this year Edie. I can't even begin to pick a favorite part. Everything is truly fantastic!!


    I agree, the number of us that have posted to this party is amazing. I really like your 12 Days of Christmas Tree. The red and white stripe ribbbon on another one is just great. Finally, that family photo is priceless. What a beautiful family you have.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Cara says:

    Ok, there is just SO MUCH to love about your decorations that I don't know where to start! The wreath is amazing! And I absolutely love the 12 Days of Christmas tree as well as the tree in the little girls room. Love all the color! So bright and cheery!

  • Jennifer says:

    Your home is SO beautiful! Full of Christmas spirit! :) I am smelling the wassail. That is a great photo for Christmas cards!

    You are right… there is a bajillion homes on the tour!! ;)

  • Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e says:

    Love your decor – it's beautiful with great bright colors!

  • Micah says:

    Your color choices are so much fun! I like the bright/muted tones you have mixed. I did the tour also but I have much more fun looking at everyone else's decor:)

  • Talysa says:

    I LOVED it all…but if I had to pick my favorite part it would be those bottles on the mantle…and the pearl garland. You are too darn clever!

    Also, I've looked at that pic of your family boogoos of times…and never once noticed that bow over your head…now I can't see anything but!

    Beautiful Edie!

  • Kristi says:

    Everything looks great! We simplified this year as well and it feels good! :)

  • { L } says:

    You have an incredible sense of style I absolutely LOVE your mantel! I've never seen anything like that! Gorgeous home.

  • Theresa @ 612Riverside says:

    Your home looks beautiful! I loved every picture, the bottles of the mantle are so cool and the 12 days of Christmas tree is gorgeous! ~ Theresa

  • The Scooper says:

    I love how festive and colorful and inviting it all looks! Makes me want to come over and sip wassail. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  • Jessica says:

    You've always got the awesome colors going but I also love your mantle this year…the bottles and pearls!

  • Playing Sublimely says:

    Hey Edie,
    Just love it all, especially the bottles with glass topper things on the mantle…always love visiting you :)

  • Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna says:

    ♥ your decorations! Your home looks fabulous, very festive!
    May you be blessed beyond measure this Holiday Season!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings~ Trisha

  • Wyn says:

    As usual, absolutely gorgeous! I found your blog at Christmas last year (I couldn't get that mantle our of my mind) but think I like your decor even more this year! Sometimes less is more. Merry Christmas

  • Meet the Brummett's says:

    I always love seeing pics of your house because it is so beautifully decorated and you definitely didn't disappoint with your Christmas decorating! I love all of it, especially all of the color. Your mantle is great and the 12 days of Christmas tree is wonderful…oh and so is your girls' room, just precious! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • gina says:

    VERY sparkle-y and festive!! I love your trees- makes me want more than one!!

  • Tess says:

    Edie – your house looks like a fantastical winter getaway. Every picture just brings happiness and joy. Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Rita says:

    Thanks for the tour. Everything is so festive, colorful, and beautiful.

  • hthr says:

    Love love love the Christmas decorations! (and your blog too! been reading for a while now and enjoy it everytime!) Merry Christmas!!

  • ellen says:

    Hi, Edie! I've never commented before but I've pretty much been reading since the garland tour that the Nester did last year. I love your simplified decor this year! I really love your use of aqua and I totally copied you on that this year. Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading over the past year; I've been encouraged and inspired!

  • Cherie says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. I love seeing how others decorate.

  • Heather says:

    The colors in your 12 days tree are <3. And I think I want to have hanging lights from my bedroom wall now too! <3 it all. Your decorating skill is lovely!

  • Sherri Jorgensen says:

    You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family!

  • Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Just beautiful, Edie! Merry Christmas to you.

  • Life is good! says:

    beautiful decor! you have a darling home. merry christmas!

  • Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige says:

    I am in love with all your Christmas decorations! Thank you for taking us on the tour!

  • Totallyscrappy says:

    I love it!!
    Come on over when you get a chance!

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