The cups of coffee I’ve had so far today:

If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter, then you may know that we just purchased a crack pot espresso machine. I’m on a 36 hour bender. And when I crash, it’s not gonna be pretty.


If I hit rock bottom and come begging you for more coffee beans, don’t enable me. As it is, I’m typing 600 words a minute. And Stevie must like me jittery ’cause he just made me another

Oh, wait here he comes with a mocha. {Pause for a taste—and a longing look into his eyes} Be still my pounding heart.
I promise I’ll cut back. I can control it. Just one more cup. I’ll quit tomorrow.

The evening the machine arrived, we felt compelled to try every last possible combination of
coffee, espresso, milk, half and half, cream, chocolate syrup, and various liquors. I stayed up until 2:30a and was back making espresso at 6:30.
This machine could be my undoing.

It’s a Jura Capresso machine (fully automatic) and uses whole beans. It makes perfect crema and is a refurbished model—which makes it half the price that it would normally be. It may not seem so inexpensive when I’m in the ER for an arrhythmia!

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  1. Classic…you are so funny! Since we purchased our espresso machine, I have taken up to three lattes a day, where I used to only have one a day that I brought from one of our local cafes. I have made all my money back now though from buying it! Plus being a trained barista I am VERY fussy! xxx

  2. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I am in love. I should go buy an espresso machine. Now.

    Nah, I drink way too much coffee as it is.


  3. Hahaha! That's a great post (and funny too!). I already drink way too much coffee. I can't imagine if I had one of those babies in my kitchen :/

  4. This is hilarious! I love my espresso machine but i have to say yours looks so much more fun!!
    happy coffee drinking,
    from one coffee lover to the next,

  5. Be still my heart! I’m in love with my Keurig but this little guy sure would fit in my home nicely. I’m sure I would find many delish things to do with it just as you have. Maybe it would keep my car from pulling into Starbucks ALL THE TIME ;o)
    I love refurbed stuff! I bought my lap top last year as refurb model and I couldn’t be happier with it!

  6. Thank you so much for reminding me why we got rid of our espresso machine! Neither of us could recall, reading through your post I had a sudden flash of memory!

  7. Oh that is so funny!
    Yesterday, I added up all the cups of coffee, and diet coke…No wonder I hardly slept last night! I tossed and turned ALL night, and couldn't figure out why for the longest time.
    Typing 600 words a minute! Love it!
    I would love an espresso machine-how neat that you have it, it is awesome!

  8. I too have a love affair with my espresso machine. A very lovely friend of mine bought it for my birtday! I even had my own Starbucks barista come for my 40th birthday. Serious addiction.

  9. I too have a Jura machine and love it.

    I have yet to make the exact drink as my starbucks…venti nonfat, sugar free hazelnut latte with whipped. Let me know if you perfect it. I never know how much milk and how much syrup to use.

    Keep me posted and Latte Love!


  10. i totally understand! we bought one of those a few months back and life just hasn't ever been better! i love it. i have americanos normally but i do like to have a latte once in a while too.

  11. If you ask me, which you probably shouldn't since I'm hopelessly addicted to coffee, that sounds like a little slice of heaven!

  12. Oh I can fully understand that you absolutely have to try them all at least twice. But I am sure all that cafeine induced energy will help in writing at least 2 blogposts per hour in advance, so you will be set untill January.

  13. We have a Capresso too and I don't even drink coffee.
    I know, it sounds unfathomable, but I still fire that baby up for dreamy frothy hot soy milk for my cocoa.
    Who knew I could love kitchen appliances so?
    The boyfriend claims this coffeemaker is straight from heaven as it magically has a hot pot of coffee waiting for him each morning because apparently 3 min is far too long to wait for caffeine at 6 am.
    I think he loves the Capresso like I love the KitchenAid mixer- and that's saying a lot!

  14. ok i had to come back here to say that i checked out that machine, and wOW, it does everything! literally EVERyThINg! i may be replacing an espresso machine, ahem.

  15. Hilarious! I am wishing I lived with you right about now (I know a little weird and creepy since you don't know me at all) 🙂

  16. Totally love this post! We just acquired a Bosch Tassimo a few months back and it's only right to try out every cup of java known to man to make sure it's a good machine, right? 😉

    But we do LOVE it because we have no desire to go and drop $4+ a cup at Starbucks, so it has definitely paid for itself.

    And just think of all the crafting you'll be able to do with this new found energy! Ha!


  17. How funny are you naming and labeling every drink you had in a certain time period? Cracks me up! Hey, with a machine like that, I would be over caffeinated, too.

  18. I've been planning on researching an espresso machine to "ask" for for Christmas…..I'll have to look into one of these refurbished models.
    You are such an enabler! (But, maybe, just maybe, you'll help me not spend my kids' college savings on Starbucks 🙂

  19. Love this post. Those coffees sound wonderful. The machine looks great!! I have an espresso machine but not as fancy. We do use it often, though and enjoy it.


  20. You crack me up! I just stumbled across your blog via Darby's and I'm so glad I did… It is just delightful! I'm so looking forward to reading more 🙂

  21. how fun, edie… are you still enjoying it? i'm in the market… though, at this point, i'm fully dedicated to my 2 cup, 18 year old, $99 Krups espresso machine. i've long stopped using the frothing wand (i'm living in the south now… it SHOULD be iced, right??), but engage ina daily dance with has beenthere through lows and highs, cold winter nights, and hot summer mornings, babies and grad school and holidays… ahh… i feel a post coming…:)

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