If you’re really bored and don’t have any laundry to fold, take a seat, drink some coffee (you’ll need it to stay awake) and stroll down memory lane with me.

21. I double majored in chemistry and biochemistry in college with a minor in biology. I would have made a pathetic chemist. Chemists should be precise and serious and a little neurotic.
22. I am a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Tennesee 1994. I had two babies at the time and studied alot. Maybe back then I was precise and serious and a little neurotic.
24. I was the secretary of my medical school class. I redefined that role to entail baking bread and cookies frequently for my class mates. I’m sure that surprises no one. I can’t remember doing anything ‘secretarial’.
25. I have always been athletic. I played almost every sport in high school, broke my hand playing flag football in med school, trained and finished a few half marathons, and can’t remember a time when I didn’t ‘work out’. As I approach my fortieth birthday, I’d like to train for ‘something’…..a marathon, a triathlon, a hotdog eating contest……..unless you have any better ideas for me?
26. I gained 12 pounds with my first pregnancy and did aerobics nearly until I delivered. 20 yo bodies were meant to have babies. I loved being pregnant. Every time. I would have a quiver full if I could. There is nothing more miraculous than giving life to a child from your own strong able body.
27. I have so many regrets about my early days as a parent. Can I get a do-over? Why is it that when you finally ‘figure out’ how to do this parenting thing, your oldest is graduating high school?
28. My father passed away when I was 27. He died from complications of lung cancer and cirrhosis. I lived 2 hours away and the night they called to tell me he ‘wasn’t going to make it much longer’, I prayed the whole way that he wouldn’t die before I got there. When I walked into the room, his breathing was labored. He died twenty minutes later. I cried and hugged him and held his hand and sang Amazing Grace to him as he passed from this life to the next. I know he waited for me. I can’t wait to see him again someday.
29. Watching Grey’s Anatomy has been a little like reliving parts of my past. And I knew from the start of the show that I’m definitely an Izzie. I get too attached. I struggle with boundaries. I had several regular patients to whom I gave money and rides home and my cell phone number. I prayed for them often and always had a sense that their over arching spiritual and life issues were often at the heart of their physical complaints. I miss doctoring. I miss the sacred bonds of the doctor patient relationship. It has been one of life’s greatest honors; to care for the sick and afflicted and dying.
30. I met Stevie just after I had told my first patient he was dying from pancreatic cancer. Despite my herculean efforts, two tears escaped as I held my patients’ hand and tried to give him hope. When I left the room, my heart broke into a thousand tears. A knight in green scrubs rescued me. I have been trying to say thank you ever since.
31. A brief period of darkness ensued. I will summarize by saying that the love of Christ is tenacious. God chased me down dark and twisty roads. I ran for my life and in circles and He was always there, breathing heavy into the recesses of my want and pleading with me to stop. He has been determined from the start to have the last word in my life. I’m trying to sit still and listen.
32. I am an ESFP on the MB personality test. To refresh your memory, that means: extrovert, sensing, feeling, perceiving. If you’ve been reading my blog very long, you probably already know that.
33. I am a foodie. My dream kitchen would have an eight burner Viking gas stove, 3 ovens, a built in deep fryer and wine refrigerator, a commercial coffee maker, a sous chef, and an entire collection of vintage aprons.
34. I don’t read chick lit. The closest I come to chick lit is The Red Tent. If there is a chick lit book that you think I must read, send me an email. Otherwise, my night stand will continue to look like that of a 40 year old male seminary student.
35. I am neurotic about smells. I love a fresh, clean smelling house. And fresh clean smelling kids. And fresh clean smelling pets. My car….. now that’s another story.
36. I married an IITJ. Opposites attract.
37. I love old style country music. I grew up listening to George Jones and Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette. I could bust out a good Loretta Lynn song at the least provocation. My children can roll their eyes and testify to that.
38. I am growing weary of the ‘100 things’ list. ADDers should never start a ‘100 things’ list.
39. I feel fairly certain I won’t have the sticktoittiveness to finish it.
40. But you probably already knew that too.

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  1. I don’t know how I’ve never seen your blog before!! I found you through Julia at Hooked on Houses (don’t you just love her?!?) I’m reading your posts of ‘100 things’ and I’M FROM MARYVILLE, too!! What the heck?? I guess we are around the same age, too, because I graduated h.s. in ’88. I loved #30 here because my father died from pancreatic cancer in ’85 and I would love to think that he had such a caring doctor to tell him of his fate…

    Anyway, can’t wait to sit and read up on some of your posts. I love your style, and I’m sure I’m going to find some great inspiration.


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