Our family wishes you true joy and peace as we celebrate the blessed Christ child come into the flesh.  May this Christmas find you comforted in His words of light and life.  Love to you all!

from our Christmas Eve service:

Father, we humbly bow before You on this night filled with awe at Your great love for us.  We know we are unworthy of such love because of our sins in thought,word, and deed.  Yet in the midst of our failings and desperate need, You have given us the gift of Your only Son as our infant Savior.  We give You thanks for sending the Christ child into our world demonstrating Your perfect love in action, as Jesus lived and died for us.  Forgive our sin this night and fill us with the everlasting peace only You can give as we continue to live in the reality of being both saint and sinner dependant upon this Jesus who was laid to rest in the manger and shed His blood on the cross to be the atonement for our sins.  You make this most holy night to shine with the brightness of the true Light.   Amen.

4 comments on “O Come O Come Emmanuel”

  1. OK so did you get your camera? How did the kids like the dog and how did he do during the night? Merry Christmas. My husband watched all Taylors music videos and was really impressed, he likes his voice. Take care. Jess

  2. So sorry to have left out Caiti. He also commented on her beautiful voice. WOW! You two are great. Edie, when are you going to sing for us? They must have gotten their talent from you.

  3. Can I just say you have the cutest style ever…oh your layering capabilities-Love it!! You’re the fun mama I want to be like 🙂

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