“Emme,  come look at all the snacks,   you wanna some poptarts?”
“You wanna play on the monkey bars?”
meanwhile,  Caiti shows off her new pinkilicious running spikes and tells us how they make her run soooo much faster and feel soooo glamorous…..
despite the fact that the girls are oblivious to the fact that people are actually RUNNING A RACE here,  they are,  in fact…..
“Emme,  you wanna take some pictures with mom’s camera?”   Dibbs lurks in the background.
They steal the teams’ water…..
while Caiti continues to run and sweat….
oh, she said her shoes make her feel like a superhero too…….
“I can scoot all the way down this bar like an inchworm,  can you?”
more running and sweating…..
“I bet you can’t do tricks on this bar like me.”
“I bet I can”
“Mom,  Emme’s trying to get on this really tall bar”  “MOOOOM”
“Can you just lift me up there?   Mom can we stay here til it gets dark?   This is my new*BFF* and she said if she sees me next time,  she’ll play with me again.”
And Elea,   a bit discouraged by Emme’s new friend,  takes charge of the camera again.    Maybe they did know that there was a race going on but they were so in their own little girlie worlds. I love that about kids…..how they make everything adventurous.    Both the girls and the guys teams’ won,   Emme made a new friend,  and Elea ate the teams’ poptarts and drank their water. Throw in McDonalds,  and it was a perfect day at the park.

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