Friday, September 19, 2008

Day of Reckoning……

by Edie Wadsworth on September 19, 2008

I woke this morning and knew today was gonna be the day.   I don’t want to do it…but it has to be done.   So,  I sheepishly, almost as if I was apologizing as I got on,  stepped on the scale. WHAAAAAAT?   How does this happen?   I haven’t gotten on in quite […]


What it means to be Lutheran…Part 1

by Edie Wadsworth on September 19, 2008

Raised as a very outspoken, dress-wearing independent Baptist, I grew up believing that  what determined how it is between God and me, depended on me. As long as I didn’t “drink, smoke, chew or run with boys that do”  and as long as I really focused on MY spirituality, MY quiet time with the Lord, […]

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