I love this picture.   In all likelihood,  it was taken 4 years ago but since I’m notoriously, predictably unpredictable about how I handle my photos….we’re left to guess.    That would make Stevie 41 and Elea 2.   This is one of those pictures that reminds me of the playfulness and loyalty and affection that this wonderful guy shows to me and to our children.   We are not left to wonder how much he loves us.   We played a new game today called “Apples to Apples” with the girls (thank you Sue for the suggestion) and he’s just so fun.   He gets excited with them and really laughs…..out loud.   They so enjoy his company and I sit in awe at the ease with which he parents.    It makes me grateful……for a man who will be a man…..who will step up and accept his role as a father and husband and leader…..who will make plenty of mistakes but who will say “I’m sorry,  please forgive me”.    I am thankful that I have been fortunate enough to share this life with a man such as this.

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