What,  you say, do these three things have in common?  Well, me , at the moment.   Today the girls and I made these lovely Egyptian pyramids to aid us in our study of the ancient Egypt. We used sugar cubes,  white glue, and paint and had a messy but fun time.   This is part of our Story of the World classical history curriculum and I am so impressed with it so far.   I think the girls would agree with me that history is our favorite subject.    Monday,  we are supposed to mummify chickens.   Eeek!  Wish me luck.
Then there’s the infamous Fantasy Football draft that took place today.   Has this man-game hit your family yet?   I would complain except that I love it too.   I couldn’t wait to get home last night and find out who “we” drafted.   You see,  this has a profound effect on which and how many football games we will watch every week.   All this compounded by the fact that Marcus now lives with us and is a confessing sports addict as well.    I will be the most well informed female about all things football.   And in case you’re wondering,   we got Carson Palmer,  Ladian Tomlinson, Tory Holt…….blah blah blah.     Who am I kidding?   All ten of my faithful readers are girly girls.

And then there’s a great ending to a great day.   Taylor’s band,  The Verity,  played in another battle of the bands near Johnson City……and WON……AGAIN.     The little girls and I went and listened and took this very poor quality video that may make you need dramamine…..(Elea was pulling on my arm through most of it.)    This time their prize was $100 and a chance to open for GroupOneCrew—-yeah I don’t listen to christian rap either—-so that means nothing to me; except that the boys will have a chance again to play to a large crowd.   This senior year for Taylor is off to a good start.   Thank you Morgan for being so kind to the girls and I.    

2 comments on “Egyptian Pyramids, Fantasy Football, and Battle of the Bands, part 2”

  1. Wow the band is good! All though you may need some video instruction! 😉 Thanks Elea! And great pyramids! How fun! And we are also infiltrated with Fantasy Football- our draft was the other day!


  2. Thanks Kelly! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the band myself. They sound very good live. I love how you embrace the FF too…”our” draft.

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