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  1. Great article! I am a voracious reader, but to be honest most of my friends and family are not. They don’t understand the joy of putting the chaos on hold to sit, read and think. Some have even bought the lie that to do so is actually a waste of time when there are so many things that “need” to be done. Most of the time I am left alone to my thoughts so I am really looking forward to book club and engaging with others who love this lost art too.

  2. My husband and I have always been lifelong readers and our 4 daughters were raised with
    ” reading time” several times a day but most especially at bedtime. I am now impressing ( with the parents help) upon my young grandchildren this art of reading. Our 2 year old granddaughter likes nothing better than to sit and look at her books. She can do it for an hour!

  3. My kids head off to school tomorrow. It will be the first time in 12 years that all my children are in school full day. I wanted a challenge to fill my time… so Odyssey here I come! Thanks for the prompt Edie.

  4. The article was a great read, I absolutely connected with the following:

    I pick up a book and read a paragraph; then my mind wanders and I check my e-mail, drift onto the Internet, pace the house before returning to the page. Or I want to do these things but don’t. I force myself to remain still, to follow whatever I’m reading until the inevitable moment I give myself over to the flow. Eventually I get there, but some nights it takes 20 pages to settle down.

    It is so hard to settle the mind, I feel like I am constantly thinking up to-do lists in my head. This will be good practice to get back to sitting with a book and really reading it to understand it. I read constantly but I do realize now I’m distracted while I do it.

    I’m so excited to join you!!

  5. I am excited to read this classic. I have started and have been surprised at how much I am enjoying the poem. Also, I have been surprised at how quickly it goes and how effective it has been at helping me to relax in other areas of my busy, four children, pastor for a husband life!

  6. Great article! I can so relate to this part…

    What I’m struggling with is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there is something out there that merits my attention, when in fact it’s mostly just a series of disconnected riffs and fragments that add up to the anxiety of the age.

    Thanks for starting us out this way.

  7. . What I’m struggling with is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there is something out there that merits my attention, when in fact it’s mostly just a series of disconnected riffs and fragments that add up to the anxiety of the age.

    I am always amazed how good writers can put my thoughts to paper so efficiently and yet, so completely. As I type from my iPad, I struggle not to flit to my email or see what’s on my reader. Sometimes, I have to force myself to stay with one subject manner at a time. So what if I miss something. If its important, I’ll find out. I find myself tempted not to take my phone places with me so I can’t be found. If anyone from my earlier years knew me, they would find me sitting under a tree reading a book. I long for those days and have set the goal to disconnect more from the “buzz” that is slowly eating away at my peace by using the disguise of being current or in the know. I like peace better.

  8. I read the article and can relate to it. Sadly, I’ve realised that I’ve grown very used to being constantly busy and less adept at curling up with a good book and giving myself over to it completely. I long for those habits of quiet meditation and contemplation to return. I’m so used to encouraging my children to read, and reading aloud to them, that I’ve let slip my own reading! Time to take back some ground I think, say no to the internet, the tv, the phone. It’ll be a challenge, especially in our hectic home, but I’m willing to give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration, Edie!

    • Join right in, Kim! We plan to discuss the first half of the book (first 12 books) by September 14th and the second half by Sept. 30th.
      You’re right on time!
      Glad to have you:)))

  9. So excited about the book club. I recruited a local friend to read it with me so we can have a live book club too. We meet Monday over ice cream to discuss the introduction and the first few books. Mostly we want to practice sounding smart!

    • Oh what a wonderful idea, Misty! I’ll have to share that with the group b/c I think that’ll help you even more than the online accountability! Happy reading and I’m sure you sound very smart already!!!

  10. In addition to buying the book, I went onto Overdrive and downloaded the mp3 so I can let it read to me. This may help with the pace of reading!

  11. Hi Edie,
    Like Kim, is it too late to join the book club? I just found your blog today. I will put down, “Les Miserables,” for the “Odyssey!!”

    • Not too late at all, dear! Just start reading and watch for threads on here and posts on my blog. We plan to discuss the first half of the book by September 14th and then the last half by the 30th.
      So glad to have you:)))

  12. You know I was always asking for you to start and online book club, so though I am shakin’ in my boots about your first pick…I’m in! xo, Jess W.

  13. Loving The Odyssey so far; almost half way. As far as this forum in concerned, am I missing where more comments would be, discussion, etc..? I am new to a forum set up; thank you for any help. Thanks again for this great idea of a first read; love the challenge to pick up a book I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

    • Hi karla! If you click on ‘Getting STarted with the Odyssey above, you can see a bunch of comments and discussion already. You’ll have to sign in to the forum to leave comments there. We are so glad to have you join us!

  14. Thank you Edie!!
    I love, “My experience is what I agree to attend to” William James.
    And, “Who do we want to be and how do we go about that process of becoming in a world of endless options, distractions, possibilities?”
    wow! No wonder I have a hard time focusing!

  15. Is there anyone in the Louisville are that would like to meet at a coffee joint (Heine Bros. or Starbucks) to talk about the Odyssey?

  16. Just purchased the book and am overwhelmed with the task of reading the story of the Odyssey. Let’s share and share alike the journey that is to be made.

  17. I would love to join, so count me in! I’ve been wanting to tackle some of these books for a long time, but its always nicer when you can discuss them. Thanks!


  18. Well, a little behind here but I just download The Odyssey to my Kindle. I gave up on finding book in all the boxes in basement. I know it is down there somewhere. ha ha

  19. ‘What I’m struggling with is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there is something out there that merits my attention, when in fact it’s mostly just a series of disconnected riffs and fragments that add up to the anxiety of the age.’ Great L.A. Times Article . Thanks for sharing Edie. As I mentioned, I’m catching up on ‘everything’.! School startup threw me! But we’re off and running, and each morning, coffee in hand, I’m reading again! Lost for a little while in the world of Odysseus! Thanks for the bookclub.,0,4905017.story#tugs_story_display

  20. I read “Amusing Ourselves to Death”, watched “O Brother Where Art Thou”, and am in the middle of “No-Man’s Lands (love the title, well written!)”. Enjoying how each are reminding me of the original journey. Maybe I’ll read it too! 🙂

    was wondering if you could post the editions/translators for the rest of the books that you have listed so we can work on obtaining them?

  21. I’ve been enjoying seeing xenia play out in the different communities that are visited. I found it interesting that Odysseus considers that the swineherd (in book 14) shows just as worthy xenia as the wealthy Phaecians that shower gifts and food on him.

    Also, I think that the Swineherd’s lament in book 14 shows how much the whole community has lost in Odysseus’s absence. I think Odysseus can be seen as a father figure to the whole community, they have been rudderless without him. Poor Telemachus, no wonder he has not been able to drive away the suitors, he has never been shown how to ‘be a man’ by someone who loves him. He seems to be closest to his Nurse – who while adoring him clearly can’t give him the guidance he needs. I second the comment about him not seeming close to his mother….not notice his absence for days. Really.

  22. A folk tune my children love is called “It’s a Long Way Home.” It tells the tale of children playing in the backyard, presumably before dark, and all their pretend adventures and antics between when they left that morning until the “dinner call.” Of course all is circumfranced in the course of one day.
    Odysseus also appears unaffected by time, why is that? I think that we see that he hasn’t stopped to take it all in, until he reaches the island of the Phaiakians. As a man of action the action always carried him forward, he lost his bearings, and being upon the land of the Phaiakia, with the good strong King Alkinoos and Queen Arete, finally he had time enough to stop and come to terms with the last twenty years. I think we get the sense of a true mother and father here in these two.
    The Athika that he left, the Penelope of his youth, and baby no long exist. Only the reader knows that, Odysseus hads’t taken the time to prepare for his homecoming. When Odysseus meets up with his mother in hades, he is absolutely shocked to hear about suitors, “suitors?, what Suitors?” Only does time then for him start ticking. Until then he hadn’t considered that time didn’t stand still.
    As he has a brief moment to stop and ponder, with Alkinoos the king, only then in the comfort of that true fatherly Xenia does he weep and grieve for what he has lost. He has lived so long in the war, and in the action of the present that he had not had time to stop and to grieve the loss of men and time and to come face to face with the true reality of the present. He weeps then and weeps with molten tears down his face.
    The word molten can not be looked over, as we are to understand that Odysseus was a volcano of feelings and we can see by his journeys those feelings ruled him in destructive ways and the false xenia of the Kirke used those feelings to her advantage.
    True xenia is a place where one is loved and given true gifts where nothing is expected in return.
    True Xenia can only be found in a land that is ruled by a man with a well loved wife. This book is not written at all from a Christian perspective however as fellow humans all made in God’s image, we can see that there is a commonality in man that can not be escaped.
    This is a brilliant work that describes human tendancies in such a way that we can see ourselves in it. It is without guile, or pretense and because we know the outcome we are carried along willingly, by the swift current of action and feelings, homeward.
    I am reading Robert Fitzgerald’s translation and it is excellent. The imagery is so tangible, and I especially love the lines that express the Dawn of the day: Book 2 is titled, “a hero’s son awakens.” Line One “When primal Dawn spread on the eastern sky her fingers of pink light..”
    Of course Edie, like you I am awake to appreciate those pink fingers of early dawn.
    Blessings on the rest of your weekends, and on the finishing of this great classic.

  23. Help! My husband and I just made the commitment to join the Book Club, but are finding it difficult to access the info on the forum. It looks like you have some spam, because under “Getting Started with Odyssey” I find post from cialis! Where are the discussions about Odyssey found? I’m usually pretty forum savvy, but I have failed. We are so excited to take this challenge together. Thanks so much for putting this together and for helping us find our way. We know we are starting late, but will try to catch up!

  24. Edie, some people (dreltytwene) seems to think that we need medication. LOL. I might but I’m not here to get that kind of info.
    Funny how some people try to drum up business like this. Tsk, tsk.

  25. Hi Edie
    I have read your blog off & on for a couple of years and I am thinking that you would enjoy my husband’s book. Maybe you get a lot of this and can’t entertain the idea of reading an unknown author’s book but I am taking the chance that you will connect to the words and the message. His name is Don McCullough and he’s a regular guy…..a GOOD guy, a career fire fighter for almost 30 years he is now a captain. he does a lot of work for his community, his “community” of fire fighters at large and for our country in his role with FEMA’s Urban Search & Rescue team which was recently deployed to Staten Island after Superstorm Sandy.
    His book is called Danny Boy a memoir and it’s his coming of age story about his adolescence in the turbulent South as it moved out of a period of segregation and he moved through the awkward world of adolescence. You can read the great ratings its getting on Amazon. I hope you’ll read it because i just have a feeling it will resonate with you. It is a story of finding grace after trudging through the ashes.

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