welcome friends!

I can’t tell you how honored I am that you’ve decided to join me in this 6 week Lenten study of the Prodigal Son story as it relates to our callings and the Father’s overwhelming love for us.  I pray that you will be blessed for the time you spend here!  You will receive your first morning devotional on Ash Wednesday and then an email most mornings through Easter.  This kind of study is richer when you do it with friends so get your people to do this with you.

They can subscribe to the study too, just have them Click HERE TO BE ADDED!

12 comments on “Lenten Devotional”

  1. Looking forward to another beautiful time in the liturgical calender . Thank u for this offer to enhance my Lent .this with Taizee prayer will deepen the experience.

  2. Can’t wait to start. I am making Lent my new start. If I can stay on track for 40 days, I will have achieve my goal of just getting started and sticking with it! Thx for the opportunity to be part of something great!

  3. I am looking forward to this. Like Melissa above, if I can stay on track fo r40 days that will be a good thing! I have so much to learn!

  4. Thankful for you, Edie, and for your commitment to making better and stronger the lives of even “elder” women like yours truly. May God truly bless this study.

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