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  1. I just found your blog today via Hooked on Houses and I really like the wall color in your master bath. I checked your paint color post but didn’t see it listed. Could you tell me the color?

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  5. Hola Edie, como estas me encanta tu blog es maravilloso pero ma ha sido imposible suscribirme no se que pasa, pero no me llega la notificación por correo, te agradeceria que me ayudaras, un abrazo y muchas bendiciones

  6. Translation:In case you couldn’t read this. 😉

    Hi Edie, How are you? I love your blog, but you have made it impossible to subscribe. I don’t what happened, but I don’t get the the notification by mail. I’d appreciate if you helped me. Hugs and many blessings.

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  9. A belated thank you for sharing your story and writing All the Pretty Things. It was very well written and helped me walk through some emotions I have had around the relationship with my own father. So thrilled that your book happened to cross my mind today so that I would check out your website & discover your September morning videos. I am catching up!! Thanks again

  10. Hi Edie, I read your book last year and it gave me a lot of encouragement as I my husband is a depressed alcoholic. As of yet, I have not had the urge to leave which I would have along time ago if there were children in the house. (his daughter and my 3 children are adults with only his daughter living locally)
    It’s not easy & I pray alot, many times, the Lord’s prayer over and over because I don’t know what else to pray.
    His sisters want nothing to do with him (not he them) but I keep in tough with them. I quote to them a line I’ve heard you say “He’s just like us, a poor sinner who Christ died for.”
    I don’t know what will become of him, he believes, (he wasn’t raised in a Christian home) but doesn’t know what to do with his faith. I like to hope God will put a (very patient) and Godly man in his life who could mentor, but that’s been a prayer a long time waiting .
    I am blessed with wonderful friends and a good job doing what I love to do, and you introduced me to issuesetc quite some time ago – – I apparently have an inner Lutheran – –
    Anyway, I know I’m not the only one, and the bad days give me an opportunity to pray for the poor souls in bad situations who don’t have a choice to be where they are. I do have a choice, and as of this day, I feel I’m supposed to be here to show him love (I’m sure I enable to a certain degree, but am aware of strategies to keep that minimal) and to keep praying the Lord’s prayer over him.
    Thank you for all the encouragement – the blog, the book, issuesetc, First Lutheran Church of Knoxville….you are a blessing.

  11. Edie,
    I am a long time subscriber to your website. I watched your video about hormone balance. I’m not on Facebook and not able to read things there. I’m trying to figure out specifically what oils can be helpful to progesterone production. I heard you say that you use something daily, but couldn’t tell what it is that you use daily. Is it a specific oil? or a specific blend of oils? What is in it? I looked on the Young Living website and couldn’t find anything about helping balance hormones. Nor could I find anything at my local natural health store. Can you give me more details?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jenn!

      The oil she recommended in the video she did that I watched was Progessence Plus by Young living. I’ve been using it for almost a year, and its worked wonders for me!

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  14. I want to say THANK YOU! for your ministry! I SO look forward to your weekly morning podcasts, they brighten my days 😉

    You have a link for “Balance Your Hormones” on your blog, I’ve tried several times to sign up for this, and I get no reply. I am really interested in listening to this, and am hopeful it is the same recording as your summer Hormone Balance with Essential Oils podcast. These months later, some of my notes aren’t making sense and I’d love to hear it again.

    Thanks so much!

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