It’s 3 in the morning and you wonderful people have been my company tonight.   I’m so humbled and blessed by your giving.

For so many days and in so many ways you have wrapped me in loving words and prayers and given me a beautiful ray of hope.

This birthday party may be my undoing.  I’ve only made it through a few of them and I found myself wallowing in a brand new heap of tear-mingled joy.

I can’t believe you all did that for me.  I am pretty much speechless.   Wow.   I have amazing friends.

I can’t wait to read them all.  But duty (sick children) calls so it’s gonna take a while.


I’m doing kind of okay, some of the time.   But then yesterday morning I cried for three straight hours.

I don’t know if it was the stomach virus that’s making its’ way through our family,  or the sleep deprivation or because all I can think of is I want to go home.

I miss my house.  I miss my kitchen.  I miss cooking and crafting and reading and teaching.

I miss normal.  I hope I never take normal for granted again.

This turquoise chair is one of maybe 3 things that’s recognizable from the fire.

I could hardly believe it when I first saw it.    A little turquoise gift in the midst of ruins and overwhelming loss.

I have a feeling that this *night* will seem long and dark and heavy.

But the Son will rise again and all will be well.  I just know it.

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