June 2010


by Edie Wadsworth on June 28, 2010


And Summer, dear summer, hath years of June With large white clouds, and cool showers at noon: And a beauty that grows to a weight like grief, Till a burst of tears is the heart’s relief. George McDonald fyi: we are living summer to the fullest! i’m reading lots of curriculum stuff to get ready […]


Chocolate Cake and Homeade Cheese Danish

by Edie Wadsworth on June 23, 2010


Now that I’m the proud owner of the most wonderful stove in the world, I fear this may become a food blog. Meet Beatty’s Chocolate Cake (courtesy of Ina Garten) which I made for Father’s Day! It’s wonderfully moist with a bit of a mocha flair although not to be confused with mocha cake proper. […]


happy father’s day

by Edie Wadsworth on June 20, 2010


as waves of change crash in on us you stand tall and strong and sure. my knees buckle, i fear i’m losing my way. and yet you set your eyes firmly ahead, never flinching, just as steady as the sun rising. gentle yet fierce, tender but never weak, strong like an oak and wise like […]


I think I’m in love

by Edie Wadsworth on June 19, 2010


So, here’s where we stand: 1. The countertops came in on Thursday and they are seven kinds of wonderful. Crisp, clean white quartz (the color ‘snow white’ from Zodiac). I wanted to snuggle up on them and have a sleepover. I missed them during the night. They’re amazing. 2. Before the dust could clear from […]


This song goes out to all the carbs I ever loved

by Edie Wadsworth on June 17, 2010


How to enjoy your kids in the summer

by Edie Wadsworth on June 14, 2010


1.  Encourage their creativity. Get out some paint or some clay or some crayons and create something. We’re taking a few weeks off from ‘school’ but as I’m hoping to blur the lines between ‘school’ and  ’life’, we’re still busy learning.   One of my very favorite bloggers Meg introduced this wonderful art blog last […]


The little kitchen that could…..

by Edie Wadsworth on June 11, 2010


If you think you’re tired of waiting on this kitchen, imagine me—cooking a big heaping pile of onions at the exact same time the guys are installing that cabinet over the microwave.  Saw dust was flying everywhere and I think the installer could hardly believe I was cooking right in the middle of it all. […]


Old Fashioned Griddlecakes

by Edie Wadsworth on June 7, 2010


There’s a convoluted story behind these griddlecakes and before I give you the recipe—which you most certainly should try—I must tell you the story. Remember these? The tacky charming little wooden calendars that everyone had in 1985? You know the one that came with holiday-decorated wooden chips so that you could put an American flag up […]


Insanity Deconstructed

by Edie Wadsworth on June 5, 2010


You know you’re insane when: You insist on making strawberry freezer jam in the middle of a kitchen remodel. —especially when your kitchen looks like this…. —and you’re bathroom sink is trying to pretend to be a kitchen sink…… —-and your kitchen sink, which is the most beautiful dreamy sink you’ve ever seen, is nowhere […]


2010 Dance Recital

by Edie Wadsworth on June 2, 2010


The dance recital was a three day affair of girls and hairspray and lip gloss and pirouettes and giggles. It really makes me wish I had been learning to dance when I was young instead of sporting a mullet and playing short stop. But let’s let bygones be bygones and hope I don’t turn into […]

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