We all have them.  I think I’m going to coin them Psalm 38 days;  days when skies are gray and tears fall easy and breathing seems hard.   So I read Psalm 38 over and over.

Then I listened to this.   And I prayed.

I woke up today and I can breathe.   New mercies.   Grace upon grace.

He seeps into the dark of our broken and brings light and life.

He comforts because He knows.   Before the Bread of Life can be shared, it must be broken.  He must die.   And as one marked by His love,  He takes me there.  In His dying and rising.

I must learn to live with broken.

Washed over.

Plowed under.

And then raised to walk in newness of life.

He is the true Bread of Life.

And He said, “Take, eat, this is my body which was broken for you

Take, drink, this is my blood which is shed for you for the remission of sins.”

Life spilled recklessly, poured out and given to me as literal sustenance.

So today, I am thankful to drink in forgiveness.   And I am thankful for the One who goes so willingly, who gives so fearlessly.

The One in whose broken heart I have found true Hope.

The One who takes these tattered pieces of my life and makes me over again.   So that I might be poured out on others.

Today, I say thank you for broken.

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