Our Broken Hallelujah

by Edie Wadsworth on April 18, 2014

“Standing by the cross of Jesus was his mother…..”


As a mother, it’s hard not to see Good Friday from the broken heart of the mother of God, watching with horror as her son was mocked and beaten and crucified.

  The sin of Adam, which ushered in our suffering and death would be answered by Christ, the suffering Savior, whose kingdom is born in you, through the obedience and the quiet yes of a young girl from Nazareth.  It must have seemed like no time to her that the linens she wrapped her baby in became his grave clothes.  And just like Mary, the shroud that covered you in your dying with Him will become the swaddling clothes with which you offer your love, incarnate, to the world.

The yes cry of the mother of God would break her heart into a thousand pieces.  [read more]


For My Beloved

by Edie Wadsworth on April 17, 2014


 For those who fear their sin has been too great and their pride too blinding,

For those crushed under doubt and shame and unbelief,

For those whose hearts are broken with loneliness, abandonment,  and mind-numbing grief,

For those who’ve spent years in a dark and dreary wilderness, without the tiniest shimmer of hope,

For those whose souls ache for the joy of homecoming,

For those who are ravaged by addiction and longing and worry,

For those who don’t remember a day when love didn’t threaten to leave,

For those who’ve been battered and bruised by the Church, by the religious ones who said you didn’t measure up,  [read more]


The 3 Secrets to Radical Hospitality

by Edie Wadsworth on April 15, 2014


My love for hospitality began when I was ten years old and a giant ornate bar was delivered to our dining room complete with a crystal whiskey decanter and a set of brandy sniffers.  I don’t think we had ever owned anything quite so nice and I was completely awestruck at the possibilities.  My sister and I bartended for hours on end, with the likes of chocolate milk, apple juice, sweet tea, and some fancy swizzle sticks.  Sometimes we would dress up in our snazziest clothes and pretend to be the patrons, holding our pinkies out just so while we sipped on beverages from dainty glasses.  Apparently, this was an eat-in bar establishment because my favorite part was to set the tables and take the faux orders of a host of make believe (and very demanding) restaurant goers.  I hustled.  I was in it to win it. I took CARE of my customers.  I hired my sister off and on but I didn’t hesitate to fire her if her enthusiasm waned.  Now I’d give anything to work beside her everyday.  She’d keep me organized and she’d make me laugh all day.  Alas, I didn’t know how good I had it.

(Go ahead and take a minute with this photo.  There’s a lot to study here.)


I perfected the art of running the home restaurant over the next few years until it all came crumbling down in 1983.   [read more]


On Vows, Teens, and Other Sacred Things

April 13, 2014

We began Holy Week today with little ones waving palm branches as they made their way toward the altar, followed by 11 young men and women ready to make their confirmation vows to God—vows to follow Christ even unto death, to hear His Word regularly and to take His Supper faithfully.  I was teary eyed […]

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5 Surefire Ways to Breathe New Life Into Ordinary Days

April 9, 2014

I don’t know about you but I sure could use a  reset.  It’s so easy to let the busyness and details of ordinary life choke out  the beauty that hovers all around us.  I did a mental (and physical) reset a couple weeks ago and I’m so glad I did.  Do you ever just wish […]

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On Porches and Spring and Life in the South

April 7, 2014

No front porches. My uncle says there used to be front porches. And people sat there sometimes at night, talking when they wanted to talk, rocking, and not talking when they didn’t want to talk. Sometimes they just sat there and thought about things, turned things over. My uncle says the architects got rid of […]

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Weekend Grace

April 5, 2014

I’ve got lots more to say about this soon but one of my (crafty) dreams just came true.  I’ve been stalking following Anna Marie Horner for years wondering when I might ever get the chance to sit with her around a sewing machine and learn from the master.  She’s a fabric designer, master seamstress, brilliantly […]

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The Year I Lost $150,000

April 2, 2014

Death is to lose the earth you know, for greater knowing; to lose the life you have for greater life; to leave the friends you loved, for greater loving; to find a land more kind than home, more large than earth.  ~Thomas Wolfe Seven years ago this month she made one of the hardest decisions […]

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Progress at the Mountain Cabin {The Power of White}

March 31, 2014

It was a wonderful week of break from all the things called normal life.  I was so happy to share some of my friends with you last week through guest posts and I’m equally as happy to be back with you today! I missed you lovelies something awful. We spent the week in the mountains […]

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Where Dreams and Callings Collide {Paige Knudsen}

March 29, 2014

We started this week of guest posts with Sasha and a DIY jewelry holder.  We’re ending it with the jewelry you can hang on it!  You know already how much I love my girl Paige. She’s such a precious person and friend.   So, mark it on your calendars because she’s coming to BEAN STATION […]

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The Crack in Everything {Tara Lowry}

March 28, 2014

Welcome my sweet friend Tara to the blog today.  She and I have been internet friends since I can remember.  She gave me a beautiful gift after our house fire and I think of her often when I pass by it in our home.  She has a lovely blog and a lovely shop and I’m […]

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Keep My Eyes Above the Waves

March 27, 2014

Welcome my friend Jeanne to the blog.  She’s one of the most creative people I know with such a savvy sense of doing business with heart.  I’d love to live closer to her to just sit in her studio and listen and learn.  She’s is such a talented artist with a passion for helping others […]

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The Power of Taglines

March 26, 2014

I’m so happy to have my friend Denise on the blog today!  She is the first person who ever introduced me to blogging and the person who first believed that this might be my sweet spot.  Six years and so many happy memories (and so much work!) later, I am so indebted to her for […]

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Baby Chicks, Llamas, and One Cool Parrot

March 25, 2014

I’m so honored to welcome Marie to the blog! She’s an amazing woman and has been the dearest encouragement to me over the years.  I admire her writing and her swoony farm life.  I so want to take a trip to Oklahoma to meet her.  I know you’ll love her too! Happy springtime! I am […]

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DIY Arrow Jewelry Holder

March 24, 2014

Welcome Sasha from Lemonade Makin’ Mama to the blog today!  She has a great blog, full of beautiful words and eye candy galore and a shop that will quickly become one of your favorites.  I’m so excited about the project she’s sharing today and  I can’t wait to make one for myself!  I know you’re […]

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