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You think you want HAPPINESS but I promise you, there's something way better.

This LIVE training will teach you 4 POWERFUL LIFE HACKS that you can implement TODAY, no matter what your circumstances, that will set your soul on fire & remind you once and for all why you are here and what you were created for.


This timely training will shine a light on the pitfalls of the pursuing happiness & will give INSTANT CLARITY on what actually makes life deeply rewarding, along with insanely practical tips for HOW to take the next critical steps toward the meaningful life you crave!

Ready to stop chasing happy & figure out what really makes life AMAZING?

Whether you're so over the fear & paralysis of THE YEAR WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED or simply going through a rough transition, it's easy to seek comfort wherever it may be found, only to realize that the "happiness" we're trying so hard to find is flimsy and fleeting.

I've been there and it was hard to even know where to BEGIN.

That's why we created this game-changing training that will lay out a PATH for you a life that is BETTER THAN HAPPY!


  • 4 POWERFUL life hacks that you can implement right away to get clarity around your purpose, better manage your time, stay focused on your priorities, and still stop giving into overwhelm.
  • Insanely genius tips for supercharging your daily routines in order to set yourself up for success! 
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR clarity about where you are & your next steps for getting unstuck & on your way to the life you crave, along with concrete tips for staying calm in this crazy world.
  • Practical, real-life ways to drastically reduce your anxiety & fear. This is 60 minutes you will NOT want to miss!  

And the best part? It’s
completely free to attend! Simply click the button to register & we'll send you an email and a link to our insanely helpful workbook that you'll use during the training!

I can't imagine where I'd be right now in my life without the wisdom & mentoring of Dr.Edie. Her teaching has changed everything for me.



I've been under Dr. Edie's teaching for 4 years and her hard-earned & hard-fought wisdom is pure gold!


Hey There, I'm Dr.Edie!

And I know exactly what it's like to feel a little lost and unsure about my goals in life.

In fact, when I first gave up my medical practice in 2007, I felt paralyzed by the possibilities in front of me. For so long, I had defined my meaning and purpose by my job and here I was at home for the first time, trying to find my way. We had worldly success so it was easy to fall prey to overindulgence, which instead of making me happy, made me infinitely more miserable.

The steps I share in this training are the steps I used to find my way again. So, if yourself struggling with how to feel better & how to find true meaning, this is EXACTLY what you need to get unstuck.

This is one hour you will NOT regret!

"This was so helpful to me in a time when I feel like I'm struggling to even know who I am anymore! It was exactly what I needed to stop feeling so lost. I already feel like I have so much more clarity around my life. Thank you so much for this resource!

- Julie -