Discover what you REALLY WANT!

It's time to dream again!

People tell you to follow your dreams, but you don't even know what they are anymore. Everyone talks about having clear goals, but you've got no idea what your goals should even be or if you do, no real plan to get there or lack the follow through.

This free guide will help you discover what your dreams really are. You'll also get access to my video on journaling your dreams to help you get started. Are you ready to start dreaming again and see those dreams come true? Get your free guide and video to get started today!




"This was so helpful to me in a time when I feel like I'm struggling to even know who I am anymore! It was exactly what I needed to hear to stop feeling so lost. I already feel like I have so much more clarity around my life. Thank you so much for this resource!

- Julie -

Hey There, I'm Dr.Edie!

And I know exactly what it's like to feel a little lost and unsure about my goals in life.

In fact, when I first gave up my medical practice in 2007, I felt paralyzed by the possibilities in front of me. For so long, I had defined my meaning and purpose by my job and here I was at home for the first time, trying to find my way through dishes and meals and laundry and soccer games.

I felt so lost. I've had that happen many times since, when circumstances change and my life feels a little aimless. The steps I share in this download are the steps I used to find my way again. So, if you're struggling about goals and purpose, this is EXACTLY what you need to get unstuck.

And if you too are ready to start dreaming again, then grab my free What's Your Dream Guide now--it will show you the 4 simple steps you can take right now that will have an immediate impact (and believe me--they WORK!)