Stressed out to the max and still not seeing the results in your life you want? Feeling overwhelmed all the time and yet not satisfied with where your life is heading? So was I. But I learned a few secrets that helped me take my life and my health and my time, my gifts, and my marriage back. And I can help you too. 2019 is YOUR year. Your year to thrive, to contribute, to do work that matters, to love well, to serve with all your heart, to be the version of YOU that God created you to be. Don’t let doubt, fear, insecurity, your past, or anything else stand in the way of living with full joy and purpose. Your BEST BEAUTIFUL YEAR awaits. Are you ready for it? Let me be your guide.

How I can help you.....

Coach With Me!

You know you were made for more but life keeps getting in the way. You HAVE to make some changes but they don't seem to stick. You're overwhelmed and so tired of feeling anxious and stuck and behind. You don't want to let another year slip by without stepping into your purpose.

That's how I felt 4 years ago when my life was crashing around me. I want to share with you the path I took to walk out of the confusion and into my purpose. I'll be sharing it all—my struggles, the tools and secrets that helped me climb out of the pit, and the habits that keep me growing and learning and thriving.

 For the first time ever, I am taking a small group of coaching clients to work closely with me for 8 weeks. We will be diving into my brand new curriculum (based on my new book). 

This small group coaching program will include:

  • 2 one-on-one calls
  • 16 group coaching calls 
  • An exclusive Saturday in-person retreat hosted & taught by my team & me in the Spring, accomodations & food provided 
  • One year access to all of my online courses, including Overflow, Reclaim Your Best Beautiful Life, & my course on Essential Oils from a Doctor's Perspective
  • ONE TICKET to the live event I teach every January called Your Best Beautiful Year
  • Videos from this year's live event
  • Pdf's every week, to guide the coaching calls with homework to be completed each week 
  • Mostly, you get me and my loving but tough feedback and coaching 
  • The introductory price for this program is $1,000 and is non-refundable. 


This program is the beta program that will launch my brand new coaching practice and I am SO EXCITED to see who will be a part of this FIRST group!! I've been praying for you and I only want you to apply if you KNOW FOR SURE you are supposed to do this. It needs to be a HECK YES before you even click the link below! We are prepared to take 12-15 women in this first cohort. I hope you will be one of them! 

Click below to fill out the application and we will let you know in the next 2-3 days if we feel like we are a good fit to help you transform your life and help you make 2019 YOUR BEST YEAR YET!!

The program begins January 16th & finishes March 9th, which is the date for the live retreat. The in person workshop will be hosted by Dr. Edie in Morristown, Tennessee on Saturday from 9-4. Accomodations and food are provided. Travel arrangements will need to be made on your own. Coming to the live event is not required but is highly recommended! We plan to SURPRISE & DELIGHT YOU as we wrap up the 8 weeks together. Part of this event will be recorded but it will not be a substitute for being there.



What Our Readers & Clients Say...

from our recent YOUR BEST BEAUTIFUL LIFE WORKSHOP (where we learned MANY things and used our breaks to learn LINE DANCING!!)

" I still am awestruck and completely inspired and brought down to my knees from this beautiful God breathed event by Edie Rudder Wadsworth (Breanna)

Because of your course I feel better able to move forward with a new attitide, a new heart, make new and different choices. I'm so grateful. (Linda)

Dr. Edie feeds my soul. I felt as though someone actually understood the path I needed to pick myself up, become strong again and no longer be a victim to my circumstances. I cannot express how this was a life line for me just when I needed it most. Thank you! (Leslie)