1. There’s hardly anything more endearing than pictures of little ones crafting. The actual real life crafting is a little more stressful than the photos reveal.
craft collage
2. When 75% of your crafts involve straight pins, there will very likely be screams of pain…..and 8,765 straight pins on your floor.
3. There’s hardly anything more endearing than pictures of little ones crafting.
4. When 50% of your crafts involve gum drops, there’s a good chance you will find gum drops in odd places for the next 5 days.
but it will most definitely be worth it!
5. When you plan too many crafts in one day……
the children will leave you for dead in a pile of straight pins, gum drops, fabric scraps and felt birds to……..
make some fun of their own.
6. Those of your children who are very diligent and slightly perfectionistic will continue the ‘creating’ and complain that the “snow” is very runny this year.
7. Everyone works better if the projects are edible.

Check out the crafts we attempted here at my tumblr site (the place where I store links/things I don’t want to forget).
Update on photo: Thanks a million for all your funny and thoughtful responses to my Christmas card dilemma. I think I have a win/win solution. I got an email today from Vista for 50% off New Year’s cards so I think I’ll take that option. I also plan to use some of the funhouse photo cards to give to people at church and to some other folks whom we see often (who know that our real life faces are not quite that wide). How’s that for compromise?! Hope your week is merry.
And thank you Cindy for the PS tutorial. Now I need 4 or 5 good undisturbed hours (or weeks) to play!
Lots of love to you all!

20 comments on “Things I learned while Christmas Crafting”

  1. Looks like a blast and the memories you made for the kids is priceless! Glad you figured out the card dilemma

  2. How fun for these darling girls…the worst thing is glitter! It will be found for years to come! Have a great week..come say hi 😀

  3. Looks like a great great time. Im glad that you filled us in on the aftermath. I tend to think that those things only happen to me:)It looks like you put ALOT of work and planning into the dya. ONE of those projects woudl have done me in for awhile!!

    I'm hsoting my first BIG giveaway–A Canon Photo Printer–come check it out:)

  4. Edie, It all looks so delightful and fun. My girls are getting those cute little "candy" tees for Christmas… Morgan's getting Mike & Ikes {her favorite} and Paige Hersheys Kisses and now that I see that Twizzlers one I may need to see if I can find it in an XXXL for myself!! I still don't have a card put together the thought of stuffing, stamping and addressing is too daunting for me this year. I'm doing good to get a present wrapped! Merry Christmas to you and your crew!! xoxo- D
    ps- And yes it's 4:30 am… I'll likely crash tonight by 7. 🙂

  5. looks like fun, edie.. wish i were there! sorry about the mess :/
    hope you're enjoying these last few days to nest before the big event… 🙂

  6. I can't remember exactly how I found your site…. but I am just in love with it.. What wonderful ideas you have. Such fun colors and inspiration.. We too have a large blended family… Truly mine, yours and ours. The oldest is 23 and the little man just turned 2. But what a Blessing.. Will be back again soon. So glad to have found you in the wonderful world of BLOg…

  7. Beautiful! Several years ago I tried to make a gumdrop ornament for my tree but it was way too heavy (duh!). A wreath is a much better idea! xoxo

  8. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait for my kids to be a little older and we can do more crafts. When they are in preschool it makes it harder.

  9. Looks like so much fun!! I know what you mean about the pictures being "calmer" than real life!!! LOL! Merry Christmas my friend!

  10. I just have to say that your "reality" pictures made me feel much better. I love the IDEA of crafting with my kids, because in my plans, there is no mess and all the crafts come out perfect. I thought maybe yours always did. 🙂
    Thanks for being transparent and showing us the not-so-perfect but we had-a-great-time photos. I feel much better about our craft fiascos.

    Merry Christmas (a little late)

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