Intentional Living

7 Ways I Simplified My Life {And Saved Money}

by Edie Wadsworth on May 23, 2014


Thanks to Dave Ramsey and his Endorsed Local Providers program for sponsoring this post and inspiring us! The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life’s […]

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What We’re Sowing

by Edie Wadsworth on May 15, 2014


I married a biology major who loves and studies birds and trees.  In the house before this one,  he planted 90—yes you read that right—90! trees.  His middle name is Martin so maybe he comes by it honestly.  In this house, I lost count at around 40.  He was planning the trees before the foundation […]


The 3 Secrets to Radical Hospitality

by Edie Wadsworth on April 15, 2014


My love for hospitality began when I was ten years old and a giant ornate bar was delivered to our dining room complete with a crystal whiskey decanter and a set of brandy sniffers.  I don’t think we had ever owned anything quite so nice and I was completely awestruck at the possibilities.  My sister […]


4 Resolutions Every Mom Needs to Make

by Edie Wadsworth on January 10, 2014


I may have an unhealthy obsession with the New Year.  Fresh starts are like cool, mountain air to me.  Maybe it has something to do with my January birthday or my tendency to want to hunker down, but January is one of my favorite months.  I read a lot of books, make a lot of […]


November Meal Plan, 2013

by Edie Wadsworth on November 4, 2013


I wrote about cooking and meal planning during the 31 Days series and apparently I have passion and feelings about the topic. Large feelings. What can I say? I’m a foodie and I love to feed people. I want you to love it too, so I’m making it a tad bit less daunting.  Because those […]

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October Menu Plan

by Edie Wadsworth on September 30, 2013


We’re entering into one of my favorite months, beautiful October.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll  be busy doing my 31 Days series on Less and More, so I thought a well planned month of eating all our favorite fall foods would be a great way to start a busy month.  It seemed like the perfect little gift to you, […]

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Meditations on Mothering

by Edie Wadsworth on September 24, 2013


She buried her head into my neck and cried red, hot tears.  She already feels the sting of life and we sit in her bed and bear it together.  It might as well be the weight of the world.   Joy unspeakable awaits her, but so does heartbreak.  How do I tell her that this […]


DIY Chalk Paint Placemats

by Edie Wadsworth on August 6, 2013

DIY chalk paint placemats

DIY Chalk Paint Placemats You have GOT to make these.  They are all kinds of fun! Ruth and her family are here visiting this week and we’ve already had a ball.   She and I are co-teaching a workshop on Hospitality this weekend at the Becoming Conference. We’re brainstorming about all this fun stuff we’re gonna […]

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How to Knit a Dishcloth::{for the beginner}

by Edie Wadsworth on May 8, 2013

how to knit a dishcloth

I like to call these Grannie washcloths.  Kinda like Grannie’s Fudge but without the chocolate.  They are so darn cute and useful and easy to make.  I’ve made 4 this week already and this is the perfect little project in which to learn to knit.  They make THE perfect little handmade gift and you’ll love […]

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Home. On Purpose

by Edie Wadsworth on April 30, 2013

This indeed, was a home, – home, -a word that George had never yet known a meaning for; and a belief in God, and trust in His providence, began to encircle his heart, as, with a golden cloud of protection and confidence, dark, misanthropic, pining, atheistic doubts, and fierce despair, melted away before the light […]


Closet Organizing Tips, {and my favorite clothes}, part 2

by Edie Wadsworth on April 10, 2013


(This is re-adapted from a chapter in my ebook on Hospitality called The Well-Appointed Hostess.) Also, join my ‘fashion’ board on Pinterest for ideas and amusement! So, now that we’ve all cleaned out our closets and made peace with our inner hoarders, here’s a few of my favorite tips for dressing yourself. Y’all listen close. […]

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On Raising Gracious Kids

by Edie Wadsworth on March 6, 2013


  I wrote this post, not because I’ve somehow got it all figured out, but because  even as a veteran mom, I’m still struggling.  I’m right there with you, down in the trenches, waging war, as enemies attack these kids, our family, on every side.  It’s hard because it’s supposed to be hard.  But don’t […]

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Love. On Purpose {A Link-Up}

by Edie Wadsworth on February 27, 2013

This year, I made a goal to live with more intention-—to find ways to spend my time, my money, and my gifts more wisely. It’s so easy for us to fill our lives with so much stuff that we leave little room to serve others, to dream our dreams,  to make art, to love well. This […]


your real, new self

by Edie Wadsworth on February 4, 2013

“Your real, new self (which is Christ’s and also yours, and yours just because it is His) will not come as long as you are looking for it. It will come when you are looking for Him. Does that sound strange? The same principle holds, you know, for more everyday matters. Even in social life, […]


Time. On Purpose {A Link-Up}

by Edie Wadsworth on January 30, 2013

I am SO thankful and humbled by your response to my ebook. You are so generous and kind and I love you all. If you haven’t had a chance to purchase it, you can still get it for $5 here. Subscribe to my blog via email and receive my February newsletter here! This year, I […]

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