Yarn Wrapped Wreath

by Edie Wadsworth on December 4, 2014


We are so enjoying Advent and a very SLOW move toward Christmas. In other words, I still have pumpkins in my kitchen and on my front porch. I’m obsessed with all things yarn right now so as we speak, I’m knitting some cool bracelets and a cowl or two.  I made these wreaths last Christmas […]

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Hosting Thanksgiving {Without Losing Your Mind!}

by Edie Wadsworth on November 21, 2014

how to host thanksgiving

I have a confession to make.  I haven’t totally recovered from book writing.  Otherwise known as, I’m not on my A game right now.  Otherwise known as, I’m tempted to order Thanksgiving from Popeye’s. I’ve lost a good portion of my mojo and it’s taking its sweet time coming back.


Swedish Meatball Soup

by Edie Wadsworth on November 14, 2014


Here’s what you need to know about this soup—Stevie said it’s the best soup he’s ever had.  And the man has had a plethora of soups in his day. He’s married to the woman who will make a soup out of ANYTHING.  Also of note? His family is a mixture of German and Scandinavian and […]


Loaded Potato Soup

by Edie Wadsworth on October 2, 2014


Do you have any idea how happy I am that soup season is officially here?  SO HAPPY.  As in, I can hardly stand myself with excitement over which soup to make next.  Not that a small thing like weather could keep me from making the best ever beef stew at the drop of a hat.  If […]

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On Humility, Parenting, and Being Teachable

by Edie Wadsworth on September 29, 2014


When he was four years old, he walked in with me to a Gross Anatomy lecture, his smile a mile wide and his tousled hair with his signature cowlick making him the cutest thing since sliced bread.  He wasn’t feeling well (or just wanted to spend the day with mom?) and since the lectures were […]


My Best Trick to Getting Dinner on the Table

by Edie Wadsworth on September 26, 2014


“If we were taught to cook as we are taught to walk, encouraged first to feel for pebbles with our toes, then to wobble forward and fall, then had our hands firmly tugged on so we would try again, we would learn that being good at it relies on something deeply rooted, akin to walking, […]

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread (and my midlife crisis hair)

by Edie Wadsworth on September 24, 2014


“It seems to me that our three basic needs, for food and security and love, are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others. So it happens that when I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and […]



If I can be known for two things in life, let it be soup and cookies.  Okay, and maybe bread and buttercream. I don’t know if there is any sight more dear to me than just out of the oven, ever so slightly undercooked chocolate chip cookies.  And these will make you go weak in the […]

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How to Set Up a Baking Center

by Edie Wadsworth on September 10, 2014


I’ve never quite had a baking center like this but it was a priority when we rebuilt our house. I’ve had various versions of one for a long time and here’s the truth of the matter—-if your supplies are easily accessible and organized, you’ll bake more.  (You might also like a full tour of the […]

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The Most Important Thing to Remember About Parenting

by Edie Wadsworth on September 8, 2014

the most important thing to remember about parenting

The sun was pouring into the east sky, scattering orange like a blanket over everything.  She was sitting in the front seat, unable or unwilling to look at me, her head turned decidedly away and her body clinging to her side of the car sending its message loud and clear.  Was there a tear in […]

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I hope to make your meal prep and planning easier by helping you get all the stuff you need for a season of great cooking.  And there’s no better time to embrace cooking at home than fall.  I can hardly contain my excitement! Football food, tailgating, soup, chili, pumpkin everything.  It’s gonna be good, y’all. […]

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Something More Than a Miracle

by Edie Wadsworth on August 25, 2014


I’m writing this in part to tell you that if you ever wonder what you’ve done in your life, and everyone does wonder sooner or later, you have been God’s grace to me, a miracle, something more than a miracle. ~Marilynne Robinson, Gilead It was a crisp October day when we stood on the back […]


The (small) Kitchen Appliance I Never Want to Be Without

by Edie Wadsworth on August 20, 2014


I hate to even mention this to some of you who live in the northwest or midwest or northeast and have really short summers but here in the South, all we can think about is fall.  It’s been summer since April here and we’re over it.  AND?  It’s almost football season (Glory Hallelujah!) which means […]


Around the Table

by Edie Wadsworth on August 13, 2014


“How to announce the return of comfort and well-being except by cooking something fragrant. That is what her mother always did. After every calamity of any significance she would fill the atmosphere of the house with the smell of cinnamon rolls or brownies, or with chicken and dumplings, and it would mean, This house has […]


S’mores Bars

by Edie Wadsworth on August 6, 2014


Well.  I can’t give you a good reason why we’ve been friends all these years and I’m just now getting around to sharing this recipe.  It’s a good one—one that we make it several times every summer, in between all the actual s’mores making and the monster cookies. My peeps LOVE these and once you […]

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