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Fifteen years ago, when my husband drove me over the Clinch mountains to see the property he wanted to buy where this cabin now sits, there were briars and thickets and wetlands as far as the eye could see.  Forty acres of ridges and wetlands and a broken down shack with a still standing outhouse.  Every step I took on this “dreamland” of his filled my shoes with water.

He had a vision that this would be the place where we would get away for some good clean country air, where we’d escape when the stresses of life became too much.

The only going through my mind was, “If he thinks I’m spending my precious weekends getting carsick to pitch a tent in this Target-forsaken place, he’s got another thing coming.”

But I was wise enough to smile and pretend like I saw some kind of vision too.

He drove back and forth across the mountain for years to clear the thickets and find a to build a working pond where the wetlands had been, slowly building his dream—a little cabin for us in the woods.

Of course, now it’s my favorite place on earth despite the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere and the cell phones and computers don’t work too well there.


Last year, when I was writing the hardest chapters of my book, I took off to the cabin to find my courage.  I wanted to tell the truth but it felt like a mountain I couldn’t climb.  Maybe if I was alone when I typed the hardest sentence, nobody would feel the earth shake but me.

Or maybe I just needed clear, cool mountain mornings, or less stuff to distract me, or a safe place to say what needed to be said—to somehow settle in with the things that had haunted me for way too long.

My sister cousin, who lived through most of the same hell as me, sent me the following quote that from Augusten Burroughs, “My childhood was hijacked by drunks, pedophiles, and lunatics.”  I nodded my head yes but finding a way to write that sentence into a book, with courage and with grace would prove way harder than I thought.


I sat on the front porch staring out at the tall sycamores that lined the creek just beyond the pond.  I starting writing and didn’t stop until I wrote the hardest things.  I found my courage in these same hills that had too easily taken my words from me so many years ago.

I faced down the demons that had wrecked me for far too long.

And when I drifted off to sleep under the same black Appalachian night that had so often filled me with the deepest loneliness, I knew I would be okay—that the truth had somehow finally set me free; that the secrets the hills had kept for me would lose their power in the light.


The truth really does set us free.

Despite the months and years of doubt and worry and shame, I’m glad I told my story.

I hope it will help you tell yours too.


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All the Pretty Things, is now available for preorder.  It is a story of fatherlessness, of being untethered and unspoken for; the story of how Edie’s life burned down around her in a million little ways and how she sometimes set fire to it herself. It’s the story of how she finally found redemption among life’s ruins in the love of a Father who never lets go.


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  1. I would love to win these items!!!! I attended the launch party in Tennesse and fell in love with it’s beauty. I would love come back with my husband for a weekend in your cabin!

  2. I blog. Sometimes. I feel I tell my truth in my posts. Most of the time. You, dear Edie, have opened my eyes to the fact there are still layers I’ve yet to peel away. Thank you for that gift. You are a true inspiration. Hugs and much love to you!

  3. So eager to read your story. Have loved your words, heart and recipes since I discovered your blog through emily p. freeman and The Nester years ago! Your cabin retreat looks utterly heavenly!

  4. I love love loved your book Edie!! So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your story & giving us all a little more courage. You inspire me and I have loved reading your blog for your humor, Christian perspective, your great style, & of course your fabulous recipes!!!

  5. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos. Looking forward to your book! You’ve sparked an interest in Essential Oils in me

  6. Hi Edie, thank you for courage and your vulnerable heart to share your story. so glad our social media paths crossed
    Can’t wait to read your story.

  7. You, my sweet darlin’, are a brave and awesome woman. I’m sure that by telling your truth and finding a way to let go of your pain you’ve helped others do the same. You, Miz Edie, are loved!
    P.S. Have a book, preordered 6 more as gifts, don’t wear big ‘old long earrings, and can’t come to Tennessee in the fall – ha-ha!❤

  8. Edie, I enjoyed your book but struggled with the sadness of knowing that this book was not a story but your reality. I appreciate your honesty, your generosity of sharing your memories and family, and your willingness to be exposed. You are a great example of being salt and light.

  9. Edie…..once again thank you for sharing. I rarely read for pleasure but I have read your book cover to cover since receiving it on Sunday. Amazing….gives me courage to face my demons and find my happy place!

  10. I was raised in the Clinch mountains and someday, I want me a cabin in the woods there! I loved your book and your story is the similar story of many of us! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. I have been reading your blog since it began. I cannot wait for some quiet, alone time to read your book. Thank you for sharing your story. I can only imagine how difficult it was to write and the feelings you have now that it’s done.

  12. I have no doubt that the Lord lead me to your blog many years ago. I may never tell my story but your writing has helped me make peace with it. And I’d love a signed copy of your book! And I’ve been dreaming of a pair of those earrings since the first time I saw you wear them on a video. And some time in your cabin would be dreamy!

  13. I already bought your book and read it in a couple of days! Thank you so much for being authentic. I was touched beyond words by your words. I would love to have another copy to give a friend, who needs to be set free as well.

  14. Your book was a blessing to read, though many times I found it hard to breathe while soaking in the reality of your pain. My story is different, but similar in that fatherlessness was and is my biggest wound. I praise God for finding us both in the midst of all the pain and confusion; for giving us the daddy we never had. ❤️

  15. Thank you for being courageous and sharing your story. We all have one and sharing it can set us free and sometimes help someone else begin their process of being set free as they think of their story. Would love to read your book!

  16. You are so amazing and have truly helped me start to see the importance in EVERYONE’S story! I have felt for sometime now that we have all tried to fit ourselves into a perfect little mold that the world has told us will make us happy. Thank you for showing that the true happiness comes in the imperfectness of life and only when we share with others does it somehow become “perfect”. Realness is so important in the world today! Thank you for being brave enough to be a pioneer on this front! A few days in your mountain retreat sounds lovely! If I win can I meet you? That sounds even more lovely!

  17. Reading your book has helped me to accept and deal with some of the horrible things in my past. Thank you for that Edie! ❤️

  18. I am so glad that you found the courage to write your story to share. Your book was a balm on my heart and felt sometimes like God himself had given you those words just for me.

  19. Only child, no mother, no father. A fair share of encounters with “drunks, pedophiles, and lunatics” while growing up in foster care. There are some books you know you need to read. After the bible I’m sure yours is #1. Thank you for this lovely opportunity. May all good things grace you and yours.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your story. As I read it, I had to make myself stop just so I could ponder and process it. I’m sure it will bless many others and encourage healing along the way. Your mountain cabin is beautiful! A getaway there would be marvelous!

  21. I love your blog. It is so encouraging. I love the chapter titles of your book. I can sing every one. Can’t wait to read the whole book. What a great giveaway! You’re awesome.

  22. The power of words is a beautiful thing as evidenced by you sharing yours. Thank you for listening to the prompting of your heart and sharing your story.

  23. Edie, you have been an inspiration to me since the day we met! I can’t wait to read your book, and someday sit at your cabin where you spent time writing, sharing your heart and soul. Thank you for always being real. God bless you, sweet friend!

  24. Thank you for sharing your story Edie! Through your beautiful words so many have seen themselves and their story too. I’ve read it through and will read it for the second time now! You are a beautiful soul with a servant’s heart. Sure hope there will be a second book because I’d be first in line to buy it!

  25. The photos hint at the rest you must have found there! Can’t wait to read the whole story. And count me in the running for a great giveaway!

  26. I LOVE your blog….will be fixing your Pumpkin Chipotle Soup again tonight. I am really looking forward to reading your book & hope to get started on essential oils one of these days. Thank you for everything you put into your blog! ❤️

  27. can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. thats all i can say!
    If we bring an aero bed will you allow 7 in the cabin?!?!?
    so grateful for your life and how you bring glory to our Heavenly Father!

  28. I can’t wait to read this book! My mom and I checked out your cabin for our summer getaway but, sadly, it didn’t work out. We would love to visit in the fall though! It’s our favorite season! Thank you for your honesty and hard work in sharing your story, Elie!

  29. Would love to win these items! I was trying to scheme a way to come see you at NestFest next month (from Dallas), but it isn’t working out. Thank you for writing this book and for sharing your gift of teaching through Overflow and beyond. I feel blessed to have met you, even if only online. Take care

  30. I can’t wait to read this book! My mom and I checked out your cabin for our summer getaway but, sadly, it didn’t work out. We would love to visit in the fall though! It’s our favorite season! Thank you for your honesty and hard work in sharing your story, Edie!

  31. It’s saddens me to know there are others that go about their day to day activities, and have so much hurt inside. Thank you for sharing your story.

  32. With your words you helped me find my calling. I appreciate you for that! My calling may not be a big deal to some folks, but it brings me peace to know I am where I should be-doing what He wants me to be doing. Thank you for that :).

  33. Edie,

    Your book was a gift to me and I so enjoyed every part of being on the launch team. I wish I could have come to the party last weekend.
    I think your book will find the hands of so many people that need to hear your truth. Thank you for sharing your truth, Your faith and especially being you!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the hard copy from Amazon so i can re-read and Mark all my favorite parts.

    Bless you, you are one in a million!!

    Betsy Cobb Gordon

  34. Mountains are magic! God’s beautiful creation to lift our eyes and hearts. Looking forward to reading your book. Congrats on facing your hurt and fear and finding freedom.

  35. I can hardly wait to read your book! A Fall getaway in the East TN mtns where I was born sounds delightful! May God richly bless you for sharing your journey.

  36. I have loved your space and voice for many years. So excited for all that you have accomplished and eager to read your book. What an awesome giveaway!!! Anyone who wins will be very happy.

  37. What a blessing it is to be witness when a strong, brave woman leans into her weaknesses and overcomes them through surrendering! I am sure your book will be as inspiring as your blog has been to me over the years as I’ve followed your honest, inspiring journey toward your authentic, God-designed self. Thank you!

  38. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I have followed your blog for years and always enjoy your perseverance through the hard times (and your soup recipes!). If you have the means to buy multiple copies of this book, do so. One for yourself, one for a friend, and donate one to your local library. I know my library is always happy to receive donations. Let’s get Edie’s book into the hands of many.

  39. I am really starting to enjoy your blog! (Just discovered it!) Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring me to dust off my keyboard and do th same 🙂 looking forward to your book!

  40. I’m so eager to read your story. Many will be encouraged by your authenticity and the Truth you have found.
    May we all tell our stories to bring hope to all those walking with us and those coming along behind.
    I love you Edie!

  41. With God, all things are possible. . He used the quiet solitude of
    your cabin to help you through the writtig of the darkest moments of your life. My heart aches with what you must have gone through, but is joyous in the knowledge that our God caught you…. and will never let go…

  42. So looking forward to reading the book. Your blog has been one of my “must reads” since I first discovered blogs. I believe the blog post you wrote, I think it was called “starting at zero” about divorce, should be required reading for any couple!

    You may have trained to be a doctor, but you were born to be a writer!

  43. I have read your blog since before the fire and never would have guessed you grew up like many of us. Thanks for your honesty. We used to go to Douglas Lake and when we passed through Bean Station I would tell my husband I know someone who lives here.

  44. Place matters. Surroundings can make us feel safe or threatened. Discovering the roots of those feelings is the work of a lifetime, and harnessing their power can transform our places into havens. That’s redemption. Thanks for sharing yours.

  45. I read your book in in two days. I absolutely could not put it down. I saw myself in you in so many ways. You have courage way beyond mine. Thank you for helping me see that we can recover from our past and that it is an ongoing process. May our Lord Jesus bless you for your sacrifice.

  46. Your book is phenomenal! It blessed me tremendously- forcing me to wrestle with some of my own demons from the past. I know GOD will bless many through your story! I love your blog and am on your website or FB page almost daily since discovering you. Thanks for all the amazing oil information, recipes, encouragement. .. I would love to win all these goodies, but regardless, keep up the good work, sweet sister!

  47. Dearest Edie! So thankful for your heart and the beauty of your honesty. I’m pouring through the electronic copy of your book and am reminded that God doesn’t waste anything! That He brings beauty out of ashes is so profoundly true!

  48. Your book sounds beautiful and brave and I believe that there is an anointing for healing attached to it as well. I look forward to reading it.

  49. You are so brave!! I have a lot of the similar story and can’t wait to read your book, I know your story will encourage others like me to tell their “secrets” too.

  50. I cannot wait to read your book. I may have a different life story than yours, Ms. Edie, but I am sure it is also the same. We have a great God who has redeemed us and each and everyday, He reminds to feast at His table…..there is healing there. God bless you and yours, always.

  51. Edie. Thank you for sharing the hard parts….the not so pretty thing parts. May God’s amazing grace continue to shine in you and may you embrace this marvelous grace daily. Cannot wait to read your book. Cannot wait to see how God takes this book and feeds the 5,000!

  52. I’ve followed you for a long time, I can not wait to read your book. You always inspire me and I know the book will be amazing!

  53. I found your blog some years ago through Paige Knudsen’s blog and I fell pretty hard! Thank you for sharing your truth through this book. Thank you for inspiring me to be authentic!

  54. Love your book so far. Hadn’t read all yet. The courage it took to put everything on paper had to be a blessing and with Gods hand on your shoulder. You are a giving person and a blessing to all. Thank you

  55. Your story will inspire others to rise above their struggles and encourage them to trust and exercise greater faith. I look forward to reading your book and thank you for such a generous give away.

  56. I agree about keeping secrets…they can be detrimental to your healing and moving forward process. Sometimes it is good to keep things quiet for a season…but when that season is over, the truth needs to come out. Truth loves the light~they are like sisters…that is why we are always left with a feeling of peace after we share what we need to. God created light and He IS Truth, so it goes without saying that you need both in this crazy, broken-down world.
    Thank you again for being brave. And being honest.
    I love you!!

  57. Edie, I want to be like you when I grow up!! Thank you for telling your story and encouraging us to tell our stories too. This is the best give away ever. I would love to eat your soup in your cabin!! Love your writing so much. Thank you.

  58. What a Beautiful ‘Tent’ 🙂 So wise of you to agree to your husband’s dream!

    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for allowing yourself to be a blessing to others.

  59. Your book is so good. I am halfway through. I admire how you are telling your story and you are telling it with grace. Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway!

  60. I’m thrilled for you in so many ways! And I can’t wait to read your book. There are aspects of your story that I can completely relate to, even through just knowing the snippets you’ve shared along the way. I know that this book will bring much glory to our Lord as He brings healing to many who silently grieve as they read these pages.
    What a generous offer you are giving away! But that’s just like you. Thanks so much.

  61. Oh, Edie. Reading your story has changed my heart is so many good and hard ways. I can’t even put into words the ways I’ve wrestled with my own story over the years and since reading yours the wrestling has changed but feels somehow more manageable. Thank you so much for writing the hard parts that you never intended to write. I’m willing to bet it will change more hearts than mine.

  62. I fell in love with your heart and passion for people when I was taking part in the Becoming study. I had never seen the beauty in making soup until you posted your video. I made your soup that very night and have loved your blog and Instagram posts ever since! Thank you for having the courage to share your heart and your story with us. I can’t wait to read your book and would love to win a signed copy.

  63. I can’t wait to read the book – I’ve been reading your blog for years and anxiously waiting for the book to be available. I admire you for so many reasons and now even more for your vulnerability. May your blessings be multiplied through the sharing of your story! XOXO

  64. Edie I cannot wait to get my hands on this book of yours. I love every word you speak/write on insta and your blog. Thank you for being such a gift!!

  65. I can’t wait on read your book! And, because of what YOU’VE said about essential oils, I’m just about ready to take the plunge!

  66. Oh, Edie! What a beautiful place to go and refresh your soul! Your story is beautiful and brave and a blessing to those who are looking for hope. Thank you for searching for the courage to share and for encouraging others to do the same.

  67. Edie, your book helped me to understand my childhood as well as all the stories from my husbamd’s fatherless childhood. So many things made sense. I could see this on the big screen!

    So proud that I know a published author!!!

  68. I live in New Zealand – so I couldn’t manage the weekend away at your cabin (such a shame, as it looks beautiful); but I would still love a copy of your book! You have a a way with words, & I look forward to reading more…

  69. So glad I recently discovered your blog! I love watching the videos about essential oils. The cabin looks adorable and so peaceful. Would love to visit and I can’t wait to read your book!

  70. Edie, I am so glad you told your story. I am very slowly reading it. Taking my time to really hear what you have to say. I am pulled in even though I hesitate; your truth rides the edges of my own story…and so stirs up pieces of my life that I have yet to be brave enough to fully tell. I am blessed by your courage to speak your truth and tell what you have lived~your story matters so much. It is giving me a little more strength to own mine. Thank you.

  71. I was wrecked by your book, saddened, laughed a lot! And thankful that you shared your journey. It made me want to be a better person. Since I’ve been to a couple of your classes I heard the words in your voice lol. I’m so so glad you told your story. What an inspiration you are in so many ways!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. Oh Edie! You tell your story so beautifully and your message is so powerful. I would love to give a copy to all of my sisters who, like me, need to learn to “jump scared.” Thank you for this beautiful gift!

  73. I just stumbled upon your blog today and am looking forward to reading your book now Edie. Thank you for having the courage to write about your journey thus far. Reading today’s post reminded me of a song by Christian Canadian country artist Paul Brandt called Sycamore Tree. Give it a listen if you get a chance. I think you’ll see what I mean. The truth really does set you free.

  74. My sister read your book online. She said she could not put it down it was so interesting. I’m looking forward to receiving mine in the mail in a few weeks. Thank you for being so raw and yet inspirational.

  75. I’m really looking forward to reading your book. It’s on my Christmas list but I may have to break down and buy it for myself early (which I never do)! Praying for you this week as it launches, that you will feel loved and at peace.

  76. I pre-ordered your book as soon as I could but I’m sure that–like every other pre-order lately–I’ll be the last person in America to get mine. (No two-day Amazon Prime shipping for me because out here in rural Texas we have PO Boxes, and that for some reason disqualifies us. Sniff sniff.) I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to tell your truth for all the world to read, but I’m glad you were able to do it. I’m already bracing myself for what I’ll read. And I would love to win ALL THE THINGS. Especially a getaway to that cabin!

  77. Can’t wait to read your book. That would be a wonderful giveaway on its own. But to add a weekend at your cabin, in Tennessee, in the fall, with soup, while wearing those leather earrings, and enjoying the new oils! Well that is just beyond!

  78. Thankful for your bravery and honesty in your writing Edie. I just can not wait to read this book! I believe it is in sharing our broken that we truly can heal!

  79. Indeed. The truth does set us free. I too am glad you told your story. How very brave and vulnerable.
    I finished the book a few nights ago. (Pre-order from Amazon – mailed early)

  80. I have already received and read my copy on Kindle. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you so you can continue to bless us.

  81. Thanks for the opportunity! Prayers for all the eyes, hearts, and souls that will read your book. Your blog title sums it up, life in grace is beautiful!

  82. I love reading your blog and hope to read your book. Thanks for sharing your story. A weekend at your cabin would provide a relaxing treat.

  83. Thanks for sharing your story. I cried and laughed and related to your pain and past many times. Hugs Edie, big hugs to you!

  84. Having read your book and met you last week at your launch party I can only say thank you for sharing your life. Those words have stayed with me since I read the book and has helped me lay some of my own demons down. God bless you sweet Edie.

  85. My favorite books to read, are stories from the heart of another. Truth, honesty, vulnerability and honoring thyself is such a journey. Congrats to you, I can’t wait to read your words. Thanks.

  86. Im reading your book now….it took a lot if courage to tell your story and if it weren’t for your story you wouldnt be the Edie that many of us look to for advice or those awesome soup recipes!!! Our lives all take serious pitfalls but its how we choose to use those pitfalls that makes us stronger and really helps us appreciate what we do have and who we have in our lives! Keep on being you…you’re a blessing sweet friend!!!

  87. I am so thankful that you are willing to share your heart and story with us. You are a blessing. Your words will be used over and over for God’s glory. Thank you.

  88. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! And my friends and I have been talking about renting out your cabin for a weekend getaway to rest, relax, and read! Can’t wait to read your book!

  89. I’m really looking forward to reading your book! So many commenters have already read it and rave about it – what a great endorsement!

  90. Love your heart and your words. It’s been the summer of Edie and I’ve learned so much! Can’t wait to share a copy of your book with friends.

  91. I LOVED, LOVED your book. Made my heart smile, laugh, and weep. You are an amazing writer! You definitely wrote with your open soul. Your cabin is beautiful!!! Thank you for the chance!

  92. This is stunning: Maybe if I was alone when I typed the hardest sentence, nobody would feel the earth shake but me.

    Thank you for your courage and your willingness to say yes to the hard things of God.

  93. I cannot wait to read your book. I can only imagine the type of God-given courage it took to share it with the world. Your cabin is so peaceful.

  94. Edie!! I’ve loved being on the launch team – your book has awakened places in me that needed to see light – that still need to be healed. It’s given me courage to be real and inspired me to be gracious. Thank you!

  95. I am so looking forward to reading your book. I,too , am a Southern girl and somehow I think I will find similarities in my own life. Thank you for writing this book…very courageous.

  96. This is a powerful post that whets my appetite to read your book. You are an instrument in the Redeemer’s hands for good through your story. Thank you for being brave.

  97. Oh this post moves my heart. I’ve always wanted to write a book. I think the fear of no one reading it has stopped me. I think it’s time I pray more about it and actually get the pen moving. Find some quiet time and just write. Thank you for being! Be blessed.

  98. Edie, I remember thinking you were the coolest girl ever when we played softball at Eagleton. I wanted to be like you. I thought you had everything. Popularity, a great boyfriend, great student, great friends and you were pretty. Now I see that your life wasn’t perfect but I still see the same person only a stronger one. I would love to win your book, cabin stay and oils but even if I don’t I wanted you to know I admire you. God Bless

  99. This connects with my heart…the need to get out all those feelings that have been buried for too long, and the freedom that comes when we are honest. I can’t wait to read your book! Hugs <3

  100. I am excited to read your book!!! You and your stories touch my heart. Your cabin and surroundings are so beautiful and peaceful. I would love to stay there with my husband.

  101. There is freedom in telling the truth. We experienced something in our family, that no parent should ever have to hear from their child. Telling the truth, even when others didn’t want to hear it has brought much needed freedom. Until you have experienced things as such, no one can know the courage that it takes. Thank you for being courageous. It will help others, of that I am sure.

  102. I look forward to reading the words that you so fearlessly wrote. I love your blog and know that your book will be amazing. Thank you for your courage!

  103. Cannot wait to read this story of life. Real life. Nothing comes out better than the truth and I wish everyone could tell theirs. Kudos to you for taking this massive step. ❤️

  104. I would love to win a copy of your book! I have followed you for years and gleaned so much knowledge and inspiration from your posts. Thank you for writing the hard stuff. God WILL use it for His glory. You are just the vessel in which His Truth flows freely.

  105. Edie,
    I’ve not even read your book and my heart aches for you and the hard parts you’ve had to endure. Praying for you and that each time you share your story, you will be covered with a calmness and peace that only the King of Kings can give.

    Much love to you❤️

  106. I have been looking forward to reading your memoir for such a long time! I absolutely can’t wait. Thank you for having the courage to share. Your words all resonate with me on such a deep level! Also this giveaway? Oh my! What an amazing thoughtful giveaway! So excited at the chance!

  107. I’m tucked far away from the south up here in Washington state, but my first years of life and the last years of my parents unraveling marriage happened in a tiny cabin in the woods. It’s amazing the power that place, lost to all of us now, has still held as our lives went on. Broken, but not destroyed. Thank you for your story. My own still remains mostly unspoken, and I find the beauty and poetry of how you crafted yours such an inspiration.

  108. I think I need to read your book, I fear we’ve been scarred by a similar upbringing. I know the Lord had a plan for my life all along but I’ve struggled with making a true peace from all those hurts, especially when death has happened, my heart hurts at the lost opportunity of healing. The few that hear glimpses of my childhood say I need to write a book also… I can’t imagine how I could even begin. Thank you for telling your story.

  109. Growing up a preacher’s kid in the south a long time ago , you were nobody’s & everybody’s all at the same time and most of all in the worst kind of way. Thanks for writing the words that you did.

  110. What a beautiful and heart filling story that you have told. I am encouraged and moved by your story. Your book has truly touched me. Thank- you!

  111. I pre-ordered but didn’t get the download (that I know of) probably user error!

    I can not wait to read the book. I know the Lord will use your words to help many find freedom from their haunting pasts. God bless the pages!

  112. Your page came up as a sponsored ad on my Facebook page and most often I keep scrolling but your words and the simplistic beauty of your cabin stole me away. I hope to be able to read your book someday and maybe steal a peak at that cozy little cabin in the middle of nowhere.

  113. I stumbled upon your beautiful blog, book and facebook page. May I say I’ve felt joy, sadness, love, hope, and grace from your words and photographs. Thank you for being real…truthful…light.
    I’m now a fan!

  114. Thank you for your courage. Our childhood seems similar from this post and I am so proud and thankful you found the courage to write it out and set it free. The longer it stays inside, the longer it poisons us. I have been a long time reader of life in grace and I pray blessings on this new venture.

  115. Your words are so incredibly beautiful and meaningful. I think it goes to show that being brave and courageous enough to share your story and your voice with the world makes such a big impact and can help so many people to feel less alone who can maybe relate or who feel similar feelings. Thank you for being brave, for having courage, and sharing your story. I absolutely can’t wait to read your book


  116. Bless your dear heart for being brave and courageous and walking through such deep pain to dare to be free. …I am looking forward to reading your book. While I have not walked those life tragedies a friend has, and I am looking forward to understanding and feeling her pain more as I get an inside look into your journey.

  117. I LOVE this book! My copy came yesterday, but I had read the download many times…so glad you had the courage to tell the story. I understand it so well as I married at 17 into a family very similar and my children who came after could tell a pretty close growing up story themselves. They are awesome adults but carry scars. I will share this book many times.

  118. I just ordered your book for my Kindle, and look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing your times and your heart, so that others might be encouraged. And your cabin looks wonderful!

  119. My heart is filled with gratitude and my soul is high on hope. Thank you for sharing your journey with courage and grace so that your readers may experience more of both!

  120. ~Your transparency and vulnerability are such a beautiful gift to so many. Looking forward to reading your book. I thank you for your work. You have been an instrumental part of my journey already and I haven’t even met you. Grateful for you and what you do!

  121. I was thrilled to read this book the first time. And then the second. I’ve talked about it to everyone I know and worn my husband down with details of your story that I cannot stop pondering. I live far away from the part of the country you call home. But my people are still there and a huge part of my heart. I think I will love this book and all that I’ve learned from it for the rest of my days.

  122. I, too, had my childhood stolen! I have a story to tell inside of me! Maybe one day I will tell it…even if only to my children! Thank you for writing your story! I cannot wait to read your book…and share it!

  123. Your use of words is absolutely amazing and all I can say about your story is…well wow!! Nobody will walk away from your story the same and everybody will walk away changed for the better! You are a gift, and I wish I lived next door to you!!

  124. EDIE!!!!!!

    You deserve the ALL CAPS!!!!!

    And the profusion of exclamation points!!!!!


    Here’s what I don’t know: Most everything. Even when I think I have something figured out, God/life/the universe/my kids/my own idiocy finds a way to humble me again and show me I know nothing.

    Here’s what I DO know: Well, if I know something (see above), that’s an anomaly because I honestly don’t know much. But I NONETHELESS DO KNOW that all the bravery you mustered to tell your story was always there. Always. Even if you didn’t believe it.

    I also know (Two things I know???? Can the rapture be far behind??? HA HA HA!!!) that the hard-earned truth sets us free. You are right.

    And sometimes we regress, temporarily, right back into the darkness/shadow/fear/lie/wordlesslness that we are unloved and unworthy. Perpetually fatherless/motherless/homeless/lost. Smothered by dark. My, oh my, it can be so heavy, like 50 horrific quilts, not the good ones, but the bad, realllllly bad ones, the ones that aren’t actually quilts, but are our heavy shame, slammed on top of our faces. We become Breathless. Hopeless.

    But then that light just comes right on back and we are snatched once again back into Jesus’ loving arms, finally complete. Finally able to rest.

    I pray for you, dear Edie, endless rest. Endless moments of knowing, and I mean REALLY KNOWING, that you are forever held in the palm of Jesus’ hand, even though you were not fully cognizant of it before.

    Thank you for bearing witness to the power of possibility.

    Of what happens when you take a leap of faith and jump farther than you ever could have imagined.

    Whether through this blog.

    Your book.

    Your innate ebullience that shoots all the way through your fingertips, into the computer you type on, out through the blogosphere, up through my computer, and right out at me.


    What an immense gift.

    You are a light-bearer.

    And a light-giver.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    (PS I might actually be up near your way soon–I have some poet friends who teach at ETSU and I’ll be needing to go up there soon. Do you live anywhere near there? Please private message me if you are–or email me:

    PSS ALSO: Are you going to be reading at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville in 2 weeks to support your new book? If so, I’d love to meet up with you. I’ll be reading on Saturday for Zone 3, the literary journal. But I’ll probably be around to see other writer friends at other times–Nashville is so close to Huntsville.

  125. I had the weekend to myself and took the time to read your book. It was amazing..I laughed and I cried, boy, did I cry. Thanks for sharing your story and may it give others the courage to do the same. You are a delight!!!

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