Our week was wonderful and went a little something like this….


and this…..


with a little bit of this…..


and this…….summersoiree5

thrown in for good measure.

Because sometimes, you just need to laugh.  A lot.  And my people are nothing if not entertaining.


The kitchen was on her best behavior and churned out a lot of good food.

Like this…..


and this…..


The frogmore stew (aka shrimp boil) was my favorite recipe of the week, so please add it to your summer list of things to do.  It makes eating into an event, not just a meal.

And the sauces that you make to go with the stew?  WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Don’t get lazy and think you don’t need sauces.  Because you do, in fact, need sauces.

The table looked all festive for the week, with her beautiful hydrangeas and bandanas.


Not to be outdone by David, of course, who likes a little flair himself…


So, we’re already lonesome for the kids, who left this weekend.

But, we washed all the sheets and swept up the cake crumbs and folded all the beach towels and are ready for round 2 of the best summer soiree staycation ever!  (JamieKnoxville and family are coming this week!)




More on all the food later.  I’ve got some awesome recipes to share!!

Hope your summer is sunny and bright, despite the rain (which we’ve had in abundance!)

Mucho love to you and yours!

p.s.  I’m speaking at the Becoming Conference in Asheville on August 9th and 10th and I’d love to see you there.  Jen just posted the full conference agenda so check it out and make plans to meet us there!!

(I’m so excited about the other sessions that I’m kinda sad I’m speaking.  I can hardly wait!)

becoming join me 2013

26 comments on “Summer Soiree 2013 (aka The Best Staycation EVER!)”

  1. Love all the red, white and blue in these pictures!! Looks like a bunch of fun! I have to attempt that rainbow cake!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! What a fun staycation! I’m just a wee bit jealous. Would love for both my sisters and their families to come. We did it three summers ago and had a blast.

  3. Your husband needs a new jersey. Green and Gold would be MUCH nicer. Especially if the number was 12 or 52. You know, just because.


    BTW, I love your dishcloth pattern. I’ve been knitting them like crazy- getting Christmas presents ready!

  4. Awesome staycation with family fun, great food, and friends. These pictures are full of so many good and fun memories. Perfect!
    Wish I could be there with you at the Becoming conference. I know you will be great!!

  5. Staycations are the best…..both of my kids have grown up and flown the nest, so the best present we can get is when they are both at home (arguing like they never left lol). I live in Johnson City and am trying to work our my schedule so I can get to Asheville to hear you speak.

  6. What a fun and colorful stay cation! Looking forward to the scoop on the rest of the food. I pinned the Frogmore Stew!

  7. Edie such a treat so see these photos and recipes. I am redecorating my bedroom as we speak with so much inspiration from you – loving your blog and your Compassion photos and journaling and everything. You are an amazing and inspring lady. Just moved a framed print from my livingroom to the bedroom – and its making it feel all brand new in here 🙂 thanks for all the fantastic ideas and fun.

  8. looks like a fun time!

    We make something like “frogmore stew” , but around here we call it a Lowcountry Boil (this is SC and we like to claim the whole schebange started here…like shrimp and grits, you know?) Never did sauces with it though–will have to check those out!

  9. Ok. Very odd question but as a doggie lover I haven’t seen you golden in an pics for a while. Just wondering.

  10. Edie,

    As always your blog encourages and inspires! We often make Frogmore stew but without the sauces. Now- I am wanting to try it your way. What do you think? I am having a double birthday bash next weekend in my yard. Did you make something else with your Frogmore stew for people who aren’t into shrimp? We have 2 people coming who are allergic. But if you have any great suggestions for Frogmore stew plus other dishes, I am ALL ears:)

    • QuTrete:ihoxe has always been some pretty bizarre happenings in the world. Maybe you are just becoming more sensitized to them.Should you get elected to public office perhaps it will be your fate to appear in some of these stories. Cheers.

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