July 2013

Why I Gave Up Homeschooling

by Edie Wadsworth on July 29, 2013

Why I gave up homeschooling via lifeingrace

How glorious the splendor of a human heart that trusts that it is loved. Well, first, I blame Instagram.  Everything was fine and dandy;  we were reading The Iliad and using chalk pastels to paint the prettiest chickens in the free world, when all the IG updates started in from kids at the Classical Christian […]

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too long

by Edie Wadsworth on July 22, 2013


I didn’t intend to share this little piece of writing today.  But then I thought maybe you were in a storm too. ******* On a perfectly sunny afternoon, I climbed in bed at 4pm.  Not to sleep but to wallow in the comforts of a heavy heart and a good book. Large, billowing clouds hovered […]


I’m at Emily’s place

by Edie Wadsworth on July 16, 2013


I answered a few questions today over at Emily’s blog. Like, “What does summertime mean at your house?” and “What do you collect?” and “What’s your favorite vacation spot?” and she’s giving away my favorite summer accessory.  I’ll post a little snippet here and then you can hop over to her blog to read the […]


Summer Soiree 2013 (aka The Best Staycation EVER!)

by Edie Wadsworth on July 8, 2013


Our week was wonderful and went a little something like this…. and this….. with a little bit of this….. and this……. thrown in for good measure. Because sometimes, you just need to laugh.  A lot.  And my people are nothing if not entertaining. The kitchen was on her best behavior and churned out a lot […]


{ditto} DIY:: Framed Fabric and a Cross

by Edie Wadsworth on July 1, 2013

{ditto} DIY: Inspired Design For the Rest of Us

Welcome to the July {ditto} DIY challenge! Once a month ten very different bloggers are hosting this challenge to recreate in our own homes a project or design element inspired by a haute couture design. The idea is to inspire everyone to incorporate fine design elements into your own home in a way that fits […]

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