Morning sunshines!
I’m still trying to recover. I thought painting my daughter’s room would help to , you know, make me feel normal again. Which is why I can hardly open my right hand this morning. (#canyousaygranniehands?) But I wanted to peek in and say hi and tell you that I’ve put all my Nicaragua posts in one place so they’re easy to find and share. We’re getting ready for lots of company in the next two weeks so I’ll probably be sparse around here. I have a few scheduled/sponsored posts so I won’t be totally absent, just a little busy with cooking and fluffing the guest rooms. I’ve almost got my menu for next week planned, which means you might wanna head on over to Bean Station. Just sayin’.  Thank you for sharing these posts with all your friends. Kids are getting sponsored because you care! And this song, ( I Cry by Thad Cockrell)? Currently the soundtrack to my days.  (Thank you, Keely!)

Sonny and Memaw and Other Ramblings, pre trip post

‘Twas the Night Before, pre trip post

A Good Place to Start, Nicaragua Day 1

When a Father Loves His Daughters, Nicaragua Day 2

Open My Eyes, Nicaragua Day 3

Obediente, Nicaragua Day 4

I’ve Got You, Nicaragua Day 5


My favorite posts from the other Compassion Bloggers:

The Whole Story (Shaun)

The Cost of Being a Sponsor (Bri)

Never Forget Us (Traci)

 Because He Loves Me (Kelly)

When You Know It’s Real (Christy)

I’ve Seen Best Again (Shaun)

Welcome to Moisesitos (Keely)

I’d love to know what you’re up to so far this summer and what music and food and books are coloring your days?

Hugs and smooches!




15 comments on “My Trip to Nicaragua with Compassion {links to posts and video}”

    • It’s called ‘August Sunrise’ by Benjamin Moore and it’s a beautiful light pink. We are getting close to being done with it so hope to share it soon!!
      Happy summer and thanks for the reading list!

  1. Love your blog! Your compassion trip was awe inspiring! Live very near you- Jeff City. Love to meet you sometime

  2. Well I think I’ll be packingmy suitcase and heading down to Bean Station. Your promise of vmcooking and fluffing for guests has tempted me.

  3. just finished a chance to die by Elisabeth Elliott (amy carmichael’s biography). challenging stuff. now i’m in that lull between books. need a good read to enjoy during the afternoon heat 🙂

  4. I’m on a search for some new music…
    Tempted to join you in Bean Station! We are heading to New Orleans 🙂
    One of my favorite cities. We will go to the Praline Connection on Frenchman.
    The BEST fried chicken livers with pepper jelly sauce for dipping, fried okra and collard greens you have ever eaten. Honestly- and Cafe Nero for fried green tomato benedict! That dish will be a first time for me. I love fried green tomatoes 🙂
    Plenty of time for pool lounging and much needed time with my husband 🙂
    Just picked up Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamont
    Happy 4th Edie. Enjoy your guests 🙂

  5. What an amazing trip Edie!! I was reliving my Kenya trip from 1 year ago while you we’re away.

    I’m in the middle of Your Made for a God sized Dream by Holley Gerth and its totally awesome!!

  6. Keeping up with your trip (amazing grace–literally), working on re-painting 2 rooms after a plumbing leak & eating lots of tomatoes! Needed something ‘lite’ to read, so I am starting the Mary Russell series by Laurie R. King.

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