We are starting love month off with a bang here in my little corner of the world.

This was my first Lisa Leonard necklace.  Or was it my third.  Anyway, I’ve loved her since the beginning of blog time.

I met Lisa and her sweet sister at Blissdom and I’ve so loved watching Lisa’s business grow.  She is an artist, creator, entreprenuer, and beautiful mother and wife.

And she makes the most unique, hand-stamped jewelry I’ve seen. You can’t see it because of my badge but I’m wearing one of her necklaces!

It seems that Lisa’s talents know no end. She’s speaking again this year at Blissdom and I can’t wait to hug her neck!  Just look at her adorable self.

She’s got some great pieces for Valentine’s Day!  My favorites are listed below but it’s so hard to pick.  I just want one of everything!

My favorite is the gold connected bracelet.

I love the aqua nugget necklace…..

And this one is such a Lisa classic……

I’m also thinking of getting this bracelet, personlized to say,  “dazzled by amazing grace”  or something lovely like that.  As a matter of fact, I want everything on this page, please.

And then in huge news, she announced this fall that her family is working with a production company on reality show. This trailer below wrecked my world this morning and I could not stop crying.

Watch it. You’ll fall in love with her family. You’ll be blessed by her struggle and by her faith.

Okay, if you can compose yourself, enter a comment below telling us which piece you would buy and you will be entered  to win one of 3 $50 gift cards to her shop!!! She’s so generous!

And if you order before February 6th, you’ll get delivery by Valentine’s Day.

Also, she’s giving my readers 20% off their entire purchase if you order by February 7th. Just enter ‘edie20’ when you checkout.

LOVE you, Lisa and thank you for your commitment to beautiful, creative art.

400 comments on “Lisa Leonard Designs {and a giveaway}”

  1. What a moving story. So inspiring. Love her jewelry, bought a piece for my mom last year. I would love the bracket sown with my 2 olives names on it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. What an amazing video. I’ve loved her designs but I never knew her beautiful story. I would love anything of her. I especially love the “celebrate cake topper, camera bags and the beautiful bracelet above with either a meaningful phrase or the names of my kids (or better yet, grandkids). Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. I love the pink quartz heart necklace. You don’t show it in your post Edie but it is one of the new ones for February. ; )

  4. I love Lisa Leonard!! After the birth of each of our girls, my husband has given me a necklace with their names from her. Now we are expecting another girl and I really love the open circle necklace. Lisa is so talented!!!

  5. Oh Edie, how this beautiful lady shines with God’s grace and strength! I have admired Lisa’s jewelry but have not made a purchase. I am always in a qualm in buying jewlry whether for myself or for others. It’s such a personal thing, the jewelry we wear. I guess I am admitting a bit of an insecurity in buying jewelry for my self or for others. And you know what! I am inspired. Silly as that may sound, I am going to take a leap and purchase a gift piece for a friend and perhaps, maybe one for myself. Thanks for shining the spotlight on Miss Lisa. She’s an amazing and creative lady! If I had to pick a piece, I might pick a stamped piece that said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Or maybe a condensed version of that. I have that verse wrapped around my body and soul like a warm snuggly blanket, but I’d love to wear it out loud too and maybe, just maybe, it would inspire someone else with the very same conviction that grows daily in my own heart. Love you dear friend! Have a great weekend!

  6. I’m such a huge fan of Lisa’s work! I just told my hubby I need a new necklace with our soon-to-be here baby’s initials along with her sister’s. I got the gorgeous pennant frame for Christmas too! I think I’d like to have the teeny tiny initials necklace- soo sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I absolutely adore the leather cuff bracelet with the silver engraved band on it. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  8. I’ve been eyeing a couple of the stamped initial necklaces. I’d stamp my daughters’ initials. She is so awesome! BTW…love the “dazzled by amazing grace” idea 🙂

  9. I would be honored to wear anything of Lisa’s, the values she shares are so spot on. But if I need to pick just one, I would start with the “Faith-Hope-Love” Necklace.
    Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity.

  10. since “my one word” for the year is Grace I think your suggestion of Dazzeled by Amazing Grace sounds pretty great. would love to have that bracelet. thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I have loved Lisa’s blog for a few years now, and I finally bought my first piece a few months ago, and oh how I love it so! I would take any piece of her jewelry, it is all so beautiful!

  12. I am saving my pennies to buy the Love is my Anchor necklace to match the bracelet I received for Christmas. It’s my reminder that Christ is my anchor.

  13. I just love Lisa’s jewelry!! And her blog! 🙂 She is the sweetest. I really like the sterling open circle bracelet. I hadn’t seen it before. 🙂

  14. One of my favorites is the Sterling Molded Heart Necklace. Lisa’s story is humbling…and amazing. Thank you for sharing it!

  15. I love the Brass Dog Tag necklace with a pearl charm. I have been wanting something inscribed with “Trust in the Lord” and this would be the perfect piece. BTW, I got the Lisa Leonard Designs “By Grace Alone” necklace for Christmas and wear it everyday.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Gahhh! There is so much adorableness to choose from. I would have to pick between three necklaces. Tie That Binds, Love Is My Anchor, and Petite Family Crest. Thanks for sharing all this! oxox

  17. I have ordered from Lisa before and adore her workmanship. Just ordered the Happy Birthday cake sign. This year, I have chosen to host and celebrate family birthday dinners for my three adult children and their families.

  18. Such a moving story! I’ve seen her jewelry all over the place, but I’ve never taken time to read her story. Such an inspiring woman. 🙂

    And such gorgeous designs! I’m loving the golden shores necklace…and the pink quartz art deco necklace…and the aqua nugget necklace…and the gold from any angle necklace…they’re all so gorgeous! I can’t pick just one!

  19. Thanks for sharing Lisa’s story and her beautiful jewelry. This is such a perfect idea for a birthday gift for my daughter. Just hard to choose from all the beautiful designs.

  20. I forgotten the name already…but I think they were called gold hoop earrings. I love those. I’ve heard of Lisa Leonard for a while now but had not heard her story until now. I must become a customer!

  21. I would choose the heart and have it engraved “My Hope is in the Lord.” because no matter what we go through in life, if we put our trust in Him, He will never fail us!

  22. I love Lisa’s pieces. I finally broke down and bought one for myself at Christmas when I was ordering one for my mom and sister. I had held off because I knew this would be an obsession. I bought 3. The next on my list is either the tiny squares or the Sugar donut necklace. I don’t dare look at the page with the bracelets. I also have my eye on the Happy Birthday or Celebrate cake toppers. So cute.

    Thanks for this opportunity,


  23. Wow! Beautiful video, family, story…all of it! The gold heart bracelet caught my eye. It just looks so delicate! Though, really? Pick just ONE thing?

  24. Oh my goodness…kleenex in hand…I watched this twice…I have been a follower of her blog for quite some time and have always admired her. I have a grandson who was recently diagnosed with a very rare disease(he is now 11 mos old) and just listening to her testimony really touched me…God is God and He is in control…I would have a hard time choosing what to purchase because I LOVE all her items, but I think because my two grandchildren hold a very special place in my heart, I would choose the cuff bracelet with their names on it.

  25. What a sweet family, thank you for sharing the clip. All of her jewelry is great but the bangle is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win. J

  26. I love Lisa, and I love her jewelry! I would love the tiny twig necklace or maybe her teeny tiny initials, or the itty bitty hearts with my kiddo’s initials on it!

  27. I love the devoted bracelet. just perfect for my little sister, you know- the little sister that loves too much, gives her heart away too much. I’d love to buy this one for her.

  28. Love that classic one with the heart! And there’s one in her shop with two hearts dangling from strings that i would love to get as well. I have two of her necklaces and I pretty much wear one of them everyday!

  29. Okay, I made it through most of that video without crying. Then came the end where she spoke about the future, uncertainty, dark places…..and trusting God. My word! I am weeping!! It’s something that we all struggle with no matter our journey. Praise the Lord for His work in her life and her testimony of His grace. I have always loved her pieces, but am smitten all the more now!

    Out of the very many things I would love to have, I’m picking the Faith Hope Love necklace as my top choice for now 🙂

    Thanks, Edie!

  30. I love the Faith Hope and Love necklace in sterling silver. So pretty! Anything with the freshwater pearl looks amazing!

  31. I would love the stamped bracelet with Peace I leave with you… My favorite verse that sees me through the days. John 14:27.

  32. i love the connected silver bracelet! i have the open heart necklace with my kids names on it and i wear it every.single.day. LOVE!

  33. Weekends are for writing, reading and baking….I’m baking up some banana bread with a few butterscotch chips thrown in there too – super-yum:) I have been a fan of Lisa Leonard for a long time – love everything about her. If I had to chose just one favorite piece, I can’t because I love them all. So I closed my eyes and played pin my finger on her website and landed on the ‘sterling captured heart necklace’. I just might have to gift myself for valentine’s day if cupid doesn’t come through – happy writing this weekend!!

  34. Love Lisa’s stuff and daily where by grace necklace. But love, love, love “faith, hope, love” necklace, the monthly charm bracelet is to die for and the mama bird with my kids’ names on it? Yes, please. I could go on.

  35. It is so wonderful to read about someone who is faithful to their family and to God. I have admired her work for years. I like the classic necklace with names on it. Thanks for sharing the video.

  36. I love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry! I have one of her personalized necklaces with all my family members names on it. It’s my fav piece of jewelry! I also love the gold connected bracelet.

  37. I am in love with her charm bracelet and kick myself for not signing up back in the fall for it. I also love that gold heart bracelet. I have followed Lisa Leonard for a long while now. She just can’t seem to do a bad piece of jewelry!

  38. What a sweet video. I have heard of Lisa but was not familiar with her story. Thank you for sharing it and I hope to see her show soon. She has so many beautiful pieces. One of my favorites is the sterling molded heart bracelet.

  39. Love all of her stuff. I have the dewdrop necklace that I wear everyday…..I would love to add a sterling cuff. I’ve been admiring it for sometime now.

  40. Can. Not. Pick.
    But if I really had to, my oldest little person is tuning 5 in a little over a month and the sterling “You are loved” necklace would be just about perfect.

  41. I’ve been wanting a Lisa piece of jewelry for awhile, and I don’t even know which one! Love the thin stirling cuff, the aqua drop earrings, the teeny-tiny initials have long been a favorite, and I love the twig necklace too. So hard to pick.

    Thanks for the chance, Lisa and Edie! Your blogs are great!

  42. I LOVE the video you shared. I’ve always loved Lisa’s work, but never knew she was a fellow special needs mama. I adore the “treasure” necklace. That’s what I always call my boys…my treasures.

  43. Everything is so pretty…I haven’t seen the nugget necklace before and LOVE that so I would pick that first. Tough choices, love the braclet too. Everything she does is beautiful.
    Thank you!

  44. I have a few of Lisa’s pieces and love each one. Her customer service is unmatched too!

    I’d love to venture in to her new gold collection. That Gold Tiny Cross Necklace is calling my name.

  45. I love Lisa’s work. I want one of every thing!!!! Right now I am loving her cake toppers and the Super Amazing Kid wall hanging. What great work she does.

  46. So I can not watch the video right now if it might make me emotional, ’cause I am in a public place reading this. lol BUT, I will watch it later.
    I love her jewelry and her blog, but have never been able to order anything yet.
    I would love to get the heart necklace with the four names. I would love to get one of these for each of my sisters too! So nice.

  47. I love the silver bracelet ! I have been looking for a designer that could make one for me that says,” Eucharisteo precedes the miracle”. This one is perfect!

  48. What a beautiful story and what beautiful jewelry! I will definitely be purchasing something from her shop in the future. I would love to get the thin sterling cuff with my 5 boys names on it! So precious! Thanks for posting this!

  49. I just love Lisa Leonard! I have a beautiful necklace of hers with 2 of my children’s names on it…but now I have 3 kids, so I want a new one! I would love something from her new gold line. I’m thinking the round disc would be perfect!

  50. I love Lisa’s creations! It is so hard to decide on one piece. I would love to select something special for both my daughters (10 & 12).

    Thank you!

  51. I have the This Is Love cross necklace. It is my favorite. True story, I actually got to meet and spend some time with Lisa last August. She is a truly lovely person.

  52. I have one piece by Lisa; a necklace that says “by grace alone”. I would be thrilled with the connected bracelet in silver, however…. I would love anything by Lisa!!

  53. I would choose the sterling sun droplet necklace! And then use my 20% off for an additional charm and the triple row turquoise necklace!

  54. I would like the cuff bracelet and on it I would inscribe, “I can’t, God can, I’ll let him”. This last year I have been through a restoration and recovery process and through a book on the 12 steps I learned how to be free of the sin, shame and quilt of the last 10 or so years. Every day I remind myself that I can’t, God can and I’m going to let him. Freedom on Christ is the most peaceful feelings!!!

  55. The “Brave Love” necklace is so absolutely adorable. I think I will make it my home page as a subtle hint to my husband!!!

  56. I would get the turquoise stones necklace! It would be such a lovely staple piece to have. She has such an amazing story, very encouraging!

  57. I love Lisa Leonard and have a few pieces of her jewelry already. I would have a hard time choosing which piece I would buy but I’m sure I could find one:)

  58. I’m with you edie! I love it all!!! Hmmmmmm………I need to order something that holds the names of my 7 grandchildren!!!!!

  59. I love it all. I can see that each piece tells a story and is beautifully handcrafted. I guess I would pick the brave love necklace.

  60. I watched the video and was a mess! What a story Lisa has! It would be hard to make a decision however, the “celebrate” cake topper would be one of the choices I would have among many! Thanks!

  61. Well, everything on the site is gorgeous! I really do like the gold connect bracelet – very sweet for Valentine’s Day!

  62. I love love LOVE the teenie tiny initials necklace. I have been wanting a mama’s necklace ever since my baby was born, and this one is beautiful.

  63. I’ve always admired Lisa’s work through several different blogs I read, but for some reason I’ve never purchased any jewelry. Maybe now is the time!
    I’ve always liked the stamped necklaces and I really like the connected heart bracelet you featured here! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I love the stamped silver bracelet. It is simple in design yet very elegant. I would love to have my children’s names around my wrist in such a stylish fashion.

  65. I love LL and her art. I’ve wanted one of her pieces for ages but alas, a mom rarely gets to splurge on herself. I’d pick the “brass swivel necklace”…or maybe the “you are necklace.” So tough to decide!

  66. I am wearing the teenie tiny initial necklace right now and I love it. Although I love most everything she has, I think what I would want most would be the Happy Birthday cake topper. Everyone in the family can enjoy this piece! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I LOVE Lisa Leonard! I have several of her pieces and have given many as gifts! I love the silver “connected” necklace and my hubby gave me the “Love is my anchor” necklace at Christmas to go with my much-loved, always-worn “love is my anchor” bracelet! I’d probably get another bracelet or two with the gift card — I love the idea of “dazzled by amazing grace”! — and a gift or two!

  68. The full circle earrings are darling. Really, everything is well thought out and designed. Beautiful pieces and reasonably priced.

  69. I have always admired her jewelry, but didn’t know the story of her family. Thanks for sharing. I love the daisy chain bracelet. I wonder if I could do six names?

  70. i would be tickled to wear any of her pieces …they are lovely and thoughtful…As i read the above and thought about what i would choose, my first thought was something with my children’s names engraved. That led me to think how blessed I am that God has my name engraved on the palms of his hands… So thankful that i am blessed with His amazing grace

  71. yes, hard to compose myself after watching her video clip. amazing woman, amazing family. all of her pieces are stunning and she will make 3 lucky winners smile!


  72. Wow! What an amazing woman, on an amazing journey! Reminds me of how blessed I am to be a child of God! All of here jewelry is beautiful, it was truly a blessing to hear a bit of her story.

  73. Thank you for posting that trailer Edie. What a sweet family. Lisa is an incredibly strong and smart woman. She encourages me to push through the struggle. I would choose the aqua nugget necklace.

  74. What a neat family, and what amazing talents they all have. I love the soaring heart necklace and the tag necklaces. It would take me forever to choose just one:)

  75. Thank you for the opportunity….All the designs are wonderful. The gold connecting heart bracelet is beautiful. What an inspirational family.

  76. What a genuine and courageous family……like yours. Love the sterling silver bracelet….’gracefully abide’ might be nice. Thank you both ~

  77. Thank you for the chance at a wonderful give away. I would love to have the tree trunk with the initials carved in. I’d probably get it for one of my BFF’s who is marrying her best friend later this year…she so so deserves a wonderful Godly man to love her forever!

  78. I DON’T KNOW!! This is so distressing. How could I possibly choose?!
    I remember when I bought my first LL necklace… I waffled for days!
    So. To choose. It’ll be something silver, and maybe with a turquoise thing, or maybe a pearl. And possibly charms – one for each kid. Or perhaps a bird. I like birds.

  79. Huge fan of Lisa’s tough decision I love most all of her designs, but my fave is the new silver connected bracelet & the thru my lens necklace 🙂

  80. Oh my! I’m in love with everything, but I am smitten with the gold soaring heart necklace. Just lovely. Thanks for this wonderful give away!!!!

  81. All of Lisa’s stuff is so beautiful – I already have her “by grace alone” necklace and wear it a lot! I do love the sterling silver smooth edges necklace 🙂

  82. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us! I have always admired your beautiful gifts, especially the birthday cake topper! Thank you for the opportunity!

  83. I have a brother with special needs, and Lisa’s son actually reminds me a lot of my brother. What a touching video.

    I love the gold bunting necklace and the horn earrings!

  84. I love the gold connected bracelet as well… I purchased the family tree necklace for my MIL last Mother’s Day and she loved!!
    Lisa has been blessed with an amazing platform for those of us with special needs children.
    A verse I would love inscribed on a piece of her jewelry would be:

    Proverbs 139:13-14
    For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

  85. I love Lisa’s jewelry! My favorite right now is her infinity bracelet. What a beautiful symbol of forever love and life together!

  86. Ooo! What a treat. This could be a long list! I love the drip drop earrings (red), open circle bracelet, and the sugar donut necklace. For Christmas, some sweet person gave us the banner picture frame, which I love!

  87. I love the soaring heart necklace and the devoted bracelet. I have loved her designs for a long time too. Such a sweet collection of pretty things.

  88. Thank you for sharing Lisa with us Edie~ What a story…
    Embracing the unexpected & designing a life of joy- I love that!
    And I believe we all can live for just one day, in a 24 hour time frame. Sometimes broken down into seconds and minutes-
    I would really like the silver bracelet stamped with this phrase:
    be happy for this moment, this moment is your life

  89. I love LL designs. I have a mommy necklace from years ago, when she was just getting started in the blog world. I have since added to my family, and would love to update to a piece that reflects our family of 3.
    A dear friend recently adopted a baby boy after years of infertility. That dear friend had given me a beautiful mommy necklace at my baby shower almost 10 years ago. I have been waiting a long time to give her one. I just placed an order with LL a few weeks ago and they made her a gorgeous piece with her son’s name, and I had it stamped with 1 Samuel 1:27 on the back (which is “for this child I prayed.”). My friend broke down in tears when she saw it. I am so thankful to LL designs for creating such a beautiful piece for her. She so deserves it!
    I would love a leather cuff with my kids’ names stamped on it.
    I’m thrilled to see they may be getting a reality show. What a special family!

  90. I love the sterling dew drop necklace and the heart one as well…i think I love them all! Thank you for the contest!!! Love Lisa Leonard’s blog. 🙂

  91. Edie, Thanks so much for sharing the video. She’s such an inspiration with an amazing story. I never knew her story but have always admired her jewelry. It is so hard to pick one favorite of hers. I have always loved the tiny squares necklace.

  92. Thanks for sharing! I checked out her website and love it all! I would choose the Open Circle Bracelet. Or the infinity bracelet. Or the anchor bracelet. Or the…

  93. I’ve had my eye on the silver connected heart bracelet since last week. Love it. I also love the personalized bangle bracelet you show at the end. I love all of her jewelry!

  94. My favorite is definitely the stay connected bracelet. I’ve always loved her work, but have never felt ok about splurging on anything for myself. Here’s hoping I can finally own something she’s created. Thank you for the chance!

  95. I am loving the silver connected bracelet. My husband & I are going through some stuff right now but we are working hard at it. I think this would be a great reminder.

  96. I would choose the Teeny Tiny Initials Necklace or the Jumble of Charms Necklace so that I can “wear” by children’s initials or names.

  97. Great giveaway, Edie! I love LL and am excited about the show. As for what to choose . . . the “This is love” necklace makes my heart smile!!

  98. I’m not sure which items I would prefer. I’m looking for a special gift(s) for my sisters family because they are adopting two older children and I want to have something for them each to commemorate the occasion.

  99. I have bought Lisa’s small bowls as part of wedding gifts for others, but have yet totals a purchase for myself! I guess everything in Lisa Leonard Designs is so beautiful I cannot decide. However, I have been thinking about the inspirational word for the year necklace. I just started actively reading blogs and I think selecting a word for the year really can keep me focused on one step on personal growth. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity !!

  100. I’ve been admiring her jewelry for a couple years now! I would like a necklace w/ my kid’s names on it or the aqua nugget necklace.

  101. definitely a charm or necklace with my sons’ names on it…one biological and one we rescued via CPS…both precious and gifts from God.

  102. I love my Lisa Leonard necklace that is hand stamped with each of my boys’ names on it. I would absolutely adore anything in her shop. Thanks for the opportunity ladies and I can’t wait to check out the trailer.

  103. Oh, how I LOVE Lisa Leonard! I have one necklace from her and gave a few as gifts this year too. I have had my eye on the “For always” necklace for quite some time….oh, I would love love love to have it! Thank you for the awesome give away!


  104. awesome! I love all of her stuff and her story. it’s hard to narrow it down. I would choose either the gold soaring heart necklace or the gold bunting necklace….or the through my lens pewter necklace…. 🙂

    • OOPS! My first comment wouldn’t go through (or so I thought), so I tried again. Please disregard this second comment — didn’t mean to duplicate! Sorry Edie 🙂

  105. The gold connected bracelet is perfection. I’ve read her blogs and follow her on instagram. I am so excited about her show! She’s got a beautiful family, and her work reflects their love.

  106. The faith hope and love.
    I am going to pass this on to my son what a great place for him to shop for his special someone.

  107. I love the hidden treasure bracelet. My husband gave me the connected heart necklace for Christmas and I LOVE it! I get compliments on it every time I wear it. I would love to have some more of her great pieces to my jewelry box.

  108. I adore my Lisa Leonard stamped necklace with my children’s names that my sweetie Jim purchased for Mother’s Day 3 years ago. I also have the silver heart bracelet with our initials on it. Love love everything that she has; but, currently, I am fixated on that gold connected heats bracelet!

  109. When I had my second daughter, my husband bought me a necklace with little lantern name charms from LIsa Leonard & I wear them everyday. I just had a little boy and I would love to get a charm with his name to add to my necklace!

  110. Hi Edie…I am also a fellow home schooler…my sweeties are ages 17 and 13…and we have had the joy recently of funding a well through Samaritan’s Purse…we were so moved when we realized our silly dog is drinking way safer water than so many precious little {and big} souls…I would love to get the Water is Life necklace as a reminder to me- as well as a conversation starter..thanks for the great giveaway! You bless me! 🙂

  111. I love the tree stump with the initials! it seems so organic and fresh!
    What a blessing for you to have Lisa in your life…

  112. Such a blessing to find this lovely story this morning. Thank you for sharing. I would love to have a piece with all five of my children’s names stamped on it. Been looking for a while, but didn’t find anything I liked until I saw Lisa’s designs.

  113. Beautiful family, thank-you for sharing this story of their life! Love the brave love necklace. Brave Love. Remind’s me of Lisa’s story.

  114. Wowza. I’ve always loved Lisa’s work and have wanted to own a piece. That video makes me want one even more. What a touching story! Inspiring 🙂

  115. The together necklace & the gold connected bracelet are definitely tops on my list. However, I’d also be very tempted to pick up a sterling rectangle key ring for DH.

  116. Love the heart connected necklace. To me those two hearts represent the incredible gifts of our boys, one by the miracle of adoption and one by the miracle of conception after many many years of wondering if we’d have the privilege to experience such gifts.

  117. I would love one of the inspirational silver necklaces because its nice to be reminded everyday what’s important in life.

  118. That gold connected one, so beautiful! That would be my choice.
    Man that was a good cry though, what an amazing story they have as a family!
    Thanks for the chance to win:-)

  119. I actually wanted the bracelet that you have pictured (that you want “dazzled by amazing grace” on) for mother’s day this past year but due to financial struggle it didn’t work out, then same story different day for my birthday, so it was the ONLY thing on my Christmas list for my hubby this year, but unfortunately due to a continually financial hardship he was unable to purchase it for me. (I had thought it was around $70 & when he went to look he saw that the price was more than I had originally thought). So I would LOVE to win $50 giftcard in order to get myself that bracelet…FINALLY! 🙂

  120. I SUPERHEART the gold connected bracelet!!! Also, I’m curious…is the reality show going to be exclusiving about Lisa’s family or other “creative women’s” families? Loved the trailer…very inspiring!

  121. I’ll take the gold rectangle necklace- baby#5 is due in April- I’d love a necklace that fits all the kids names, super excited and fingers crossed!

  122. I loved this little peak into Lisa’s life. What an inspiration and what grace God has given. I love all of Lisa’s designs and I especially love the charm bracelet but I’d probably purchase a necklace that could be customized, simply because I wear necklaces more. Thank you for sharing!

  123. My lovely cousin Dawn Camp blessed me with one of Lisa’s necklaces– a round disk that says “all of grace.” I adore it and wear it so often that it’s become sort of my default accessory.

    Now I’d like another one, maybe a bit larger, engraved with the precious words that have become my very personal motto/prayer in my six-year breast cancer battle:

    Mercy Courage Grace

    I may just have to order that one! It would embolden me on wobbly days, I’m sure. Such beautiful jewelry– Lisa just has to be a beautiful soul.

  124. The love connected bracelet is awesome! Her story is a great example of how God’s peace truly does transcend all understanding! He is faithful and present in the midst of hardship.

  125. I love all of her jewelry and love it even more now that I have seen the trailer you posted on their upcoming reality show. I esp love the necklaces with childrens names stamped. I have 5 kids and have not wanted to have a seperate jingle around my neck for all 5, so to have all names stamped on one circle is fantastic!!

  126. I loved the video, what wonderful people!!
    Parents that raise special needs children are so inspirational and strong.
    If I win the gift card I would buy my little sister something beautiful because she is one of those parents…. 🙂

  127. I love Lisa’s designs and am moved by her steadfast faith. I bought my daughter the “ampersand” necklace as an engagement gift (she wears it every day) and would love the “capture the light” earrings for myself to wear to her wedding. Just the right amount of sparkle!

  128. Lisa is an amazing testament to how awesome our God is. I love everything on her site, especially the gold bunting necklace!

  129. OHHH! Didn’t know she had a show coming out, I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing that info, it’s awesome to see her faith in action. I am in love with her sterling devoted bracelet (as well as all her other pieces) so simple and sweet!

  130. It would be so hard to decide…especially because I’d want to keep it for myself but may give it as a gift to my mom 🙂

  131. ooo, I love Lisa’s necklaces. I have one I wear EVERY DAY with my boys’ names on it…but we just adopted a baby girl and I need a new one with her name on it, too! I’d love to win.

  132. It’s so hard to just pick one. I love the silver heart molded necklace. So many lovely things. Love the heart bracelets too! Keeping my fingers crossed. God Bless!

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  134. Hope it’s not too late. For some reason your posts are only showing up occasionally in my email? So for me, something stamped for sure! So sweet! Happy Valentines Day!

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